The Wolf Sayer


Talulla gently placed her empty tea cup on the saucer and flipped onto the next page of the Grimoire of Queen Aris. She had been pouring over the Grimoire since she had woken up at 3 o’clock that morning after tossing and turning all night. Talulla focused on soothing sensation of gently running her fingers along the spine of the leather-bound cover of the Grimoire even as she keenly read through each page.

The opportunity to become an active history-maker rather than studying it impassively as a third-party had always befuddled Talulla with the ever-present Anxiety of suddenly being thrust into the spotlight threatening to crush her waning self-confidence. However, on May 23rd 2022, Talulla knew that she could not afford to let the Anxiety win and so she had utilized every grounding technique she knew worked for her to stay on top of it.

The door to the vast study was knocked and the person on the other side of it was soon ushered in by Lady Lina Ivana-Wick, the woman appointed to be Talulla’s Principal Lady-in-waiting by Oracle Tabitha Tanner. The gentleman bowed respectfully before Lady Lina and then before Lady Talulla before asking for permission to speak.

Talulla granted him the permission to speak and the gentleman wasted no time in introducing himself as Protector Maddox Lupton before briefing them on the plans of Talulla’s Coronation day that they both had to be aware of. Once he was through explaining, he requested that Talulla follow him to the rendezvous point where they would meet up with other Protectors who would transport the Queen Apparent to a secure location in Mialand of Timeline B-3. Talulla led the way towards the safe point as guided by Protector Maddox with Lina and her other appointed attendants dutifully following behind her.

Talulla observed her image on every reflective surface she passed by, surprised that the bewildered young woman dressed so impeccably in a golden-colored regal gown, golden-colored lace gloves and silver high-heeled shoes was truly her. To top off the look, the Queen Apparent dawned a regal headdress holding together an elegant braided hairstyle.

The attire was inspired by Queen Aris’ own historic coronation gown that Madam Bleu’s Boutique, (a brand in the Magical Realm that had dressed countless royals and dignitaries for centuries) had custom-made to match Talulla’s tastes perfectly. Her face shone brightly and to the credit of her glowing skin, she wore little make-up, an indication of the pampering Queen Anna had seen to, was paying off in a grand way.

At the Dyson Sphere’s rendezvous point, Talulla found the Oracle who was beaming with pride and praise for her look. Oracle Tabitha reassured her that the organizing committee (that the Oracle herself chaired) for her coronation day had meticulously planned for every possibility within their control and that with Empress Weylyn finally slain, there were no threats to Talulla’s personal safety that could not be swiftly eradicated. Talulla was also informed that the DoD of Timeline D-3 had taken over the Avalan region of A-31 and managed to stabilize the Space-Time continuum after the Red Veiled Empress’ death had led to the release of the Kraken which had also been effectively dealt with.

Following the enactment of all safety protocols, the Oracle, the Oracle’s party, Lady Talulla and all approved personnel traveled to an undisclosed safe location in White Oak City, the city closest to the Capital city of Mialand and latter traveled to the Capital City, Ankhelion, where they joined part of Talulla’s first Royal Procession.

The Royal Procession comprised of the highest court of the land’s (the Queen’s Court) most esteemed judges; high ranking government officials; royals and foreign dignitaries from all countries of the Magical Realm and collaborative Mortal Realm Countries; the Clergy including the Chief Religious Scribe, Sage and Friar Superior in a pre-determined set order of precedence. Talulla was in the middle of the procession in a vehicle with a collapsible sun-top roof so she could stand and wave at the gathered crowds, kept at a further distance to ensure her safety from any form of attacks.

The Procession led up to the Main Temple of the Creator Goddess in the Capitol where a religious ceremony would precede the formal ascension to the throne ceremony at the Royal Palace. The ceremony consisted of a number of rituals steeped in witch-folk traditions including a purification ritual and a series of blessing rituals ending with the Oracle, the highest ranking Cleric performing the Five-Fold Kiss, systematically kissing the feet, knees, womb, breasts and lips of the Queen Apparent after reciting the ritual words in that order. The religious ceremony was then ended by a blessing by all gathered Clerics and Talulla was then escorted to the Royal Palace for the commencement of the Ascension to the Throne ceremony.

The royal regalia such as the crown (selected by Lady Talulla herself from a wide variety belonging to the former Royal Family, embossed with Talulla’s unique seal), mantle, scepter, enchanted sword and sealing ring were exorcised of any negative energies before the Clerics put them on the Queen Apparent after she had taken her oaths.

The Oracle then delightfully introduced the new Queen of Mialand and placed blessings upon Talulla as she took on the role of the Monarch. The Regent that had taken over before Talulla’s ascension to power was also blessed and formally abdicated himself from power to allow the Queen to finally take her rightful place as the ruler of the nation. Talulla was then asked to give her first public address.

She took a deep breath and declared, “I am truly humbled on this truly auspicious day and thank all gathered to witness this historic moment in the making for having the humility, patience and kindness to grace the occasion with their presence. The gravity of taking the mantle of ruling monarch of the witch nation of Mialand is not lost on me…”

“The tragic events of Black Sunday notwithstanding, the indelible mark left by the legacy of the Fischer clan whose exemplary leadership of Mialand can never hoped to be mimicked, nonetheless act as a guiding torch in the unchartered journey I shall embark on as the Queen of Witches…”

“My only prayer is that I, too shall leave a positive indelible mark on Mialand’s history and I vow to spend the entirety of my reign serving the peoples of Mialand with fairness, justice and promoting the values witch-folk society holds dear. I shall avoid the pitfalls of corruption and greed and instead rule selflessly with the aim of the betterment of the Kingdom as a whole. So help me Goddess, I will work every day towards embodying the future of this great nation. I humbly request that all leaders gathered help me in my vision and assist me in steering Mialand towards being one of the greatest nations in the world. Thank you,”

There was wild applause succeeding Talulla’s first speech and jubilation at finally having a Queen take up the reign of the nation. After the royals and foreign dignitaries had been accorded the opportunity to greet the Queen and share some words of wisdom and encouragement, the family Matriarchs of the major Witch clans who were also in attendance, were also accorded the honor of formally introducing themselves to the Queen and giving her their blessing. Before giving the new Queen their blessing, the Matriarch’s got down on bent knee and swore allegiance to her and to the Throne, symbolically kissing the sealing ring on Talulla’s right ring-finger.

The Ruxella Clan’s Matriarch was also among the Matriarchs invited and she beamed with pride at Talulla’s achievement. The Oracle then announced that the Queen would simply be addressed by her royal title and her first name and her children would also be addressed as such going forward to avoid the catastrophic decimation of the former Royal family from a curse upon the family name.

Talulla was then led to the People’s Hall in Yadasville, another city within Mialand, where a grand feast was held in her honor. As the reigning Queen, she had a specially designed Throne placed in the room and a selected few guests were invited to greet her and interact with her. Among the select few were Leal Grayson, Aurora and Avery Alison and Avery’s husband, Prince Emre of Medulla.

Talulla thanked them all for their role in keeping her safe and for everything they had done to see to her ascension to the throne. She also urged them to pass her eternal gratitude along to Queen Anna and King Ember who were unable to attend the event. Aurora assured Queen Talulla that she could always count on her family’s support and the family vowed their undying allegiance and support to the new Queen of Mialand as well.


What does the future have in store for Queen Talulla? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts in her story are linked below. Enjoy!

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