Legend of the Lunar-Titania


Empress Weylyn’s smirk stayed on her face even as she appraised the enemy combatants gathered in the Royal Palace grounds, baying for her blood.

“My, my, what a crowd and all gathered here for little olé me, I am truly humbled!” she sarcastically proclaimed.

Dulcina hissed and took a step forward but was soon held back by her Protector Deo, who was worried that the Empress was baiting his charge for a surprise attack.

“Let go of me, Deo. I must purge her from this world right this instant,”

Weylyn raised her hands up as if inviting Dulcina to act on her threat in a cocky manner.

“So eager to die. I cannot fathom why Deo would swear allegiance to someone as weak as you,”

“You have no right to speak of his name, you wench!” Dulcina stated through gritted teeth, desperately trying to get out of Deo’s vise-like grip.

“She’s trying to bait you into fighting her, my lady. You had best ignore her,” Deo cautioned.

“I have every right to speak of my lover’s name, Dulcina. We have a love child together, you know. He belongs with me, surely even you can see,” Weylyn claimed in a sing-song voice. Deo flinched on hearing those words even as Weylyn blew him a kiss.

Dulcina was practically foaming at the mouth, eager to put Weylyn in her place for daring to insinuate that the child Empress Weylyn and Deo shared (Aruna) was born of love. She continued struggling to get out of Deo’s grip even as the Empress averted her gaze to Ada.

“I hear that I have you to thank for caring for my children, Protector Alison. You can keep the boy but I implore you, please give me back my Aruna!” Weylyn demanded.

“You can have either of my children over my cold, dead corpse,” Ada stated through gritted teeth.

“My, my, such fire in you as can be expected of an Alison witch but you’re on the wrong side, I’m afraid. Surely you know by now just who is justified in their blood grudge. Make no mistake about it, the fay would annihilate you and your entire clan in a heartbeat if they perceived you a worthy enough threat… That is exactly what they did to my kin after all..”

“I daresay that the annihilation of the Alison clan is a guarantee if they continue to so foolishly ally themselves with their enemies. The fay only cares about their own preservation and witch-folk are merely a means to an end for them…”

“You speak of justified grudges as if you didn’t personally annihilate the Fischer clan from B-3 all for the sake of power. You, not the fay, are the true enemy,” Oracle Tabitha chided.

“You, Oracle Tabitha, are a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. What is the Fischer clan’s annihilation compared to the death toll Dark Oracles like you have amassed in the years of your collective reign?”

“You seem to be stalling for time. It appears you overestimated your ally’s ability to protect you,” Dulcina noted, finally breaking free of Deo’s grip and ignoring the pleas of those still trying to reel her in.

“You err in thinking that I only have one ace up my sleeve. For starters, I think that you should know that for every blow you inflict upon me, my children will suffer for it too. That includes my sweet Aruna, your step-daughter. Do you really want to be responsible for her death?” Weylyn asked.

Ada was visibly shaken by the Empress’ pronouncements. However, Dulcina’s advance towards the Empress did not waver for a second.

“What are the lives of two children as opposed to the thousands slain at your hand? The innocents’ lives shall save thousands more who will surely perish should your wicked reign be allowed to perpetuate,”

“See what I meant about the fay, Protector Alison? She would readily sacrifice two innocent children’s lives; two lives that mean the world to you, simply to vanquish me! And to you, Dulcina, how naïve of you to assume that killing me would make the world a better place. There are perhaps a thousand others just like me, who shall come after me, some far worse than I am. What, shall you also vanquish them as well?”

“Do you think that you are justified in killing me at all? Aren’t you the Lunar-Titania who believes in the absolute immorality of killing? So now you not only want to kill me but to kill two innocent children all in the name of vanquishing me? Have the rules of the Lunar-Titania changed in between reincarnations?” Weylyn argued.

“Your strawman arguments are as desperate as they are futile. So shall I now turn my back on my people and on the greater good and spare your life so you can continue being a sore on this Timeline’s Reality all in the name of morality? Do you really think you have the right to lecture me about my morals when you are a cold-hearted blood-obsessed vampire driven solely by your wicked desires and lust for power? Vanquishing you would be doing the world a great service and make no mistake about it, you shall pay for every sin you have committed, with your life,”

“Can you really allow this, Protector Adalyn? What say you, Protector Charlton? The Lunar-Titania has such wanton disregard for your precious children’s lives and so little respect for you that she presses on with the demands of her grudge at your expense,”

Ada worriedly turned to face Avery.

“I assure you that we shall do whatever is in our means to save your children, Ada,” Avery vowed.

Ada nodded and turned to Charlie who nodded as well. They knew that their children were in mortal danger but also knew that Avery would keep her vow to save them using whatever means was necessary to do so.

Dulcina turned to face Ada and Charlton just as they nodded that they were okay with her slaying Weylyn.

Dulcina then chided Weylyn by stating, “Looks like you lost that wager,” before taking the first strike.

“How unfortunate. I overestimated the Alisons’ storge. No problem, I have another ace up my sleeve. I have soul-bonded with a rather interesting creature from the world of monsters that will in fact lead to cataclysmic destruction of the world, I daresay, even bring forth the Apocalypse,” the Empress stated winking up at Avery.

Avery considered Weylyn’s threat even as Dulcina continued to issue a barrage of attacks aimed at overwhelming the protective force-field protecting the Empress so that she could fatally injure Weylyn and put an end to the war. If indeed Weylyn was telling the truth about being soul-bonded to a creature from the world of monsters, it was safe to assume that she had a powerful Keres backing her up and whatever that monster may be, it would certainly warrant restraint in killing Weylyn.

Avery also felt it was prudent to forewarn the world of the impending doom although sending any messages out was currently impossible given that Avala was still under the bounds of the Spell of Endless Night enacted by Dulcina.

Dulcina relentlessly attacked Weylyn and was soon joined by the Moon fay and Oracle Tabitha and her party. The consistent barrage of powerful attacks soon wore off the force-field and it shattered. Dulcina continued her assault on Weylyn using her potent element manipulation abilities, beating Weylyn to within an inch of her life. Dulcina tore off the veil and stared directly at Weylyn’s barely cognizable features.

Weylyn coughed out blood but still looked up at Dulcina defiantly. “Killing me will doom the world and bring forth the Apocalypse. Is my life really worth bringing forth the end of the world?”

Dulcina grabbed Weylyn’s neck in a vise like grip and held her up several feet off the ground. She smiled humorlessly as she squeezed the life out of Weylyn who desperately tried to loosen Dulcina’s grip on her neck as she struggled for air.

“Help-me- Ach-” Weylyn gulped desperately as the world around her began fading away.

Avery gasped upon realizing that Weylyn had been counting on the powerful leader of the Keres herself, Acyls and she pleadingly asked for Dulcina to stop. She ran towards the two women but was intercepted by Oracle Tabitha’s Protector, Dolphus, who growled threateningly at her.

“Do not interfere,” Dolphus threatened.

Suddenly, the sky was overcome with darkness from which emerged Acyls. Weylyn’s facial expression appeared relaxed for a few seconds before they portrayed apparent confusion and then pain as a scythed blade run through her back and out through her chest. Weylyn expired immediately the blade was withdrawn from her chest and Acyls took a bow and then proceeded to disappear as mysteriously as she had appeared.

“No!” Dulcina cried out letting go of Weylyn’s cadaver, outraged that she had not been the one to deliver the killing blow. However, in the midst of her wailing, the Spell of Endless Night was suddenly overcome and the unmistakable roar of a gargantuan monster was heard emanating from the turbulent sea.


What Apocalyptic creature of the deep has been unleashed following the Empress’ death? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are linked below. Enjoy!

  1. The Curse Breaker: Part 1
  2. Legend of the Lunar-Titania: Part 3


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