The Tale of Tabitha Tanner


Briefly after an attempt on the global head of the Protectors’ Agency, Juanita Chavez had been made, Oracle Tabitha’s defending pack sought those responsible and brought them before her. The pack members forced the Archer and his accomplices down on their knees to answer for their crimes.

The Archer and his comrades cowered but then the earlier suddenly proclaimed, “We seek to- to pledge allegiance to you, my lady,”

“Defectors?” the Chief Protector wondered aloud shocked that some of her finest Protectors who had volunteered for this critical and possibly fatal mission, were actually the enemy.

“They are not the last defectors you shall face either, Protector Chavez. You’ll have a hard time getting your house back in order…” Tabitha casually stated.

The C.P blinked several times in disbelief, shaking her head many times as she absorbed the absurd happenings on debuting day of Oracle Tabitha.

“Derian, you are mistaken about what my true mission is. You presume to follow me because of your misconception about who I truly am and what I stand for. You believe that following me shall lead to a life of prosperity and debauchery and that I shall allow you to do whatever you please but you are wrong,” Tabitha stated firmly.

“I am not here to justify your evil deeds- present or otherwise. I am justice and I am here to destroy all traces of the greatest evil this world has ever faced. If I must become evil in order to destroy this great evil, so be it. That path is anything but easy and you shall be held accountable for everything that you do. In the end, I shall be held answerable for my own actions, including the blood I have spilled to achieve my ideals. All my followers shall suffer the same fate,”

The Archer nodded and then attempted to harm the Oracle. He was swiftly slain by Dolphus, who ripped his heart right out of his chest with his clawed hand. Derian’s blood spilled upon his terrified comrades as his corpse collapsed on the ground right before them.

The defectors looked into Dolphus enraged eyes that were tainted in a glaring blood- red color. The Protector growled with his fangs and claws exposed intimidatingly, dripping with blood from his slain enemy.

“You may leave with your lives for today but make no mistake about it, should any of you interfere with my work, I shall show you no mercy,” Tabitha vowed, tilting her head to the right in a threatening manner.

The terrified defectors ran for their lives, stumbling over each other as they did so. The Oracle then looked at the Chief Protector and helped her get back up on her feet.

“You spared my life, my lady I… I…”

“You wonder why I bothered to? Protector Chavez, you are not my enemy. You are an excellent leader to the Protectors’ Agency which has its own battles to deal with. Provided you stay out of my way as stipulates the Magical Contract we just signed and bound in blood, I assure you that no harm shall come to you by my own hand or that of any of my followers,”

The Chief Protector nodded and went away with the loyal Protectors that had brought her there following behind her.

Tabitha smiled and retreated back to the House with Dolphus and the pack faithfully by her side. In the days to come, as she had predicted, many defectors from different law agencies and even soldiers and warriors, came to the House of Damnation, some openly and others in secret to pledge allegiance to her cause.

She began to realize that her ideals were attainable then and not just a lofty dream. The defectors became part of her very own private army and their first task was to liberate the people of Denary from the oppression and tyranny of the goddess of enlightenment.

A bloody civil war ensued with huge losses on both sides but ultimately, the Oracle won the war. The appointed monarch and all loyalists to the government were publicly executed and the Oracle instituted a change in the system from aristocracy to democracy. For the first time since Denary was declared a sovereign state, the people were able to choose their own leaders fairly.

The Oracle worked with the newly elected leaders to help resolve the issues ailing the country. Denary received aid from its closest neighboring state of Mialand and some nations as far north as Nymphadora. In a mere few months, the country had received an outpouring of aid in form of food, medical supplies and monetary support from countries in the Magical Realm and the new government saw to it that it was equitably distributed.

The government worked towards improving the structures that had been damaged during the flawed system of aristocracy and were supported by the other Magical Realm countries (with the exception of a few countries such as Fiernon and Great). Mialand was especially forthcoming with aid and Denary began to flourish for the first time in centuries.

Throughout Denary’s rise, the peoples of the Magical Realm were baffled by the actions of the Dark Oracle. They had expected Tabitha to assume the throne of Denary herself and rule it with an iron fist and yet she had easily passed on the leadership to more capable leaders.

Although she was ruthless towards followers of the religion of enlightenment, she was equally as fervent towards seeing growth in Denary. She was amicable towards neighboring countries that offered Denary aid and her army saw to it that peace and justice prevailed in the lands.

In a few short months, the Magical Realm’s public cry for Oracle Emica’s intervention quieted down. Emica herself was no longer seen in public, disguising herself whenever she went to visit and check up on the Savior of the Dark World, Imani.

On one such occasion, Oracle Emica and her Protector bid goodbye to Imani and her family and were about to set out towards their Dyson Sphere home when Emica sensed the presence of a power almost equal to but vastly different from her own. She worriedly turned to face Tabitha who walked towards her flanked by Dolphus and his pack.

Protector Nobu immediately pushed Emica behind himself to protect her from the perceived threat while Dolphus and his pack readied themselves for a fight, growling at Nobu.

“It’s okay, Nobu. She means me no harm,”

“Dolphus, stand down. Oracle Emica is not our enemy and neither is her Protector,”

Nobu and Dolphus were unwilling to stand down but bid the command of their charges.

“Oracle Emica in the flesh. I never thought I’d see the day,” Tabitha mused.

“Oracle Tabitha, you found me despite my best efforts at remaining disguised. I did not wish to infringe upon your-“

“Worry not, Emica. You did the world a huge favor bringing justice to Princess Edna. I have nothing but a fond and deep respect for you,”

“I appreciate the work you’re doing in Denary,” Emica stated.

“Why, thank you. You are really as kind as they say,”

Emica smiled meekly.

“I am here to say the words that shall finally give you peace, Emica. I have no quarrel with you and do not mind that you visit this timeline from time to time. I don’t mind if you intervene in some matters of justice- this world acknowledged you as an Oracle and that can never change…”

“However, I do have a reservation- both you and I have chosen different paths but our mission is similar- to vanquish the darkness. For you, I know this mission is a lot more complex because it is so deeply rooted in the Dark World. However, for me, it is clear- it is my destiny to eradicate the dark influence from this Timeline. I won’t allow anything to get in my way so please, do not get in my way,”

Nobu looked about ready to protest taking Tabitha’s words as a clear threat but Emica shook her head and he reluctantly held his peace.

“Tabitha, I will not interfere with your mission but you need to realize something. The path you chose, it is not without consequence. The Entity can and will manipulate you in whatever way it can and should it overwhelm you, your ideal will be for naught. Please know that if ever you lose to the Entity and there is no other way, I shall do whatever it takes to vanquish it. If I see you falling down that road; losing your ideals for blood lust; I shall have no choice but to intervene,”

Dolphus growled at her but Tabitha simply smirked and nodded. “Very well. We have set our boundaries. Let us stay clear of each other’s paths,”

Emica nodded. Tabitha then merrily went her way and Emica was left staring at her wake.

“She cannot be trusted, Emica. We need to strike her down now when we have the chance,”

“We chose the path of light, Nobu. Leave her be. Besides, the Creator has a reason for everything, right? She must have known Tabitha would chose this path but she granted her the power of the Oracle anyway. We shall not intervene unless it is ordained by the Goddess Herself,”

Nobu worried that waiting for the fateful day when they would face off against Tabitha would make defeating her that much harder.


And so concludes this part in Tabitha Tanner’s tale. Shall she and Emica keep to their own paths or shall they once more cross paths? Stay tuned to find out. Entries to the previous parts are listed below;

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