The Astral Avenger


Although connecting with past incarnations of herself was a cake walk for Oracle Emica, she still took precaution before commencing her journey to the Spirit world. She mortified herself and performed many purification rituals and spent every waking moment she was not caring for her daughter pouring over every detail she required to prevent her evil past self from taking over when it came to it. She developed several contingency plans should her evil past self succeed in completely possessing Emica and shared the plans with her security detail and other spiritualists ahead of time. Emica manually set the crystals in the Meditation Room herself, rechecking their potency to steady herself for the Spirit journey ahead. She also counterchecked that she had the placed a number of personal effects that had once belonged to Oracle Bethany in position to help her connect to that previous incarnation easier.

Emica and her Protector, Nobu downed the contents of their tea cups filled to the brim with a herbal tisane made from the Soul Vine plant or Yage (Yage was infused with ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic herb that caused consciousness shifting that was often used by Shamans to aid in their Spiritual rituals) before endeavoring on her journey there. As the tisane started to take effect, Nobu sat in the butterfly pose besides his charge who tightly grasped his hand.

They took a series of calming breaths before Emica focused her mind’s eye on her spiritual connection to the Spirit Realm and by extension to her past selves. In no time, she and Nobu observed their corporeal bodies while in their Spirit forms and then the world began to shift several times until they were in Axis Mundi, the plane between the Planes of Existence. From Axis Mundi, a path easily opened up for them to their desired destination, Limbo.

Unlike other dark spirits, the spirits of past dark Oracles escaped the Hellish Plains and were perpetually held in Spirit Limbo as permanent residents. Limbo was governed by the Furies and therefore, Emica had to pray for the intervention of the Divine Messengers in order to freely transverse it to connect with her past self. The presence of the Divine Messenger sent to aid the Oracle and her Protector was enough to keep the Furies at bay and they were able to safely pass through into the Realm.

It did not take long before Emica was facing her dark past selves who maliciously began to mock and jeer at her. She ignored them and clearly called out to Oracle Bethany from among the crowd. Oracle Bethany soon appeared right before Emica and mockingly curtsied before her. Her Protector’s spirit, Bakari Broker, soon stood beside her with an unnaturally large smirk spread across his face. The other spirits of dark Oracles past all faded into the background, presenting themselves as a dark, opaque mist swirling nearby.

“You rang, my lady? I am at your service,” Bethany stated.

Emica stood her ground and stated, “I require your assistance in bringing a group of serial killers to justice. These serial killers have been using the Astral Realm to conduct these murders. The Astral Plane is your area of expertise which is why I am here,”

Bethany exchanged looks with her Protector and cackled. “Well, the obvious question I have to ask is what’s in it for me?”

“You will be bringing this group of criminals to justice and that is, in and of itself, a reward. Do not be mistaken Oracle Bethany, you have no other choice but to aid me. I am willing to resort to any means to secure your help,” Emica stated firmly.

“Will you forfeit your soul to achieve your ends?” Bethany chided her.

“It won’t come to that,”

“The Astral Plane is not easy to navigate through. It might yet tear you apart and you may well be another one of the victims of this group of criminals. Are you truly prepared to forfeit your life? Or perhaps the right question is, are you willing to entrust your life and that of your Protector to me?”

“I am well aware of the risks of traveling to the Astral Plane and I am prepared to bear them to bring an end to the senseless murders this group is responsible for. I will entrust my life and that of my Protector to you, Oracle Bethany,”

Bethany smirked and nodded enthusiastically. “Wonderful! Well then, let’s bid adieu to this pitiful place, shall we?”

Emica nodded and begun to shift consciousness again, awakening back in the Sacred circle she had drawn, with her Spirit fully returned to her corporeal body. A few seconds later, Nobu stirred awake too, shaking his head and immediately scanning the room for any threats. Emica focused inward seeking the presence of Oracle Bethany when she suddenly heard her past self’s voice speaking in her mind.

‘I’m right here, sugar. I won’t leave your side until our mission’s done,’

‘So you’re possessing me?’

‘Not at all, it’s more like I hitched a ride on your consciousness,’

‘Right…’ Emica stated skeptically. She could hear Bethany’s cackling within her mind and it deeply unsettled her.

‘If you cannot even stand the sound of my cackling and I am your past self, I am afraid you are not ready for a journey to the Astral Plane,’

‘Look, I appreciate your presence here, but that doesn’t mean I have to be okay with your possession,’

‘I haven’t possessed you, sugar. You have to find a way to accept me or else you will never succeed in your mission. Besides, the faster you get over it, the more advantageous for you because it means I can leave you faster. Of course if you want to bid your time, I will be more than happy to steadily take over more and more of you until I have fully possessed you. It is taking everything in me to hold back because you are the strongest incarnation of me yet. Oh the marvelous things I would do with your power-‘

‘I get it! You can stop now,’ Emica stated. She turned to her Protector and one look from him was enough to confirm that he was privy to the non-verbal exchange his charge was having with Bethany. There was a long period of silence following this realization punctuated by Bethany speaking directly into Emica’s mind once more.

‘Alright, now that I am all caught up on the mission’s particulars, I believe we need to work quickly. The facts do confirm that this group of killers do indeed use the Astral Plane to carry out these murders. The victims’ final moments do confirm powerful Astral attacks that eventually proved fatal. The only way to prevent further senseless murder is to catch the perps from the Astral Plane. Oracle Emica, you must prepare for a journey to the Astral Plane immediately,’

‘How assured are we of success if I head over there?’

‘The chances of success are great now that you have secured my help. However, I must forewarn you. The Astral Plane is dangerous to explore as it is strongly influenced by the person who traverses its Realms. The journey you experience is shaped by the dominant emotions and thoughts you present once you project yourself into the Plane. You must therefore ensure you keep your negative emotions and thoughts at bay, particularly fear, as these are most likely to draw negative entities to you. Being so embroiled in your own subjective experience is also likely to distract you from your true cause. Emica, prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for this journey. You may not get a second chance if you mess up,’

‘Of course I will guide you and protect you as best I can given that it is my area of expertise but it really is all on you. Take all the time you need to prepare for this journey,’

Emica nodded and quickly got up to her feet. Nobu followed suit and aided her as she made the preparations before embarking on her journey to the Astral Plane. Her emotions were a part of her; negative and positive alike, and Emica accepted them even as she projected onto the Astral Plane. She realized then that the safest way to transverse the Astral Plane was not to let any one emotion become dominant but instead to observe all emotions and their associated thoughts as an impartial third party.

The Astral Plane then presented as a vast, formless space. Occasionally, as Emica transverse the space, she encountered entities and other projections exploring the space. She was surprised that she could instinctively tell them apart and glean details about them from just a glance but did not indulge those thoughts further knowing she run the risk of getting lost in the void. Bethany applauded her for exercising such excellent judgement and Emica kept going until she suddenly stopped and looked far ahead.

‘Bethany, where do I go from here?’ Emica asked surprised at her own actions.

‘Where do you want to go, Emica?’

‘I want to go to where those criminals are. I want to stop them. I just can’t figure out how to get to them,’

‘Then you must envision a door, Emica, that leads you straight to where you need to be. The door is right where you need it to be, Emica, you simply need to open your eyes and see it,’

Emica focused with all her strength and suddenly a door appeared. She hesitated but would soon open the door and emerged on the other side.


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