The Lake Guardian


The invading forces that had just witnessed the gruesome death of the Red Veiled Empress and the subsequent release of a gargantuan monster of the deep, flew into blind panic as they scrambled to get out of Avala. Although the invaders had only heard the beast’s roar, its source indicated that what lay beneath the sea was a truly terrifying monster.

Gigantic appendages suddenly broke past the ocean’s surface and wildly swirled about. The appendages were so long that it appeared they could fully encapsulate Avala’s total land mass, several times over, in one foul swoop. The invaders began to run off in different directions in a frenzy, eager to get away from the creature’s grasp before the monster issued its first attack.

However, before whatever sanity that could be salvaged of the situation could help the invaders come up with an effective evacuation plan, the monster drew a cadaver out from the water and dangled the body at a perceptible height. Avery gasped upon realizing whom that cadaver once was. She quickly recovered and urged her niece to aid in the evacuation efforts, particularly focusing on their high priority targets including the Lunar-Titania and the two Oracles present.

The cadaver suddenly became animated with a mysterious dark light emanating from its eyes and its jaw unhinged unnaturally to make its first declaration, “I am this world’s end. I have vanquished this one that was your greatest Undine Caster- the Sage of the Undine Pillars and all her defenders. The power of the Undine Pillars is under my control. There is no hope for this world; surrender now and I will make your deaths quick and painless!”

For several moments succeeding the monster’s declaration, the invaders stood in absolute awe of the beast. They knew that it was only a matter of time before the power derived from the Undine Pillars that could be yielded by the beast, threw everything into chaos. The invaders continued trying to escape by whatever means were available and Avery urged Lunar-Titania and her protector, the Moon fay; Oracle Tabitha, Dolphus and her party as well as Oracle Zuri and her Protector, Jaali to follow her and Ada through the portal they created to Timeline D-3.

Dulcina urged the Moon faeries to follow Avery and Ada through the portal but insisted that since she was partially responsible for what had befallen Avala, she would remain behind to face the consequences. No amount of pleading from Avery or anyone present including her own Protector Deo, was enough to convince her to follow them through and so Avery and Ada had no choice but to transport the rest of their high priority targets through the portal and leave both Dulcina and Deo behind. By the time they reached the other end of the portal, they found that there had been several hitchhikers that had followed them through the portal to Timeline D-3.

Director Port was there on the other end to receive all those who fled from Avala in Timeline A-31 and vowed to ensure every person returned safely to their homogenous Timelines. He reassured Ada and Charlie that their children were safe when they raised their concerns about their children’s safety. He urged Ada and Avery to return to Avala to ensure no harm came to Dulcina or Deo and to continue to evacuate as many of the remaining invaders as they could. He sent in Travelers and experts in teleportation to make sure as many invaders escaped as possible.

Ada bid goodbye to her husband who hang back to assist the DoD in resettling the survivors of the Battle of Avala. Her Aunt Avery told her that she would have to make a few pit-stops along the way and therefore urged Ada to return to Avala on her own. Avery did not elaborate on where she was headed nor the reasons behind it but Ada trusted they were concrete.

Meanwhile, back in Timeline B-3, the news about the fate of Avala had reached the Sage of the Undine Pillars, Queen Denise. She immediately called for an emergency meeting with her daughter, Princess Calliope and her daughter’s Protector Prince Consort Ovid, the Second Sage of Light, Zariya and the Sage’s Protector, Ekene and the Lake Guardian, Skip and his Protector Maris. She carefully explained what had happened and all gathered were too stunned to speak.

“Are we dealing with a threat similar to the Leviathan, your majesty?” Skip asked worriedly.

“I am afraid that whatever creature is attacking Avala in A-31 is far more formidable than the Leviathan,”

“Could such a powerful creature even be defeated?” Maris asked worriedly.

“We have no other choice but to defeat it for the sake of that world,” Queen Denise responded.

“The key in defeating the beast is understanding what the creature is. Once we ascertain what it is, we can understand its weaknesses and therefore use them to our advantage,” Sage Zariya responded.

“Do we have any further information about the beast?” asked Skip.

“We have received reports from Director Port of D-3 that the creature purportedly possesses several cephalopod like appendages. The creature is gargantuan and possibly originates from the world of monsters where the Leviathan came from. It is also incredibly powerful as it was able to kill the Sage of Undine Pillars of that Timeline. The real time reports he has shared of the situation on the ground are harrowing which is why we must figure out a way to vanquish the creature as soon as possible,”

As the brainstorming began, Protector Basil received a report from a Royal guard that there had been an arrival of some unexpected guests. He relayed the message to the Queen and she allowed the guests admittance into the Throne room where she had convened the emergency meeting.

“This should be interesting,” Queen Denise muttered under her breath.

A few moments later, five guests walked into the room, namely; Avery from D-3, Iara, Prince Rian and two Selkie guards. The Undine leaders observed them in awe.

“Your majesty, thank you for having us,” Avery stated with a respectful curtsy toward the Queen.

“Avery Alison, in the flesh. I am certain this visit isn’t the reconciliation with my estranged daughter that I had hoped it would be,”

“I am afraid not, your majesty,” Avery stated apologetically.

“The Selkie Prince is here in the flesh too, I see,” Queen Denise stated.

Prince Rian bowed respectfully.

“Explain the purpose of your visit to us then,” Protector Basil stated folding his arms while glaring at Prince Rian.

“The monster you are faced with was the scourge of our world. I don’t mean to sound bleak but your chances of vanquishing it are slim. However, it is not impossible to defeat it if we should set aside our differences and work together,” Prince Rian stated. (Iara translated Prince Rian’s statements since she was the only person present conversant with the Selkie tongue).

“For the sake of saving the world, we are willing to bury the hatchet. Kindly supply us with as much information about the beast as possible,” Queen Denise responded.

Iara translated what the Queen had said in the Selkie tongue and then translated the Prince’s response as follows, “Thank you for your cooperation, your majesty. The creature you are faced with is known as the Kraken and like all other races in our world, it is akin to a demi-god having being borne of Echidna. One of the few vulnerabilities it possesses is that attacks made by Sacred weapon can prove fatal. These attacks have to be swift and precise as the Kraken regenerates quickly…”

“Its abilities include spatial manipulation that allow it to teleport its appendages and other objects across space and it can manipulate the Space around it in whatever way it pleases. It can also adversely manipulate weather to create strong hurricanes, generate tsunamis and whirlpools that draw in any object or creature caught in its path. It is practically invulnerable to most magical and physical attacks and can shield itself by camouflage or invisibility. It can sever its limbs and these severed appendages can function independently so long as the creature breathes…”

“Its appendages can throw suckers at any sea-bound creature which allow it to psychically manipulate these creatures. It can also animate the corpses of any creature it has slain provided that it has consumed the creature in question and therefore possesses its soul. It can also enlarge and diminish its stature at will to fit its purposes…”


Do the Undine have what it takes to defeat the Kraken? Tune in to find out! Links to previous parts are linked below. Welcome!

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