The Acts of Purity


On a warm Midsummer’s night, Purity appeared at the center of the silent, Breanna City of Felicia, staring down at the gigantic pillars that stretched out further than the eye could see in absolute awe. Though she was just a child, Purity had been able to hear the desperate pleading from the Savior of the Dark World against all odds and she had immediately been drawn to the Center of Felicia where the pillars stood.

The Dark Mystic energies surrounding the Pillars and the area surrounding them were so potent and dark, Purity felt dirty just by being there. Part of her wondered if she even had enough power to take them down but she needed to at least try to fulfill the Savior’s request because after all, her primary mission was to aid the Savior just as her mentor and Divine Counselor Delia had previously assisted the previous incarnation of the Savior.

Purity felt tears steadily pour down her face when she recalled Delia and all the lessons the latter had taught her. Even when Purity had made the decision to save Blaize at the cost of her own existence, Delia had not hesitated in offering up her own existence as well and as a result, Delia and many other Messengers of the Creator had been slain.

Even at her tender age, Purity still understood and processed grief and the lessons Delia had imparted on her were still with her. She had to bring down the Pillars in memory of Delia as well as for the sake of aiding the Savior.

As she braced herself to fulfill her new Mission, Purity felt some warm hands press down on her shoulders and then felt those same hands embrace her in a comforting hug from behind. She turned around and saw Delia herself looking at her and though Purity assumed she was dreaming or hallucinating, she hugged Delia and cried joyfully, happy to see Delia again.

“Little One, I am so glad to see you again. I am glad that the gods we serve saw it best to have us reunite once more,”

“You… you came back too?” Purity asked Delia surprised.

Delia smiled and nodded. “The Creator brought me back just as that Other god brought you back. My dear One, our Creator still loves you and if you wish, She can change you back to what you used to be,”

“But… but Blaize brought me back,” Purity stated shaking her head confusedly.

“Not quite, little one… Although you still have your memories and are a little bit like you once were, there are some changes in you because he re-created you to his own liking… I am sorry, little one, I know this is hard for you to understand for now…” Delia stated and then tried to show Purity visions in a way the child could understand.

Delia then took a deep breath and continued, “As you can see, you are no longer just a simple Messenger… He made you into something else entirely,”

“However, that is not why we are here tonight. We are here to destroy these Pillars so that the Savior and her allies can fight against the Emperor as is destined by the Creator,”

“I… I don’t know if can do it,” Purity stated worriedly.

“I believe in you, little one. You are very powerful. You are capable of so much; do not doubt yourself,”

Purity nodded although still not entirely convinced by the words of Delia. She turned to the Pillars and touched them, willing for them to begin to disintegrate. The Pillars shook violently but then slowly and surely began to tumble down into ash.

Emperor Brodus’ forces went into complete pandemonium as they helplessly observed the Pillars disintegrate into ash. Purity faced Delia who smiled encouragingly at her. Purity beamed brightly as Delia gently petted Purity’s hair and congratulated her.

When Purity turned around, she saw the surrounding area was covered by Watchers who wearily observed her while some threw disapproving looks at Delia for having aided Purity in the first place. However, Delia ignored them and encouraged Purity to do the same as they teleported from Felicia to Mystai’s Solace in Brodus’ homeland of Avala where the original set of pillars stood.

“Would you like to do the honors of taking this down as well, Purity?” Delia asked her.

Purity blushed but then nodded enthusiastically. Delia nodded reassuringly to Purity and gestured to the latter with her hands which gave Purity the courage to confidently walk up to the Pillars and touch them, willing for them to disintegrate as the ones in Felicia moments prior…

The Pillars came tumbling down and she turned again to face Delia enthusiastically and noted that there were several Watchers surrounding them; more than there had been at Felicia and they appeared to be even wearier of Purity much to her confusion.

“There is one last thing left to do, dear, and that is to make sure Oracle Emica’s message reaches Oracle Zuri. Would you like to come with me to deliver it in person?” Delia asked.

Purity wearily looked at the Watchers observing them but then she looked at Delia and felt at great ease and she nodded, tagging along with her to the Chenny Betula Taiga Forest in Siberia where Oracle Zuri had spent months training for her battle against Brodus.

The moment Oracle Zuri saw the two Messengers, she stood up humbly and bowed. “It seems that the time to fulfill the Mission for which I was created for has come.”

Delia nodded. “Blessed be and Godspeed, Oracle Zuri. The time has finally come as the Creator Willed it to be.”

Zuri nodded and bowed reverently before the two Messengers then turned to her Protector Jaali who had been meditating besides her.

“Jaali… It’s time to go back,” she stated in a resigned tone.

He immediately got up and nodded, thanked the two Messengers and waved goodbye as they both disappeared to allow them to make the appropriate arrangements for the battle of their lifetimes.

Meanwhile, Delia took Purity back home to her room and then got down to the child’s level and stated, “Remember what I told you earlier, dear one? The Creator still loves you- She can restore you back to what you once were whenever you’d like, okay?”

Purity nodded and hugged Delia. “Will you come back to see me?”

Delia smiled and nodded. “Of course, little one. I was chosen as your Divine Counselor for a reason. I will always be here for you for as long as you require it,”

“Thank you,” Purity stated hugging her again for good measure until Delia disappeared. She was left smiling even as she got into bed and fell asleep.

The following morning when Purity awoke, she saw what she could have sworn was her Aunt Avery in the flesh watching over her rather curiously and she called out to her, “Aunt Avery?”

The woman simply stared at her in awe and Purity realized that it wasn’t her Aunt at all but someone else entirely, which greatly frightened her. “Who- who are you?” Purity asked timidly.


What is the true identity of the woman bearing Avery’s resemblance and what does she want with Purity? Stay tuned to find out. Link to the previous part is listed below:

  1. The Dark World
  2. The Acts of Purity: Part 6


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