The Lake Guardian


A constant state of trepidation threatened the peace Skip and his Protector Maris had known despite their present task to amass and prepare for the battle of their lives that would take place in the year 2025.

Although they were both thrilled seeing as the pair were soon-to-be parents, they could not shake off the constant dread they’d felt all week and they were suddenly on constant alert despite assurances from some of their doppelgangers that had already become parents, that everything would be alright.

Skip could not fight off the feeling of foreboding that he was missing something but he could not put his finger on exactly why both he and Maris were constantly on edge, as if some unseen force threatened their very lives in present times. As they continued to train, they were suddenly startled by the appearance of a live- vision bubble of Princess Iara who appeared to be uncharacteristically distraught.

“Princess Iara, how are you? It’s been a while, how’s it going?” Skip asked her urgently. As always, Iara blushed, flattered by his concern and shook her head.

“Skip, Maris, I am glad to see you both, as always and as much as I hoped that I could contact you in more pleasant circumstances, I am afraid I have some rather disturbing news to share with you,”

“Oh? Is that right? Are you in any kind of danger?” Skip asked her worriedly.

“I don’t know if it is the same for you but my people and I have been feeling constant anxiety as if something or someone is threatening all our lives presently. The Royal palace has received reports from several Undine nations that the exact same anxiety experienced by my people is a common concern being experienced spread out across their wetlands…”

“Furthermore, this wide-spread doom and gloom isn’t uniquely an Undine races’ problem but all sea creatures are seemingly all afflicted and are reportedly on high alert, terrified as well…”

“The situation has been so dire that fishes have been flooding fishing boats, escaping from the ocean causing a major global over-fishing catastrophe and my mother and sister, the most powerful Undine Seers in the Ocean that could help us understand whatever threat we seem to be facing now are in a trance. They keep repeating the same words over and over again in an as of yet indecipherable tongue…”

Skip thought about it for a while and then stated, “Is it possible, given all this information you’ve gathered, that somehow, the threat that was to occur in 2025 is somehow and for some reason several years early?”

“Skip!” Maris exclaimed worriedly.

“I mean think about the reports, Maris. Every sea creature is on edge, right? The Sage of the Undine Pillars and her immediate successor are both in a trance and are speaking in a tongue that cannot be deciphered. Clearly, this shows that somehow, the threat we are meant to face is 3 years early,”

“If that is the case, then we are in a dire situation, Skip. The Second Sage’s time is still not come and the Lady of the Placid Lake is missing. We are not prepared to face this threat,” Maris stated worriedly, instinctively touching her lower abdomen.

“My father is doing everything he can to locate the Second Sage and we are working with language experts across the world to help decipher the strange messages my mother and sister are communicating…”

“Perhaps using your connection to the Lady, you can contact her and see if she could offer any more clues as to what is threatening the lives of the ocean. The Sage-Queen Army is also preparing for war should it have to come to that,”

Skip nodded. “Thank you, your majesty. We shall get in touch with Amabel and see what we can do about this whole situation,”

Iara smiled and nodded then her vision bubble disappeared with a distinctive pop. Immediately afterwards, Skip attempted to contact the Lady of the Placid Lake and to their surprise, she appeared right before them when summoned. Maris instinctively moved to protectively flank Skip and Amabel chuckled at the gesture.

“Aren’t we all buddies after everything we have been through together, Maris?”

“I have the sense that your heart has yet to change. I can never be too careful where you are involved,”

Amabel smirked. “I am frankly insulted. I have been nothing but a good little Melusine since being saved by my goddess! I mean, I practically saved the entire world from Armageddon, you’d think that was a clear sign that I am fighting on the side of good but I guess once a villain, always a villain, huh?”

“Anyway, I have a feeling you both didn’t call me here because you were so worried about my overall well-being and it doesn’t seem that you wanted to fight so to what do I owe the pleasure of your summons?” Amabel stated sarcastically.

“We have reason to believe that the threat we are meant to defeat is here, three years early,” Skip stated grimly. They cautiously observed Amabel who did not seem the least bit perturbed by the news.

“You knew?” Skip asked surprised.

Amabel shrugged.

“Why did you not share the information you had?”

“I didn’t mean to scare you with mere speculations. My goddess rightly predicted that it could become unhinged in the worst case scenario and it appears it did…”

“The great and powerful Ilya revealed to me, her most faithful servant, that told me should it escape, defeating it would be nearly impossible but she had hoped against hope that the seals placed upon it by her very own slain brother, Dune, would be enough to keep it at bay for many years to come…”

“Unfortunately, it seemed we were far too optimistic and alas, the foul creature has slowly but surely succeeded in overcoming the magical seals placed upon it,”

“What are you talking about? What foul creature are we truly up against?”

“The threat of the deep we must face is an Ancient evil that was defeated a long time ago by the slain god Dune and magically sealed in the deepest depths of the oceans of Lemuria, but it has steadily been breaking free of its seals and is soon going to attack our Reality…

“The prophecy overestimated the strength of those seals placed upon it holding up until the year 2025 because it has been steadily overcoming them for the past four months as my goddess had feared it would.

“Frighteningly, this creature is far more powerful than you can possibly imagine and the only hope we have of defeating it lies in making a deal with my goddess’ sibling so she might aid us in destroying the Creature or at the very least, rendering it inactive and sealing it in Lemuria again thus postponing it to our future descendants,”

“Did you just say making a deal with Ilya’s sibling is our only hope of defeating it?” Maris asked dumbfounded.

Amabel nodded, smiling humorlessly. “Ilya’s sister of sorts, has been here for a while. At first, she was simply observing without meddling and sending reports to their father Ull but it was because of those same reports that Ull was drawn here in the first place…”

“Unfortunately, ever since my goddess bravely fought against Ull, she has been unable to summon enough strength to fight so unfortunately she has to sit this fight out… Her opportunistic sibling is of course taking full advantage of the fact that my goddess cannot do anything about her… for now,”

“Yes, the goddess Oralie now walks this Earth and has already started establishing a foot hold here. She had the audacity to come and offer her protection to me should I abandon the soul-contract I made with my goddess and become her servant instead…”


What threat threatens the sea? What are the goddess Oralie’s plan for that Reality? Shall our heroes truly be able to defeat the Ancient evil that threatens the deep? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are linked below. Enjoy!

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