The Dark World


Emre lay contentedly in bed next to his life-mate Avery without much care in the world. Lately, the blessings in his life had been increasingly bountiful and he was grateful to the Universe for shining favorably upon his life and bestowing him the family of his dreams.

It was a fateful Midsummer’s night with the Litha Festivities underway when Emre was stirred up as he lay in bed by the sudden beeping of his Communicator Pad. He immediately sat up and noticed the beeping was causing Avery to stir uncontrollably in her sleep so he quickly went outside to answer it.

Emre was surprised to see the crying face of his own mother. Queen Anna of Medula rarely called Emre outside of wanting to know how he and his family were doing and so seeing her in such distress was as heart breaking as it was concerning.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Em, I am sorry to disturb you but- but I didn’t know who else to call… Son, I am afraid something terrible has happened to your father and sisters Era and Cindy,”

“What?” Emre exclaimed surprised at his mother’s assertion.

Anna wept more as she shook her head and stated, “Era came to us in distress because Cindy had suddenly disappeared. Your father discovered that Cindy was not the only one to go missing- the other inhabitants of the Dark World had all disappeared except for Oracle Emica and Protector Nobu…”

“Once the Savior and her mate were rescued, your father set out with Era to the Dark World to… save Cindy but… but they haven’t returned and I… don’t mean to be paranoid but… I fear for the worst. I don’t…know what to do, Em…”

“Mom, I am on my way, okay? Please stay put. We’ll… find a way to get them back safely,” Emre stated reassuringly. Anna nodded and even managed a feeble smile before disconnecting.

Immediately after the call, Emre looked up worriedly and saw Avery standing on the hallway leading into their living room rubbing her eyes wearily.

“Em, is everything okay?” she asked him concerned.

“No, there is just a few things I need to take care of but I will be right back, okay? Please stay here and take care of Ada,”

Avery suddenly stirred fully awake. “What’s going on? Are we in danger?”

“I’ll keep you posted but for now, I need to travel to the Dyson Sphere to be with my mom,”

“Did something happen to Anna?” Avery asked even more concerned.

Emre shook his head and then opened up a portal to the Dyson Sphere hosting his mother and father and went straight for the Administrative Building where he knew his mother would be. Upon arriving there, he was surprised to find not only his mother but his missing father and sisters, although the others had returned looking visibly worn.

“Dad? Era? Cindy? What’s going on?”

“Emre, sorry to have worried you and your mother. As you can see, we’re all safe and sound,” King Ember stated boldly.

“You guys look like you have been through the wringer. What happened to you?”

“A massive teleportation spell was performed by the new ruler of the Dark World, Emperor Brodus,” Cindy explained.

“A teleportation spell was powerful enough to breach the protections of this Dyson Sphere?” Emre asked in awe.

Era nodded. “When Cindy disappeared, I went into a panicked frenzy and I had to ask dad for help. We traveled to the Dark World but were almost immediately captured by the Emperor’s guard. They took us to the dungeons and then they began to torture us. It seemed as if they were trying to bleed us out…”

“They nearly succeeded in bleeding us out and as everything began to go hazy, the Lady of Placid Lake appeared amidst the confusion and freed us from their clutches. Next thing we knew, we were back here, fully healed up and all,”

“Amabel was involved? How? And most importantly, why?” Emre asked confusedly.

“Apparently, Amabel was under strict instructions from her goddess to save us, no matter what the cost,” Ember explained.

“The Lady of the Placid Lake saves the day yet again,” Emre stated shaking his head in disbelief.

“Unfortunately, her saving us may not amount to anything because we need to go back to the Dark World to save everyone else. The Emperor’s reign of terror cannot be allowed to stand in the Dark World if they are to have a prayer at fixing their broken world,” stated Ember. Erabelle and Cindy both nodded.

Immediately after they had stated that, Oracle Emica and her Protector Nobu and the Savior of the Dark World Imani accompanied by her Protector Aerlin and the Savior’s Parents (Lord Flint and Imani, the Vila) and Aerlin’s adoptive father right behind them. Aerlin’s adoptive mother was noticeably absent much to worry of their remaining family.

All gathered respectfully bowed before the Oracle and Savior and then Imani stated, “King Ember is right. Emperor Brodus cannot be allowed to control the Dark World. He has declared himself the new ruler of Hell and has been using power drawn from there to rule the Dark World,”

“Under his reign, the Dark World will continue to descend into chaos and wickedness,” Oracle Emica added. Imani nodded.

“How do we go about unseating him from his Throne? He has a vast army and great power,” Ember asked Oracle Emica.

“A great start would be to get a hold of the one destined to defeat him; Oracle Zuri. We sent word to Oracle Zuri via her family although we have no sure way of knowing if it got to her since by their account, she rarely reaches out and even so, it is to assure them that she is safe and sound. Her current whereabouts, however, are unknown and her family’s messages sometimes do not reach her as intended,”

“So we should perhaps rule out the possibility of receiving help from Oracle Zuri for a while. What are our other options?” Ember asked.

“The pillars the Emperor erected in Felicia are also a primary concern. They are drawing mystic dark energies from the Hellish Plains to add more to his power. It was how the teleportation spell was able to draw almost everyone out of hiding including from this Dyson Sphere… I believe it is safe enough to assume that destroying the Pillars is also going to be an uphill climb,” Protector Nobu stated worriedly.

Oracle Emica nodded. “We have no idea how to go about destroying the pillars. Even with my power and Imani’s combined, it is still doubtful we will be able to so much as dent them. The dark mystic energies embedding the pillars with power further aided by the Dark World’s own potent Prana Energy make it nearly impossible to bring them down,”

“Perhaps we may need to enlist the help of the Sidhe Empress and her mate? They owe us a favor or two…” Emre offered.

Imani shook her head. “The only way the pillars are going to go down is by a Messenger’s help,”

Everyone gathered stared at the Savior in awe of her proclamation.

“I…tried calling out to the Messenger Purity to aid me but… something about her has changed. The connection between us is… also not what it used to be…”

“That somewhat makes sense… Purity gave her life protecting my son but she died with the only thing left of her in the universe being her essence which was preserved within my son…”

“He used her remaining essence to revive her but it appears perhaps it was not as perfect as he intended. He had very little Arche to work with so maybe something changed in the process?” Emre deduced.

“Your son revived the existence of a vanquished Messenger? Just how powerful is he?” Oracle Emica asked Emre in awe.

“He’s a god now,” Imani stated knowingly.

“A god?” Emica asked in disbelief. Emre nodded seeing no point in hiding it from them any longer.

“Perhaps he may be of assistance to us?” asked Ember hopefully.

“The last we heard from him, he had gathered enough Arche to kick-start the Great Work of Creation in his own Reality. He had his work cut out for him so I think it is safe to assume that at this moment, he has his hands full,”

“Besides, our Creator would not create a problem that She knows we wouldn’t be able to solve on our own. If the only way the Pillars go down is through a Messenger’s intervention, then She will provide the means. We just have to have faith in Her. If we don’t appease Her, the Dark World is as good as done,” Emica stated boldly. Imani nodded approvingly.

“What about the goddess Ilya? Can we enlist her help instead?” asked Emre wearily after several moments of silence.

Imani shook her head. “The Creator only mildly tolerates her presence and interventions in this world and so the more she interferes with the Creator’s plans, the more the Creator’s tolerance of her decreases. The only way to defeat the Emperor is by faith. There is no other way,”

All gathered simply stared in the distance considering the pronouncement of the Savior. It seemed that yet again, the fate of the entire Dark World was at the Mercy of the Creator Goddess.


Shall King Ember and all other Dyson Sphere inhabitants rely on their faith in the Creator Goddess or shall they somehow find a way to defeat the Crimson Emperor by their own means? Stay tuned to find out!

  1. The Crimson Emperor: Part 3


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