The Traveler Chronicles 4



“Tamara, run downstairs, lock yourselves in and don’t come out no matter what,” Protector Nobu instructed Tammy as he prepared to engage the enemy in battle. Tamara immediately began running away but was stopped by a sudden sharp, piercing pain in her mind that made her drop to the floor and writhe in agony.

“First Lieutenant Nobu, you really should know better. Come silently and peacefully and your little band of misfits shall be spared. Resist and dear Tammy’s brain as well as the others or else I shall be forced to turn their minds into mash,”

“You give me your word that they shall be spared if I come peacefully?”

Aurora smiled and nodded.

Nobu did not have faith in her word but he could not stand Tamara’s screams of agony a second longer.

He willingly walked up to Aurora with his hands raised up in surrender. However,  his entire living room area was suddenly filled up with swirling bright light that increasingly grew in size and intensity. The next thing he knew was Aurora and her Protector were thrown across the room and knocked out cold while the entire room descended into chaos when out of the portal that had just appeared in his living room  produced two stunningly beautiful Alison witches.

The Monarch’s Hand Officers present in the room moved quickly to apprehend the unwanted witches but the younger of the witches unleashed her power on them rapidly aging them to the end of their turning to dust within seconds.

“Protector Nobu, are you alright?” asked the older Alison witch who bore the exact semblance to the woman that had threatened him and the witches in his charge.

“I’m fine. What is going on?” he asked looking from the unconscious woman across the room to the woman addressing him.

“My name is Aurora Alison and this is my daughter, Avery Alison. We’re here to save you and the witches in your charge,”

“To save us?” he asked surprised.

Aurora smiled and nodded. “Sorry about those two. They are like the evil twin versions of myself and my Protector,” she said nodding to the knocked out Aurora and Leal.

“You mean that they are your doppelgangers?” he asked.

Aurora nodded.

“Please go get the other witches so that we may escape from this place before it’s too late,” Aurora urged him.

“Where are we going?”

“Well, I think you are more than willing to finally meet your charge in the flesh, are you not, Lieutenant Nobu?”

“My charge? You mean the Oracle? Do you know where she is?”

Aurora smiled and nodded. “She has been rather shy and reluctant about meeting you but aren’t we charges all just a little bit nervous about meeting our Protectors for the first time?”

Nobu had his doubts but time was of the essence and so he quickly rounded up the other witches who all angrily retorted of entrusting their lives to two Alison witches. It was Nobu who convinced them to finally let their guard down as the two Alisons opened up a portal to leave the Dark World.

However, as they all prepared to enter the portal to escape, they were suddenly stalled by some kind of deflective magical shield causing them all to be violently thrown across the room, each of them landing on different sides of the room.

“You shall not escape me this day. You shall face my wrath! Fools, awaken! Exert my divine justice on these heathens,” spoke an angry voice that boomed in each of their minds. Aurora and Leal immediately awoke from their unconscious state as if they had just been taking a nap and like phoenixes, from the ashes of the fallen Monarch Hand’s officers arose golems angrily growling at them.

Aurora and Avery both got up to their feet faster despite their injuries, grabbing the make-shift flame throwers they had carried with them and promptly burning the golems with Greek fire as they leaped to attack them. However, the entire Tree Dome was soon ablaze and Nobu hastily erected a magical shield bubble to protect himself and the other witches from the blaze.

“Ah, I see you managed to pull yourself out of that deep dark hole you had dug yourself into, dearest Aurora. Worry not, you shall soon be back in that nasty old rut,” her evil doppelganger mockingly informed her as they engaged each other in battle.

Aurora did not respond to her evil doppelganger’s mocking jest but Avery angrily growled at the evil doppelgangers of her parents and blasted them to hell with her own power, hastily dropping the flamethrower on the ground in favor of using her naturally bestowed gift.

Aurora and Leal deflected her attacks but Avery kept coming at them again and again.

“You sure are feisty, aren’t you, little Avery?”

“You are a curse on this world and I shall vanquish you,”

“Oh shall you? Didn’t mummy tell you what we are truly capable of? Are you and your love truly safe from us?”

Avery hit them with spells they were unfamiliar with and gained the upper hand, promptly conjuring up chains to lock them up. She then blasted them with her power causing them to severely age.

“Avery, that is enough,” the good Aurora said firmly.

“No, Aurora, I need to finish this! I need to exert justice for you and dad, for my own mom and dad. I have vanquished them before, I’ll make quick work of them,” Avery said turning to face the evil doppelgangers of Aurora B-3 and Leal B-3 with firm determination on her face.

“Don’t do it! Don’t give into the darkness, Avery. It will claim your soul forever,” good Aurora said.

“Fin- finish it, Avery. Do- not- listen to that weakling. She couldn’t avenge the death of her own father… She knows nothing of the sweetness of revenge… Kill- kill us Avery… Avenge your parents’ death,” a severely aged and weakened Aurora struggled to get out of her mouth.

Avery raised her arms, her heart racing. She would have her revenge. She would vanquish these evil souls that had caused her parents’ doppelgangers so much pain and misery.

“Avery, make your choice now. Are you more of our daughter or more of theirs?” Aurora asked Avery.

Avery was momentarily confused. She turned to face the good Aurora and saw her own mother mirrored in her. She then turned to face the evil version of Aurora who mirrored the evil version of her mother’s own persecutors.

She had taken revenge on those versions of herself as well as eliminating many other threats that arose during the years. She had even persecuted her own doppelgangers whenever they arose and posed a threat to the world.

Avery began to cry as she lowered her hands. What would the Director of the Department of Defense, the largest amalgamation of security forces known in the world, think of her decision to back down? The Director that had been her mother, that had taught her to be a ruthless femme fatale, the woman that had turned her into the woman she was, what would she think of her in that moment?

But even as she thought of the scorn her adoptive mother would have for her, she thought of her son and what example she would set if her answer to all the problems that faced her world was to kill. What would Blaize think of his mother? What example was she truly setting for him?

The good Aurora embraced her then and helped her turn away from the evil doppelgangers still enchained. Together, they muttered the spell to expel the Greek Fire flames consuming what had once been Protector Nobu’s home.

“Protector Nobu, I sincerely apologize for destroying your home,”  Aurora apologetically proclaimed.

“Not at all. So, any idea how we are going to get out of here? It appears the Monarch is onto us and she won’t let us go,”

“I’ll call for evac,” Avery said.

Five minutes later, a large swirling vortex of white light opened up a portal and Avery ushered them all in. Even as they traveled to the other side of the portal, Nobu was surprised evacuation had been done so quickly.

“How did you do that so fast?” Nobu asked Avery surprised.

Avery parted the hair at the back of her neck to reveal some kind of chip installed directly onto it.

“What- what is that?” he asked.

“Just a little duress button installed in case of anything. Of course the one who answered my duress call could someday call for a favor or two,” Avery said.

The end of the portal led them to the Dyson Sphere where King Ember and Queen Anna awaited them.



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