The Curse Breaker


Avery Alison worriedly looked up to the crimson skies as her mind reconciled all the things she had witnessed. Indeed, the Battle of Avala was historic as it had been waged both in the Physical and Spiritual worlds. She had felt it the moment three waves of Keres had entered battle in the Spiritual Realm and though she had not physically observed it, she had felt a significant changing of the tides of battle when the Watchers regained their upper-hand against their malignant messengers equivalent from the world of monsters.

She turned to face her niece, Ada, who had shivered involuntarily moments before the Watchers had beaten the Keres. Avery exchanged a knowing look with her niece and acknowledged that she too had felt a shiver go down her spine momentarily. However, they were soon engrossed in the heat of battle as Avalan attacks proved increasingly desperate given that they were unable to summon the Furies and Keres to aid them.

The invaders continued pushing Avalan forces further inward toward the city. The Avalan forces used their vast knowledge of the city’s topography to their advantage and did manage to best the invaders for a time but the Moon faeries’ attacks were so formidable that the tipping point of the war continually favored the invaders. The magical might and coordination displayed by the Moon faeries (who could masterfully manipulate aura) ensured no physical harm befell their Lunar-Titania and made quick work of any who dared attack them. All stood in awe of the Moon fay battle prowess that were more akin to a performance like a ballet than actual grisly war attacks.

Once they were at the town square where the dark pyramid like structure with a dark red crystal stood tall, Oracle Zuri instructed all in close proximity to the towers to clear out before she opened up a large sinkhole directly beneath the structure as the Lunar-Titania and Oracle Tabitha overcame the protections on the structure and critically damaged its structural integrity thus bringing it tumbling down into the sinkhole. Oracle Zuri then closed up the sinkhole and the invading forces proceeded in pushing the Avalan forces even further inward.

The magnificent Royal Palace of Avala that occupied 13 acres, was finally in view but one last obstacle stood in the way of finally reaching the Red Veiled Empress; the Blood Disciples. The Blood Disciples were the Empress’ wicked band of Mystai that used dark blood magic to ensnare and control their victims. Their presence sent a collective shiver down the Moon fay’s spines as the latter recalled the horrors inflicted upon them when they had previously been enslaved by the Blood Mages.

“We regret to inform you that our Empress shall not be receiving any visitors today,” Rianne, their leader stated in a sickly-sweet voice.

“I am afraid she will have to make an exception for us,” Oracle Tabitha stated through gritted teeth.

The Blood Disciples spread out and began their attacks, surrounding themselves with an ominous crimson-colored force-field that constantly swirled around them protectively. Strange creatures emerged from the force-field intermittently and rushed at their enemies but like the other Avalan forces, the attacks only gave them momentary victory against the sheer force of numbers of the invading forces.

The Blood Disciples then solely focused their attention to what they perceived to be their greatest threat- the Moon fay. The Moon faeries suddenly lost all sense of control of their faculties and struggled to break free from the psychic hold the blood mages had over them. The Moon faeries then turned against each other and despite Dulcina’s best efforts to unravel the intricate psychic enchantments that bound her people, the psychic hold would not lift.

Avery then summoned an intricately carved wooden flute complete with mystical runes embedded onto it that soon materialized from thin air. Knowing time was of the essence, Avery begun to play the flute and all eyes suddenly fell on her. The longer Avery played the tune, the more the Moon fay regained their autonomy before they finally broke free from the psychic hold of the Blood mages. The Blood Disciples desperately tried to regain control but were unable to do so after Avery had completed the flute chorus.

Their momentary confusion gave Dulcina and the Moon faeries enough time to launch a successive barrage of attacks that broke past the force-field and soon immobilized the blood mages and led to their eventual defeat. The invading forces captured the Blood Disciples alive for further interrogation but like other captured enemies from Avala, they all succumbed to what was undoubtedly a fatal blood curse and none were recoverable.

The force field surrounding them vanished into thin air and their bodies began to rapidly decay and turn into ash. Ada tried using her special Temporal gift of erasing moments from Reality to rewound the clock to recover a few captives but was unsuccessful and Avery urged her to give up on recovering the Blood Disciples and instead save up her Mana for when they faced off against the Red Veiled Empress.

“How did you manage to defeat the Blood Mages with just a tune from a magical flute?” Dulcina asked Avery in awe.

“I had some helpful magic stored up that enabled me to use the potent combination of blood magic and the music-manipulation abilities of the Children of Areneas1,”

“You mean to tell me that there is holder magic powerful enough to defeat such potent blood magic?” Dulcina asked, still in shock.

Avery nodded. “Yes, my lady. I shall be honored to provide further details but right now, my main priority is aiding in your mission to defeat the Red Veiled Empress,”

Dulcina hissed in anger. “That wretched, miserable creature shall finally take its last breath, this fateful night,”

She turned to Oracle Tabitha and the rest of the invading forces and with her voice magically amplified proclaimed, “Tonight, we finally defeat the greatest evil this world has ever known; the foul one hiding her vulnerability behind a ghastly red veil. Today, we reclaim this Timeline and purge it of this malignant creature’s influence, forever!”

There was a collective roar in solidarity.

“Charge!” Dulcina shouted and the invading forces charged into the Royal Palace grounds and poured over every inch of land seeking the Red Veiled Empress. However, there seemed to be no sign of Weylyn anywhere even after extensive searches utilizing both the latest technology and magic. However, they knew it was only a matter of time before she showed up and so the invaders remained vigilant.

It was suddenly as silent as the grave as the invaders continued the search for the illusive Empress until the crimson skies were suddenly animated by the formation of lenticular clouds. The invading forces’ fay worked in tandem to try to clear the lenticular clouds which proved to be nigh impossible as the clouds gathered eventually forming a crimson colored torpedo that violently jerked anything caught in its trajectory about.

While the torpedo chaotically wrecked havoc and while Dulcina had her hands full, the illusive Empress Weylyn made several attempts at attacking her, the Moon faeries, Oracles Tabitha and Zuri and any other invader she could get her hands on. Dulcina managed to end the chaotic torpedo but the Empress eluded capture and played a chaotic cat-and-mouse game with the Lunar-Titania, taking down as many invaders as she could before she emerged, standing atop the Palace stairs, surrounded by the same ominous crimson-colored force-field the Blood Disciples had utilized moments prior.

Weylyn was dressed from head to toe in her signature crimson-colored gown made from the finest dryad silk. Her face was partially obscured beneath a ruby-colored veil and though she stood far away from the invaders, it was easy to tell that she had a wide smirk on her face.


What wicked schemes does the Red Veiled Empress have in store for the Invaders? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts in the ensuring Battle of Avala are listed below. Enjoy!

  1. Acts of Purity: Part 14
  2. Legend of the Lunar Titania: Part 3

Definition of Terms

  1. The Children of Areneas: these refer to the offspring of the Areneas, the Queen of the dryad Island Kingdom known as Mariamne. Mariamne was gifted to the dryad people who helped with the resettling efforts of the Vanuatu Islands’ indigenous populations due to the rising sea levels as a result of global warming in the late 23rd Century rendering Island countries like it uninhabitable. Like their Family Matriarch, all of Areneas’ offspring (and consequently those of her sister Serea) have been bestowed with potent magical music-manipulation abilities in addition to the other potent Earth Manipulation abilities bestowed on all dryads. Their music manipulation abilities have been known to influence emotions and in some instances, can influence psionic/psychic properties.


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