The Curse Breaker


“Protector Avery Alison, what are you doing here?” Oracle Emica inquired on stumbling upon Avery Alison in Bea’s room.

Avery turned to face the Oracle, bowing reverently.

“My lady, pardon the intrusion on your mission. Kindly allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Avery Alison from Timeline D-3. You have me confused with my doppelganger, Protector Avery Alison. I’m a Curse Breaker by profession,”

“Oh, I see. Well then, Avery Alison, what are you doing here at this particular place and time?”

“My lady, as a Curse Breaker who is mainly focused on researching ill-understood Curse breaking techniques, this particular case intrigued me once I stumbled upon it. It required Advanced Shamanism to crack the case and apprehend the fiend responsible, which is what drew me in. However, it seemed I miscalculated and appeared earlier than I anticipated, pardon me for that,” Avery stated with another reverent bow.

The Oracle doubted that Avery was telling the whole truth and the Curse Breaker’s visual cues gave away that the latter was purposefully being vague in order to throw Bea off. Emica was certain that even though Avery had been intelligent enough to hide her true purpose for being there, Bea had already gleaned that there was more than met the eye about the true purpose for the Traveler arriving at that particular place and time.

“My lady, kindly allow me to make up for my rude interruption by aiding in your mission,” Avery stated.

Emica simply nodded and observed in awe as Avery drew a pair of heavy duty gloves from her backpack and dawn them on her hands before pulling out a small satchel filled with a strange appearing sand. Avery grabbed a handful of the sand and blewit in Bea’s direction. The sand swirled around Bea’s face for a few second and remained in her general vicinity.

Bea immediately got up from the corner of the room she had been sat at and got into bed, assuming her most comfortable sleeping position and drawing the covers over her head, immediately falling asleep. Immediately Bea was asleep, her thought-forms attacked but were easily dispelled by Emica. Emica then ordered the Peace Keeping Corps officers available to apprehend the sleeping Bea and take her into their custody.

Director Port came into the room and was stunned to see Avery there.

“Miss Alison, what are you doing here?”

“Director Port, pardon my intrusion, it was a simple case of miscalculation,”

“Is that so? Where had you hoped to travel to?”

“The trial of the apprehended Bea, sir,”

“How do you know so much of our suspect? This was a highly classified case,”

Avery shrugged. “It was simply a coincidence, sir. The case intrigued me simply because the suspect was using the Astral Plane to fatally attack her victims. I wished to glean further details of the case for further reference should our Timeline ever face such a potent threat,”

“So you’re claiming that this was purely for your research?” Director Port asked suspicious of Avery’s true intentions. Avery simply nodded.

“How did you stumble upon this case?”

“I used the Artificial Sentience construct, Ash, to monitor the databases for unique cases such as these ones. A simple search on her logs can verify my claims,”

“I will most certainly follow through on this, Miss Alison. For now, I would ask that you immediately exit from this active crime scene. I would also strongly advice against any further involvement in this case until it becomes declassified. The A.S. construct you have mentioned will also have to be reigned in from accessing such sensitive information going forward,”

Avery nodded and immediately left the scene. She met up with Oracle Emica and Protector Nobu later in the Dyson Sphere in the absence of Director Port.

“Avery, thank you for agreeing to meet up with us. First things, first, I suppose; what exactly did you do to Bea?” Emica asked.

“My lady, I simply put Bea to sleep using grit rheum or Sandman’s dust, if you will. It is rather useful in inducing sleep as you saw. Bea will be under for at least 8 hours, just in time for her trial, I presume?”

Emica nodded in awe at what Avery said.

“Where did you come across this Sandman’s dust?”

“On my travels to Alternate Realities, I stumbled upon the Sandmen. Once you develop friendship with them, you can pretty much help yourself to as much rheum as you require from them. Of course they benefit from when you use their rheum for the longer a person stays under the spell, the more power they draw from it. They also draw power from the person’s dreams and can manipulate them how they see fit. Fascinating creatures, Sandmen,”

Emica nodded trying to process everything she had heard about the Sandmen. After a few moments later, Emica gathered herself up and then asked, “Avery, please explain what that was all about with Director Port,”

“I’d be honored to, my lady. The Artificial Sentience Construct I mentioned, Ash, stumbled across some information regarding the true extent of Bea’s powers. You see, Bea is actually a Reality Warper or at least shall become one in the near future. With her potent abilities to create powerful tulpas, she has the potential to aid a great Eldritch entity gain further footing in our world and this entity, known to us only as the Darkness, has the potential to destroy our current Reality,”

“What is this Eldritch entity?”

“It is an entity that exists in the boundaries between Realities with ill-understood abilities and motives. It is beyond Ancient and has existed far beyond the Creation of our Reality. It is an agent of Chaos that has the potential to end entire worlds if it so wills. A few months ago, it entered this world and has been looking for ways to infiltrate it further. The surest way it can penetrate the layers protecting our Reality is through the cooperation of powerful Reality Warpers such as Bea. It is imperative that once she faces justice for her heinous crimes that we secure Bea and take her somewhere where the Darkness cannot reach her,”

Emica and Nobu tried to process all Avery was telling them. Nobu then asked Avery, “If all what you are telling us is true then why didn’t you loop your Director in? Surely he must be aware of the Darkness and the implications of it reaching Bea before us-“

“The reason I didn’t loop him in is because I have strong reason to believe that he may be compromised,”

“What makes you say that?”

“I have strong reason to believe that Pheonix Port is indeed a powerful Reality Warper of his own. I recently discovered that he has practically been stalking my family, looking to uncover our best kept secrets. He has consistently tried to get in our good graces which tells me that he desires our collaboration and cooperation to achieve his own personal goals,”

Emica and Nobu were too stunned to speak upon hearing Avery’s pronouncements.

“Do you have any proof of these claims?” Nobu asked Avery.

Avery nodded. “Let’s just say that Ash and I have developed an ability to accurately measure consciousness in a way that allows us to track powerful Reality Warpers such as Bea and Director Port. Director Port’s consciousness is by far one of the densest we have ever encountered which we can only interpret as him being a powerful Reality Warper in his own right with the potential to bring about the cataclysmic destructiveness of Reality itself should he ally himself with the Darkness,”

“The same could also be said about you, Miss Alison. If you are truly capable of identifying powerful Warpers like Bea and Director Port, you must be a caster with capabilities of equal if not greater magnitude. How can we be sure that you would not turn on us and join the side of Darkness?” Nobu asked apprehensively.

“Be rest assured, my lord, that in the eventuality that I should turn to the Darkness, though the chances of that are slim to none, there are contingency plans on how to take me down. We are also currently working on contingency plans to bring Bea down, Port and all other Reality Warpers we have come across to give this Reality as much of a fighting choice as possible. With that being said, my lord, I require your approval to securing Bea once she faces justice for her crimes. I assure you that the threat she currently poses to this Timeline and all of Reality would be effectively neutralized,”

“You’re asking us to entrust her to your care,” Nobu stated. Avery nodded.

Emica nodded. “I cannot pretend to have fully comprehended all the things you have revealed but I know that this Timeline and all of Reality has a greater fighting chance with you on our side,” she stated shocking her own Protector.

Avery bowed reverently. “You honor me, my lady,”

“I trust that you shall share these contingency plans with us just in case?” Emica asked.

Avery nodded. “Once the finer details are worked out, you shall receive them,”

“I will follow up on them periodically,” Emica stated before both she and Nobu left the Dyson Sphere for their home.

The following morning, the trial of Bea was scheduled to take place. The highly prolific case would be broadcast across the Magical Realm.


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