The Acts of Purity


Terrified that a creature with incredibly malevolent energy was staring her down without blinking while its grotesque features contorted themselves in the shape of a smirk, Purity began to shake uncontrollably realizing then why her Master Blaize and her parents had vehemently refused her requests to let her aid the forces of good against the Keres. Even as young as she was, Purity acknowledged that the battlefield was no place for a child. She had a sinking suspicion that even her special Valkyrie armor would be no match for the attacks that the creature would undoubtedly launch against her.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t widdle Puwity… I am so glad you accepted my invitation to join the fun tonight,” the creature stated. Its voice was unbearably loud and unpleasant to all who heard it speak save for the legions of Keres that submitted to it.

Eir and Delia tightened their stance as they blocked Purity off from the piercing gaze induced by the creature. It stared at them with disinterest as if they were mere flies that she needed to swat away.

“No, no, that will not do,” it stated and it moved faster than even the Celestials could see. Delia fell a distance away practically at death’s door while Eir was nowhere to be seen for several breathless moments until the creature proudly raised up the slain Valkyrie’s head, Eir’s features still imprinted upon by the ghost of a scream. Eir’s headless cadaver then immediately dissolved into a burst of ethereal light as it fell, the light quickly becoming absorbed in the world until it finally dissipated.

Purity screamed upon witnessing such horrific sights as the face of her Valkyrie protector dissolved while in the Creature’s hand and her Divine Counselor’s fate remained unknown. The Creature remained unbothered even as Purity suffered grief as the Watchers and Valkyrie alike turned their attention towards it ignoring the other Keres, Furies and dibbuk waging war against them. The Creature chanted in an undecipherable tongue and strange sigils embedded themselves in the battleground succeeded by all Watchers and Valkyrie present suddenly falling lifelessly on the ground, dissipating into more brilliant lights and isolating Purity on the battlefield alone.

She continued to scream and quiver in terror, covering her ears with her hands and shaking her head vehemently thinking that perhaps she was still asleep and having a nightmare.

“This is no nightmare, wittle Puwity. This is no simple fantasy- it is real. Did the deaths of those bothersome Messengers cause your wittle heart to shatter? Then do something about it,” the creature stated.

Purity’s gaze fell to the ground and grabbed several handfuls of pitch-black snow that had not yet melted. The cold feel of the snow cemented her firmly in the grim Reality she faced, reminding her that that was no simple nightmare. She was surrounded by enemies all waiting for her downfall so they could claim Mialand for their own and none of her opponents cared that she was just a child. Purity knew that more Watchers could be sent to fight against the evil Celestials surrounding her but she had a feeling that they would meet a similar fate and the battle would wage on forever if the tide did not irrevocably turn in her favor.

Impossible was a concept too difficult to comprehend for the four-year-old but she could not see a way out.

“Dig deep Purity- there is a power hidden deep within you; it is why my Mistress wants you. You are one of the most powerful Celestial beings in existence after all, second only to me. Will you let their deaths amount to nothing?”

Purity shook her head. She could not believe a single thing emanating from the void that sordid creature called a mouth. It was a liar- an evil being that knew nothing but how to inflict absolute suffering on everything it encountered and so why did its words sound so convincing? Was there a latent ability lying within her that she could use to avenge the deaths of the fallen? Was there a power strong enough to defeat the evil beings surrounding her?

Purity dug deep and realized that there was indeed something deep down that could aid her in avenging the fallen. Purity felt it rise up within her and though she could not decipher its origin, she knew that it had been given to her for a reason. Perhaps it was the power Blaize had lent her but it gave her strength to stand up on her own two feet and bravely stare down the creature.

A second metamorphosis began in Purity and she was transformed right before their eyes aging so that she became a fully fledged warrior before their eyes. Purity became a warrior capable of yielding great power and she embraced it fully. The Creature began to cackle and egg Purity on so she could continually accept the latent ability she had within herself and a great white light suddenly appeared where she was with the neighing of a pure-white unicorn being heard from a great distance. When the unicorn materialized, it took down several dark creatures all on its own, impaling them on its armored horn as it did so until it came before Purity and bowed at her. Purity idly petted the animal, her gaze transfixed on the creature cackling so uncontrollably it could barely stand it.

Purity mounted the unicorn and her wine-red locks and red eyes transformed to mimic the color of the horse, a dazzling and brilliant white color. She swiftly destroyed all remaining enemies without breaking a sweat. With its servants completely slain, the creature wiped tears of joy off its face and smirked again before mounting a black horse that it summoned. The creature summoned a black lance before actively engaging Purity in battle. At first the Creature was the clear victor easily matching Purity’s attacks and countering them expertly but soon Purity slowly began to turn it around and the Creature was finding it exceedingly harder to fend off her attacks.

“Very good, wittle Puwity… You have become quite the formidable match. You have embraced the Chaos power you were gifted with and have unlocked one of the seven seals. Why stop at one though? I have already opened four seals- it was how I was able to summon death upon my enemies so easily. Wouldn’t you want to completely annihilate me off the face of the Earth? I am the only one who can truly vanquish you. Will you let me continue to be a stain in the halls of this Reality’s Existence?”

Purity stopped to ruminate on the creature’s statements. What did it mean by referencing seven seals? Who had bestowed such Chaotic power upon her? Was she truly controlling the power or was it the other way around?

“You are not ready to learn of the power you possess- it can be a great weapon that can defeat even the gods if you so desire. When you are ready to embrace the true power that Chaos has bestowed upon you, come and find me,” it claimed before disappearing from view. Purity tried to track it using the energy signature every creature emitted but was unable to do so. She screamed in frustration angry that even her newly discovered latent abilities were unable to eradicate such a malevolent creature from Existence.

Purity remained inconsolable, terrified of whatever she had become and too distracted to notice that Oracle Tabitha had not only walked right up to her, but was seemingly looking straight up at her in awe. The moment Purity became aware of it, she was prepared to erase the Oracle’s memory of herself in Purity’s newly transfigured state. However, it became abundantly clear that the Oracle was not staring directly at her but straight through her, transfixed by some kind of vision Purity’s new state was inducing.

“My name is Oracle Tabitha Tanner from Timeline B-3,” the Oracle stated, offering up her hand to someone on the other end of her vision that Purity could not see.

Oracle Tabitha then smiled and nodded. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, my lady. I am certain that with your help we can finally destroy the Red Veiled Empress once and for all. I shall make every effort to make it to you and your people…”

“I shall see to it that my lord is saved as well and safely returns to you,” Tabitha continued and then she bowed reverently and then she and her pack walked away from the Royal Palace grounds as if nothing had transpired leaving Purity staring at them in awe. With them gone, she then rode her unicorn to a place unknown vaguely requesting the creature to take her to someplace she could be left alone to her thoughts to process everything she had witnessed.


What was the true meaning of the nature of the seven seals mentioned by the treacherous leader of the Keres? Whom did Oracle Tabitha encounter in her vision and what shall become of it? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous entries are listed below! Enjoy!

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