Legend of the Lunar Titania


After Dulcina and Deo finally parted ways with the DoD from Timeline D-3, they proceeded into the Republic of Great which connected the lands in the Second Plane of Existence to the First. The Prime Minister of Great and other esteemed leaders of the country set out to meet the Lunar-Titania and her Protector. Dulcina, whose clairvoyance was reliably able to predict the leaders’ arrival well ahead of time, was able to forewarn Deo about it. By the time the leaders of Great presented themselves before them, Dulcina and Deo were already garbed in their distinguishable traditional dress.

The leaders respectfully greeted them upon recognizing the Lunar-Titania and her Protector and officially welcomed them to the land of Great. The leaders invited the Moon fay to tour their country which Dulcina politely declined, promising to revisit the land under more pleasant circumstances and when they had settled things back in Breanna. They did, however, accept the offer to participate in the state banquet the leaders had organized for them. The rest of the Moon fay were also welcome to the banquet once the day transitioned into night.

Dulcina released the Moon faeries she had kept magically concealed and protected on her person at all times much to the awe of the leaders of Great. Dulcina relayed the plans ahead of them to the Moon fay in their native tongue and though they were weary of being exposed in the foreign land, they entrusted their lives to their Sacred leader without question. They then proceeded to the residence of the Prime Minister where the banquet was being held.

After the Moon fay were filled with food and drink to their hearts’ content, Dulcina observed the Moon fay fledglings playing by the fountain with a feeling of great hiraeth in her heart. Had historical events played out differently, there would be more Moon fay children merrily playing in the City-State of Felicia without a care in the world. The Moon fay that were basking in the glorious moonlight would be a lot more relaxed and less cautious of their immediate surroundings than they were then. Had she come to power sooner, would she have been able to save them from the tyranny of the former Royal Family of Avala? Would Dulcina ever live down the humiliation of her people’s decade-long period of enslavement? Could she forgive herself for the atrocities committed against her people by the Mystai?

Deo placed a firm, reassuring hand on Dulcina’s right hand whilst shaking his head in denial, reading her inner thoughts and telepathically conveying to her that she should not shoulder the burden of guilt. He reminded Dulcina that she had also lost her home, her family and had been exiled to Wintria which had been difficult on their people too. Her eyes welled up with tears at the mental projection of Deo’s suffering- of the psychological torture he had endured such as being forced to eat meat, the greatest taboo of faeries and nymph-kind alike. Deo had also been forced to work under the sun and was subjected to cruel flogging, berating and indespicable prison cruelty. Additionally, Deo had, like the other Moon faerie slaves, been forced to see his people die at the hands of their cruel masters. What Dulcina had endured felt like a cake walk compared to her Protector’s suffering.

‘I barely suffered, my lady, for I had you. All along, I carried your fortitude in my very soul and I was able to live through the impossible cruelty of that enslavement. Our people now have that same fortitude because of their allegiance to you. We suffered greatly but we persevered and now we are headed back home with you as our guiding beacon. We shall thrive as the Children of Luna once again because you exist,’ Deo reassured her.

Dulcina threw herself into her Protector’s arms and he held her tightly until her weeping subsided. Having cried her heart out, she was able to enjoy basking in the moonlight before she had a discussion with her people about their next steps once they got to Breanna. The Moon fay enjoyed the fleeting moments of night before Sol rose up in the sky and Dulcina shrunk them down, returning them to the enchanted crystal jar she had ferried them with and concealing them with magic.

Dulcina and Deo refilled their backpacks and set off on a journey to the next pitstop on their journey which was the Magical Realm country of Fiernon. Unlike in the land of Great, Dulcina and Deo spent little time in Fiernon, turning down multiple requests to camp out in the Provinces of the country opting only to visit Fiernon’s Prime Minister out of courtesy. They conducted themselves similarly with the next country they passed through, promising the Royal family of Cosmotopia that they would revisit the country on more pleasant terms.

They bid the Cosmotopian Royal family goodbye and proceeded to Breanna via the only secure means of travel to the Fairy Kingdom in Cosmotopia, a well-veiled and heavily fortified portal guarded by the Protectors’ Agency and Cosmotopian Military. Dulcina and Deo took a deep breath once they had been cleared following rigorous security protocols conducted by the Agency. The Moon fay that had been concealed in their diminutive forms also had to undergo the rigorous checks-and-clearance procedures before they were once more shrunken, concealed and ferried by Dulcina. Deo and Dulcina soon crossed the barrier (leading up to the portal that would transport them into Brenna) and walked straight into a clearing where a large crowd was gathered.

The crowd consisted of casters of different magical races of varying walks of life all waiting to cross into Breanna. Dulcina and Deo were given precedence as their distinguishable traditional attire gave their true identities away and caused quite the stir with the other travelers waiting their turn. The crowd were murmuring and inching to catch a glimpse of the Lunar-Titania and her Protector as they passed by them. Deo and Dulcina ignored the on-lookers and followed the paved path in the clearing that led up to a large platform that was decorated with a multi-colored mosaic at its center depicting the different faerie races with the colors traditionally associated with each type of faerie. The center was surrounded by large stone monoliths with powerful runes embedded upon them in the native Fairy tongue.

The Protectors closest to the Monoliths chanted and the runes were lit up with ethereal white light that soon spread across the center and soon afterwards, Deo and Dulcina ascended into Breanna surrounded by that same ethereal white light. The second they landed on solid ground, they looked around the place and exchanged a concerned look. Through Dulcina’s connection to the land of the fay, she could tell something was off about the place. Her clairvoyance helped Dulcina determine that the strong magic that kept the landmass afloat for millennia had drastically decreased.

Before Dulcina and Deo could ponder further on the matter, they were soon joined by the Breannan army that fell on their knees upon recognizing them. The army all pledged allegiance to the latest incarnation of the Lunar-Titania and to her Protector by extension. The army then offered Dulcina and Deo an armed escort to the Royal Palace. The tight formation of the army ensured Dulcina and Deo could not be spotted by the curious crowds gathering towards the army’s march into the Capitol. Once in the Palace grounds, the army broke the formation and parted to allow the Lunar-Titania and her Protector to fly right to the front step. Deo and Dulcina then entered the Palace with only the top brass of the Military. Once in the Palace, they were led to the magnificent throne room where the Queen and King of Breanna were waiting for them with some distinguished nobles and other select leaders.

The Queen and King immediately fell prostrate to the ground and wept, begging for mercy from Dulcina for failing to protect them and the Moon fay from the Royal Family of Avala. The other nobles present in the room followed suit and put themselves at the mercy of the Lunar-Titania’s judgement.


Shall Dulcina be truly merciful towards the Queen and King of Breanna and its esteemed leaders? What does the future have in store for Breanna in Timeline A-31? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are listed below. Enjoy!

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