Legend of the Lunar-Titania


Dulcina hyperventilated as the gravity of her current predicament sunk in. The weight of her sins pressed heavily upon her shoulders as she took the stand. The crowd gathered in the courtroom was ravenous for a guilty verdict whilst the judge who had an impassive look on their face, swung the gavel around as if it were a toy.

Suddenly it was as silent as the grave and Dulcina could feel all their judgmental gazes boring into her from all sides. She hung her head low in shame and then she looked up at the judge with a pleading look in her eyes whilst ignoring the glares and jeers of the spectators of her trail.

“Dulcina, daughter of Alva, you were summoned here tonight to answer to your numerous sins,” the judge pronounced. A large screen suddenly appeared behind the judge who then proceeded to list down Dulcina’s numerous transgressions from when the latter was a mere fledgling to her most recent misgivings whilst the scenes were vividly displayed on the screen.

The gravity of her transgressions increased in magnitude leading up to her actions during the Battle of Avala. In addition to the role she had played in practically demolishing Avala’s defenses, she was also answerable for every action made by the joint invasive forces and the collective guilt of the Moon faeries whose yolk she had willingly taken upon herself as their appointed leader.

Dulcina felt a cold sweat trinkle down her face as the proceedings went on and the guilt pressing on her shoulders became more overwhelming to bear. Just when she thought that all her sins had been presented by the judge, new transgressions began to appear in the form of premonitions of the near future that she had chosen to actualize. The visions of the future displayed showed Dulcina finally confronting Empress Weylyn and murdering her. It showed Dulcina relishing every moment of their ill-fated meeting, with Dulcina inflicting more damage than was warranted, causing a slow and agonizing death to the Red Veiled Empress.

The visions then transitioned to the Empress’ surviving children- her son, Edric and daughter Aruna whom Weylyn shared with Dulcina’s Protector, Deo. It transitioned to the collapse of Avalan civilization, the extinction of the Haldorson clan and the Night Wolves that were homogeneous to the Timeline. The last visions presented Dulcina’s own granddaughter, Mina, who would inherit the malevolent legacy Dulcina would leave behind. The history of the Lunar-Titania would be forever marred by the dark actions Dulcina would propagate.

Dulcina shook her head vehemently denying the accusations but she acknowledged that the premonitions of the future were within the realm of possibility.

“There was a less violent way to avenge your people; Oracle Emica offered you peace and a new home; a bloodless path that you rejected, Dulcina. Your people would have thrived and your civilization would have been rebuilt had you chosen to accept Oracle Emica’s plea. What better vengeance than to laugh in the face of your enemy by thriving in spite of their actions against you…”

“And yet you rejected the Oracle’s plea because your heart was already set on this wicked path. You have doomed your soul for all time simply because your heart bays for the Empress’ blood. You know why the Empress trod the path she has chosen- because the fay chose to annihilate her clansmen. She was justified in her vengeance against the fay. Since you bear the yolk of the fay of old, surely you must understand that the innocent blood spilled of the Haldorson cried out for justice. Your current path shall only warrant more righteous vengeance against the fay…”

“Since you are adamant in seeking out justice for the fay, you must pay the toll, Dulcina that demands your selfless sacrifice. You must submit your soul and subject it to righteous judgement. Only then shall your people be free of the curse accrued for their guilt,”

“What of the innocent fay blood spilled? Why is Empress Weylyn’s vengeance righteous while mine is unjustified? Why must my people turn the other cheek while the Mystai did not accord us the same consideration? Although I cannot deny that my soul will be damned at the end of this, I must move forward with all my heart, for the sake of the fay, for the sins of the Empress against my people must be paid in blood,”

“To obtain your pound of flesh, you must provide something of equal value, Dulcina. To take away life, you must be willing to give up your own life; a life for a life; a soul for a soul. If you are earnest and desire only to answer to the demands of your blood grudge, then you will have no qualms suffering the consequences of those actions,”

“Very well. I am willing to pledge my soul and subject it to whatever consequences vanquishing Weylyn warrant,”

“You must make a soul bond with the Furies. Once your wicked deed is accomplished, your soul shall be cast out to Limbo and subjected to judgement. Once you have paid your rightful dues, you may then be allowed into the Paradise Lands,”

Dulcina nodded. A writ appeared on the defendant’s stand and she was asked to sign it by dousing her right thumb in the dragon blood ink provided and stamping the writ but just before Dulcina did so, she was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a piercing blinding white light. The light enveloped the courtroom and when she looked up, Dulcina was surprised to see Deo present and unexpectedly, Avery Alison.

The judge suddenly hissed and demanded that Dulcina stamped the document immediately but Deo shouted, “Don’t sign it, my lady! It is a trick! The Furies are trying to deceive you into signing away the freedom of your soul. Once you stamp the writ, they can claim your soul at any time, even before you have a chance to exert your righteous vengeance against the Empress,”

“What?” Dulcina asked him confusedly. Suddenly, their voices grew more distant and both Deo and Avery appeared to decrease in stature while the courtroom expanded and the judge’s voice boomed louder.

“Stamp it!” it demanded.

“Where…am I?”

“Stamp it!” the judge hissed.

Dulcina then remembered the events leading up to the trial. She had been right in the heat of battle before the Furies had suddenly appeared and then Dulcina had inexplicably been transported to the courtroom scene and Reality had been warped to fit her present predicament.

“You are trying to deceive me,” Dulcina accused the judge.

The courtroom scene began to shake violently and was engulfed by a thick darkness that grew as the illusion dissolved. Dulcina had the sudden sensation that she was falling into a deep pit and no matter how hard she tried, she could not break the fall. She screamed in horror as she continued descending further into the unfathomable darkness, with the Furies towering over her.

Just when she thought that all hope was lost, she heard a calm, reassuring voice in the darkness calling out to her…

“My lady, the only way through this is acceptance- you must accept that the battle warrants you to commit morally reprehensible crimes as wars do. You must accept the burden of responsibility the virtue of your office warrants and must accept that out of all Lunar-Titania incarnations, you were the one chosen to exert vengeance on behalf of your people…”

“You, of all people know that the future is never set in stone and the visions the Furies showed you were only meant to deceive you into making the soul bond with them. You must realize that the Furies have no power over your soul now if you do not agree to the bond. You must also know that Mina and any other future Lunar-Titania have their own lives to lead and must make their own choices- good or evil, it is not on you to decide for them..”

“Lastly, my lady, I urge you to consider not holding onto the guilt of what you have done for doing so means you will remain stuck in the past and shall never progress. The fate of your people rests on your shoulders and good or evil, they will follow you. It is not expected that you are a perfect leader but you must be fearless and execute their will to the bitter end,” Avery said.

Dulcina considered Avery’s words of wisdom and although she knew self-acceptance was difficult, she knew that she had to get over herself in that moment and lead her people to victory. There could be no turning back; she was the one set to defeat the Red Veiled Empress.

Once she fully embraced her destiny and accepted herself, the illusion of free falling was finally broken and she found herself back on the battleground with Deo helping her get back on her feet. She stood in awe of Avery Alison who triumphantly stood up against the Furies without a shadow of fear.


As the historic battle of the ages rages on, what shall become of the Lunar-Titania and her people? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts in this series are linked below:

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