The Astral Avenger


Since the first raid completed by the joint task force comprising of Protectors from the DoD of Timeline Delta 3 (D-3) and the Peace Keeping Corps of Timeline A-20, two similar raids had been conducted. However, other than gaining further details about the mysterious Bea who was responsible for not less than 30 murders, they were no closer to apprehending the serial killer than when they had begun.

Bea’s real name was Makayla, a former slave who had acquired from one of the infamous Witch Farms; institutions where witches were bred for slavery. Makayla had been deemed ‘defective’ due to the fact that she was born blind but the former slave Masters had still subjected her to depraved acts of torture and cruelty. They had used the natural sympathy she induced in other witches to mentally break them into submission. Makayla had eventually been taken in by the Riven family, a dryad family as a way of making up for their past misgivings as slave Masters. However, the Riven family had ended up being Makayla’s first victims who had been effectively murdered and mimicked in the form of tulpas enslaved to Bea.

The joint task force had also uncovered that there was an underground movement of witches comprising of former slaves and freedom fighters that were fighting for the total annihilation of former Monarch’s hand officers and slave masters. Some factions of this movement even lobbied for the utter annihilation of pure-blooded fair-folk races comprised of all faeries and nymphs. As the investigation progressed, the task force uncovered the roots of the movement were deeply embedded in the Magical Realm’s budding institutions including the Peace Keeping Corps itself. Several Peace Keeping Corps double agents were found to have been leaking sensitive information on the victims and planned raids of the joint task force through the underground network which had ties to Bea herself.

The cat and mouse game between the Peace Keeping Corps and Bea persisted for weeks with more victims being claimed as time progressed. Bea targeted Oracle Emica herself on multiple occasions but true to her word, Oracle Bethany, Emica’s formerly wicked past self that had remained in the Astral Plane as an entity had protected Emica and Protector Nobu’s Astral bodies from harm. After a while, Bea turned her attention back towards her true mission, claiming 18 more victims in the succeeding weeks.

Oracle Emica then turned most of her attention to forecasting Bea’s next targets and worked closely with the joint task force in determining the means of protecting them from Bea’s wrath. She left the main work of investigating Bea’s location to the task force while she worked with the potential victims in building up mental fortitude guided by the fact that a weak mind and unguarded negative emotions were the perfect prey for Bea’s tulpas and servitors. Emica similarly worked with the targets to increase their spiritual energy through guided meditation and exorcising their past misgivings through an Ancient power possessed by all Oracles known as Confession. Emica’s hard work paid off and many of the targets were able escape the enemy’s Astral attacks relatively unscathed. Additionally, the light Syven (good spirits) that had been anchored in the Magical Realm when Oracle Zuri defeated the Crimson Emperor aided the targets and provided additional protection for the newly reformed targets.

With the matter of their safety put to bed and the investigations continually yielding more information on Bea’s safe houses and allies, Oracle Emica focused her full attention on smoking Bea out. A consistent barrage of raids basing off Emica’s expert forecasting left Bea little choice on where to turn to and interfered and interrupted her plans of attack. Furthermore, as Emica continued honing her skill of clairvoyance in the Astral Plane as the search for Bea persisted, her Astral manipulation abilities drastically improved. Emica eventually began developing skills that her former past self Bethany, had been naturally bestowed with and sharpened as a member of the Broker Clan such as Astral Projection.

After months of being led on several wild goose chases by Bea, Oracle Emica was finally able to determine where Bea was hiding whilst in the Astral Plane. She confronted Bea who hid behind her tulpas and servitors which Emica was able to dispel with potently conjured tulpas of her own.

“The gig is up, Bea, or should I address you by your rightful name, Makayla?”

Bea projected wrath so potent, Emica could barely withstand it.

“Makayla was the filthy name the slave Masters assigned to me. My true name is Bea Broker which my mother gave me when I was born,”

“You mercilessly murder people but being addressed by the wrong name is where you draw the line, Makayla?”

“Can we just get on with this? Let’s not drag it out longer than it has to be,”

“Very well. There is only one option available for you; turn yourself in to the joint taskforce and rightfully face justice for your crimes,”

“Surely you don’t expect me to give up without a fight, do you, Emica?”

“Resistance is futile. You have nowhere left to turn and we have you surrounded in the Physical world as we speak,”

“What are you going on about? Or… Wait… Do you mean that you’ve finally mastered Astral travel?”

“You’re very perceptive, I’ll give you that. I have to thank you because you helped me harness my latent Astral manipulation abilities. I have learned the secrets of Astral travel and right now as we speak, as you so expertly predicted, one of my Astral projections is present in the Physical world ready to apprehend you. I had hoped to avoid force but the joint task force are under orders to use lethal force if necessary. You have proven yourself a truly formidable threat and we shall not err in underestimating your abilities,”

“You went to great lengths just to capture me and for that, I must say that I am truly flattered that the Oracle herself considers me such a formidable enemy. It is a pity that even with such potent gifts that you have abandoned your own kind and side with their oppressors but I can’t say I truly blame you. You’re married to a dryad after all and a former Monarch’s Hand Officer to boot. You are enslaved to Nobu through the Protector’s bond you share. You continue to delude yourself into thinking that peaceful co-existence with the monsters who enslaved us is possible because you falsely believe that witch-folk possess the will to forgive and forget the atrocities we faced. You would gladly see me and the rest of freedom movement expunged and in the same breath let our persecutors run free with no repercussions whatsoever…”

“Say whatever you will, Bea, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are a ruthless murderer and shall rightly face justice. No justification warrants the senseless murders you have committed. You underestimate witch-folk’s indomitable spirit to preserve through some of history’s worst atrocities and emerge stronger than last. It is the so called freedom fighters like you that prevent witch-folk from moving on and thriving in a world of their own making which we cannot create without the willing cooperation of all the magical races. You would have us continue this murky, senseless cycle of racial war rather than work together with your kin to improve the world and heal from the scars inflicted upon us all. Your wicked reign of terror ends now,”

Bea continued to seethe in her wrath and issued a barrage of astral attacks against Oracle Emica hoping to delay the inevitable as much as she could.

Meanwhile, while Emica vanquished the barrage Bea issued against her both in the Astral Plane and Physical world, her projection in the Physical world gave the greenlight to begin the raid in the physical residence where Bea had taken refuge. Several members of underground faction of witches that had been protecting Bea were apprehended attempting either to escape or else protecting Bea. Emica’s projection made it to the bedroom where Bea was located and once Nobu had scanned the area to ensure that there were no more nasty surprises waiting for them inside the room, he assented to allowing her into the room. However, as the Oracle turned the door knob to enter the room and apprehend Bea in the flesh, Nobu held her back and asked her to wait.

With the door partially ajar, they witnessed a swirling vortex of ethereal white light suddenly appear in the middle of the room, a calling sign of a Traveler’s portal. Within seconds, they witnessed Avery Alison appear and look directly at Bea who was crouched on the furthest corner, turned towards the door.


Why did Avery Alison suddenly appear in Bea’s room? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts in the series are listed below. Enjoy!

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