The Acts of Purity


Alyona cradled her daughter in her arms, rocking Purity back and forth to comfort her, well into the wee hours of the morning. Earlier that night, Purity had come to her parents’ room trembling, weeping and pleading for it to stop. While Purity had remained inconsolable and had been unable to explain the cause of her despair, Eir, the Valkyrie assigned to her by the god Blaize, had brought her parents up to speed as to the culprit behind their daughter’s distress.

Through Eir, Alyona and Arken had come to learn that Purity’s anguish was a result of her becoming aware of the happenings of Mialand in Timeline Beta-3 which had fallen prey to an insidious curse. Eir explained that Mialanders were in dire need of assistance particularly from Higher Beings such as themselves. Almost immediately after Eir had impressed the gravity of the situation faced by the Witch Nation in B-3, Purity had practically begged her parents to let her lend a hand in the dire situation there but her parents had vehemently denied her requests, fearing for her safety.

Purity had buried her face in her mother’s bosom, clutching her mother’s night gown as tightly as she could all the while weeping and pleading for several hours on end. It appeared that there was no end to her torment as the situation in Mialand persisted well into the night and dragged onto a new day. Alyona and Arken were terrified of leaving Purity alone and so they stayed by their daughter’s side, hoping and praying that the curse would be broken soon. Eir also faithfully remained by the family’s side closely examining Purity’s condition as her despair increased with each passing moment. Purity eventually succumbed to fatigue, falling asleep in her mother’s arms who continued to rock her back and forth to comfort her.

When they were sure Purity was unlikely to be roused from her slumber, Eir requested to take her leave, respectfully bowing to both Alyona and Arken. She explained that she was headed back to her home world to report Purity’s worrisome condition to her Lord, Blaize in the hopes of obtaining a lasting solution that would hopefully lead to Purity’s serenity being restored. Desperate for an end to their daughter’s melancholy, they allowed Eir to leave them while they wearily observed Purity as she slept. Arken carried his daughter back to her room and safely tucked her in while Alyona remained by her daughter’s side while Purity slept, gently caressing her hair.

Purity turned in her sleep several times as she absorbed the full extent of the events unfolding in Mialand. She could hear the deafening sounds of the Mialanders’ prayers echoing in her head. She felt the precise moment that the Fischer clan expired from the Timeline and the devastating grief that overwhelmed Oracle Tabitha as a result of it. The collective pain and despair felt by the witch-folk present in the Timeline was almost too much to bear and she felt significant strain as her tear ducts could no longer produce tears. Purity saw a pitch-black cloud rise above Mialand’s skies even as dark snow continued to pour from them. The cloud had dark, mystic energy attached to it and it seemed to expand as Mialand’s collective grief and despair increased.

“Little one, turn away from the darkness and come to me, I shall give you true rest,” she heard a still, calm voice whisper in her soul.

Purity felt a warm glow of effervescent light originating in her soul and it spread rapidly until every single part of her felt it. The light filled her with hope, love and every positive emotion she could ever possibly feel and she found herself beaming. It filled the darkness of her dreamscape and alleviated her from the deafening screams and desperate pleading in her mind, instead filling her with happy memories of her life. She felt a pair of warm hands press lightly on her shoulders and she quickly turned around and hugged the source of the sudden burst of positivity with all her might.

Blaize chuckled and held onto her protectively and drawing her away from the mire, taking her to the Realm he had created just for her. Purity played for what felt like an eternity without tiring under his caring gaze. She felt the great love he felt for her and it made her stronger. Purity basked in the light of such overwhelming love and wanted to drown in it wishing that all of Creation could feel it. Her desire for Creation to feel her perfect joy brought her mind back to what she had left behind- the despair and grief of Mialand.

“Worry not, little one. The Creator could never abandon her own children in their greatest time of need. I too have lent a hand to the people of Mialand- the Queen of the Hulda, our forest nymph, has lent her magic to cleanse the Earth there of the effects of the curse. My mother’s doppelganger has lent her great knowledge to the clerics there as well and they shall swiftly deal with the dark beings causing the despair the people feel. The whole debacle shall be resolved, little one, trust me,”

His words were a healing balm to her weary soul and she relaxed but then shook her head after a while.

“I will lend a hand as well, Master, please let me,”

She anticipated a rebuttal from him but instead he chuckled and shook her head. “Why am I not surprised? Very well, if you must insist upon intervening, I can only allow you to do so but of course you must be protected. I will send more Valkyrie with you and lend you my power as well to vanquish the evil Keres,”

Purity smiled and thanked him even as he opened up a portal directly to Mialand of B-3, Eir immediately appearing by her side, winking at Purity much to her delight. When she and the other Valkyrie arrived, clad in special armor (designed for them by the divine blacksmiths of that world, the dwarves), they found a ferocious battle in progress where the Watchers of that world engaged the evil Keres that had been attracted to Mialand to feast upon the blood and souls of the damned. The Keres had created more dibbuk that roamed Mialand seeking to cause more death and destruction and had corrupted the Furies that were the Masters of Limbo in that Reality, to go berserk and turn against the Watchers.

With the added help of the Valkyrie, the Watchers managed to turn the tide of battle to their side. As the battle raged on, Delia appeared next to Purity and thanked her for bringing her friends along to help them. Purity simply observed the battle in awe, shifting between observing them and Oracle Tabitha and her pack who were sprawled on the floor hurdled near the corpses of the former ruling Monarchs. Tabitha was especially distraught, weeping over them as her worried Protector and pack members tried to console her, oblivious of the Celestial being throw-down happening around them. Purity contemplated going to aid the Oracle process her grief but hesitated, feeling a desire to aid her sister-comrades in battle herself.

As the resolve to aid the Valkyrie and Watchers to fight grew stronger, a metamorphosis began to take form and shape within Purity, beginning with the transformation of her hair from her classic yellowish-blonde locks into the rich red locks possessed by the Valkyrie. Her eye color changed along with her hair’s transformation into the emerald green possessed by the Valkyrie as well and easily transitioned into the fierce red color possessed by them during battle. She obtained a light sword that helped her fight the Keres easily with the intrinsic battle knowledge possessed by her Valkyrie sister-kin easily coming to her enabling her to fight as if she was older.

It was quite the sight to behold as the four-year-old Valkyrie fought against much older and presumably stronger opponents and her joining the fight seemed to inspire all Messengers engaged in battle as one would expect of a Muse. The battle’s tide seemed to completely tilt in favor of the forces of good until all of a sudden, a beam of dark light pierced straight from the dark skies and into their midst, throwing several Valkyrie and Watchers back. Eir and Delia instinctively rushed to Purity’s side, blocking the beam from directly impacting her, taking the brunt of it.

“Little one, we need to get away from this place immediately, okay?” asked Delia. Eir nodded to her suggestion but Purity’s eyes remained transfixed on the beam of dark light that soon gave way to a creature with such malevolent energy, its very presence made Purity want to vomit profusely. The Keres were emboldened by it and they began to cackle maniacally in tandem, giving it a standing ovation.

The Creature was clearly a Keres set apart from its kind from its sheer amount of power causing Purity to assume that it must have been their leader. It observed them with pure loathing in its eyes for a second before it began to look at them in a disinterested manner. That was until the creature set its eyes upon Purity whom it observed with great interest. It opened its mouth and revealed rotting, black teeth stretched into an imitation of a smirk that chilled the Messengers and Valkyries to the core.


What does the mysterious creature that just entered battle have up its wicked sleeves for turning the tide of the Celestial battle to its favor? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts in the series are linked below. Enjoy!

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