The Lake Guardian


Skip continued practicing and growing in his unique Melusine abilities and his relationship with his Protector Maris, substantially improved as he gained in power. However, whenever he went to bed at night, he had a recurring dream of Amabel, the infamous Lady of the Placid Lake, begging and pleading for his help.

Through the dreams he had of her, Skip could psychically feel the pain she underwent and he was surprised she had been strong enough to cling onto her soul under such unfathomable agony for such a long period of time.

Skip felt compelled to help Amabel and had the sense that he was indeed the only one who could but he had yet to find a means to save her. However, he was every so often reminded of the devastation and pain caused by the infamous Melusine he had to save and wondered whether he should even bother saving her at all.

Hadn’t her sins warranted the agony she had endured for well over a year? Why should he help a serial murderer, a villain who would no doubt return to her wicked ways the moment she was saved from her circumstances. Skip began to ignore the dreams altogether before the pattern of the recurring dreams was broken by a unique dream he had never before encountered.

In the dream, he was approached by a Sprite dressed in the religious garb of the Sages, whom he sensed had incredible power. The woman was in her prime and had an incredibly powerful aura surrounding her. In the dream, the woman did not appear to suffer from any adverse effects generated by the Lake.

“Skip, for the sake of the world, I beg you, save Amabel. A great evil shall threaten our world and your combined power shall be required to defeat it,”

“Who are you… my lady?”

“I am the Second Sage of Light. My time shall arrive 6 years from your current time, in the year 2025 and during that time, a great evil arising from Oceanic depths shall arise and threaten our world. The evil shall be stronger than any threat we have ever faced- the Entity included. If Amabel is lost before then, it is written that the beast shall destroy the entire world across the timelines of our present Reality…”

“However, with your combined power added to my power and that of the Sage of the Undine Pillars, we shall be able to defeat the evil and send it back to the hellish waters it originates from…”

“But… but why Amabel? Can’t you choose another Melusine for the task, my lady? She is… a no good villain, evil to the core. How can we tell for sure that she won’t turn against us and join the beast?”

“This evil shall loathe every living creature that lives and breathes in our Reality. Even if Amabel rebels and tries to join its side, she shall be destroyed by the beast immediately. It is written that Amabel shall join you as the Second Heroic Melusine that shall defeat the beast,”

“Even if that is so, my lady, I do not possess the means to save Amabel from her current state. It is impossible for me to liberate her when her soul and body are being controlled by the Entity,”

“For that, you need only invoke the help of the Messenger Purity. She shall guide you on what is required to save Amabel,”

“How do I… invoke the Messenger Purity?”

“You must summon the Messenger by praying for her help. The Creator shall answer your plea and send the Messenger to you,”

“Very well. Thank you, my lady,”

“It is my honor, my lord. Make haste and free her soul, Skip. There is only so much time we have before we encounter the greatest evil of the deep,”

Skip awoke and followed the Sage’s advice immediately, summoning the Messenger Purity with Maris dutifully stationed by his side.

“Skip, it is an honor to meet you in person,” the Messenger declared. Skip was surprised at how familiar the Messenger’s presence felt; almost as if they had met before then.

“Have you heard of me, my lady?”

“Indeed, you have worked closely with my mother in the past,”

“Your… mother?”

“The Former Sidhe Empress, Alyona is my birth mother. I think it important for you to summon her in order to begin the work of saving Amabel,”

“Is that… so? Very well… Great and Powerful Lake, bid my command and bring the Sidhe Empress to me!”

Immediately he commanded the Lake, Alyona appeared before him, bowing to him respectfully.

“You summoned me, my lord?”

“Indeed, Alyona. The Messenger Purity asked me to…”

“Purity?” Alyona asked turning to see her daughter. She had a pained expression on her face even as she approached her daughter.

“Hello Mother. It’s nice seeing you again,” Purity mused.

“Where have you been? You no longer answer to my prayers or my summons,”

“I am afraid there are pressing duties I must attend to first, mother,”

“When shall you return to your father and I?”

“Mother, now is not the time-“

“Give me a definite answer or I am out of whatever mission you have called me to do here,”


“I mean it. I do not wish to issue threats and ultimatums but you have clearly left me with no other choice,”

“Very well, Mother. I shall come home with you immediately after you perform the Ritual of Power Emancipation specifically targetting to separate Naunet’s Melusine abilities from her,”

“What in the world is that ritual? I have never heard of such a thing!”

“The Ritual of Power Emancipation shall ensure Naunet can no longer access the benefits of the Primordial Lakes. Once it is performed, Skip may summon Amabel’s soul, which is currently trapped within her own body and soul by Naunet’s lingering energy clutching the soul. Without Amabel’s soul, the body shall no longer function and it will force Naunet’s energy out. Skip may then call the body and you should breathe the breath of life into her nostrils thus restoring Amabel’s soul to her body,”

“Oh, is that all? Piece of cake, right?” Skip muttered sarcastically in silence. Maris nudged him and he looked away from the Messenger and Alyona embarrassed that they’d heard him.

“I have never heard of a Ritual of Power Emancipation. Are you certain I can perform such a Ritual, Purity?”

Purity nodded. “Indeed, mother and only you can as the Sidhe Empress,”

“Very well. So long as I have your word that you shall return to your father and I, then I shall perform this ritual. How do we begin?”

Purity waved her hand and a Grimoire appeared before Alyona and it showed her exactly how to perform the Ritual.

“This is going to cost me a lot of Mana,”

“We’ll be right here to protect you, Mother, I assure you, and should you need to channel any more magic, you need only ask,”

Alyona nodded and began to complicated bit of magic required to seperate Naunet from her Melusine like abilities. As she performed the Ritual, Alyona could psychically sense Naunet just as she sensed the power exit from Naunet’s magical circuits.

Naunet, while present in the Entity fray sensed Alyona and used their established connection to appear within the Lake. Amabel’s features twisted into a malevolent smile filled with the threat of revenge. Purity kept her at bay while her mother completed the ritual.

The Entity quivered in fear at having encountered a Messenger of the Creator, something it clearly had not anticipated. It sought to escape from the Primordial Lake but was suddenly confronted by its adverse effects.

Soon afterwards while the Entity helplessly observed through Amabel’s eyes without the ability to change its own fate, Skip commanded Amabel’s soul to leave the body and it heeded his command. Amabel’s soul attached itself to Skip’s own body and the Entity was left in the body without its soul.

However, with mere seconds left before Amabel’s body collapsed without its soul, the Entity escaped prompting Skip to summon the body back to the Primordial Lake. The body soon began to dissolve but Alyona breathed through its nostrils and Amabel’s soul safely returned to its rightful body.

“My heroes, I owe you my life,” Amabel stated bowing reverently before them and promptly disappearing.

“We did it,” Skip said relieved. Maris smiled and nodded at him.

“We did do it but was it really the right thing to do?” Maris asked worriedly.

“You may not see it now, Maris and Skip, but your actions today have a profound effect on what will happen 6 years from now,”

“What evil is so great that we had to save the Lady of the Placid Lake?” Skip asked dumbfounded.

“It is an evil that originates from another reality and it shall be astronomically difficult to defeat. To defeat the beast, it shall require your efforts as well as Amabel’s, the Second Sage of Light and the Sage of the Undine Pillars,”

“Any idea how we four shall defeat it?” Maris asked worriedly.

“When the time comes, it shall become clear,” Purity responded calmly. Her words reassured and consoled both Skip and Maris.

“Purity- remember your promise… I helped defeat Naunet… You must come home with me…”

“And that I shall, mother. Skip, thank you,”

“Thank you too, your ladyship,”

Purity smiled and faded away just as her Mother did, leaving Maris and Skip staring in their wake.


“I know, I’m terrified too but we cannot lose hope. We need to train and prepare for the war of our lives,”

Skip gulped but nodded. He earnestly hoped that by the time the greatest threat of the deep threatened his Reality, he would be adequately prepared for it.


What evil beast shall threaten the deep? Shall Skip, Maris and all other Undines survive? Stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, sate your curiosity by following the links to previous parts in this most fascinating tale. Your feedback is highly appreciated and greatly welcomed;

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