Legend of the Lunar-Titania


As the snow steadily poured down on sleepy Moon faerie village perched on glacium drago Mountain slope, a party of five of their strongest warriors stealthily descended the Mountain. Among the party was Dulcina, the latest incarnation of the most powerful fairy in existence, the Lunar-Titania. Dulcina dawned the light armor worn by the other warriors with only exception being that the breastplate of her armor was emblazoned with emblems representing the natural elements. The armor worn by Dulcina was undeniably the calling card for the Lunar-Titania and would inspire all that encountered her to revere her as such…

The party moved as fluidly until they made it to the rendezvous point at the base of the Mountain where they would meet with the Traveler who would teleport them to Timeline A-20. The Waning Gibbous moon illuminated the Moon faeries, heightening their intrigue as they silently moved through the snowy Mountain to the clearing where the Traveler arrived.

The traveler was a dryad- fire faerie hybrid named Erabelle as had been requested by the Moon faeries who had a deep seated apprehension of anyone who was not fair-folk. She reverently bowed before the Lunar-Titania and greeted the warriors respectfully before asking if they were ready to teleport to A-20. They then had a quick telepathic exchange to allay any fears prior to consenting to travel with her to the Timeline Alpha 20 (A-20).

Once successfully through the portal Erabelle had created, the Moon faeries were greeted by Oracle Emica and her Protector, Nobu and were further escorted to the former Palace of Breanna in the Timeline. Oracle Emica offered all Moon faeries a seat but only Dulcina took her up on her offer while the other warriors preferred to fade into the background and scan for any security threats.

Dulcina pulled down her cloak and took off the mask concealing her face. “My apologies, Oracle Emica, but these noble warriors have staked their lives on protecting me and as such, cannot idly sit still. Kindly allow them to allay their fears for my safety by scanning the area for any threats,”

“I assure you that no harm shall come to you while you are in my custody, my lady. Besides, I pity the fool who would dare mount an attack in the presence of a reigning Oracle and Lunar-Titania,”

Dulcina smiled but did not ask the warriors to stand down. “Better safe than sorry,” she replied.

Oracle Emica smiled kindly and nodded.

“I do not wish to take up too much of your time, Oracle Emica. My only wish is to convey two things- first, a reassurance; a vow, if I may be so bold, that my people are aptly prepared to fight and win against Empress Weylyn. Second, to convey my utmost gratitude for your hospitality. I am informed that the Protectors’ Agency of Timeline D-3 released the recovered Moon faerie slaves to you once they had fully recuperated,”

Oracle Emica nodded and replied, “You are well informed, my lady. The nine recovered Moon faerie slaves were indeed released to A-20 and they successfully resettled in Felicia. My lady, I wish to extend my invitation to you and any other Moon faeries present in your timeline to permanently relocate to this Timeline if you so wish. We are in the process of rebuilding our civilization from the ground up thanks to the cooperation of our community comprising of fair-folk, lycanthropes, witch-folk and Undine unlike…”

“Felicia has always been known as the home of the Moon faerie just as the Lunar-Titania is revered and respected as the leader of all faeries. I have no doubt in my mind that we would be of great help to each other and would surely make A-20 an exceptional Timeline,”

Dulcina pondered Emica’s words and then replied, “Your offer is very generous, Oracle Emica, but I am afraid I must decline it. I fully intend to defeat Empress Weylyn and reclaim Felicia in A-31. I know it shall be no easy task rebuilding our lost city but we shall achieve it through our sweat and tears just as the previous incarnations of the Lunar-Titania were able to achieve,”

“I understand. My offer still stands and I also promise to assist you in your efforts of reclaiming Felicia in your timeline,”

“I would never dream of taking advantage of your kindness to that degree,” Dulcina stated, implying by the tone of her voice, that she would not give the matter of resettling to A-20 a second thought.

Dulcina then stood up so fluidly, Oracle Emica nearly missed it from blinking. “Now then, Oracle Emica, I am eager to reunited with my liberated people,”

“Yes, of course,” Emica stated standing up and escorting the Moon faeries to the carriages that would teleport them to Felicia. Once there, the Oracle bid goodbye to the Moon faeries who entered the Moon faerie cities alone. Once on the other side, they reunited with the Moon faeries that had been liberated from captivity by the Red Veiled Empress.

Deo, the first Moon faerie to be liberated during the successful Protector mission to free them led by Protector Adalyn Alison, matched forward first and fell on his knees and firmly held onto Dulcina’s hands. He brought her hands to his lips and while looking up at her, pledged his eternal devotion and allegiance to her thus effectively binding them for all time.

A metamorphosis occurred immediately after he had pledged his allegiance whereby his ordinary clothes were transfigured into the traditional garments dawned by the Lunar-Titania’s Protector thus proving the legitimacy of his claim of being her Protector. He then stood up and proudly introduced all other freed slaves to Dulcina.

Dulcina took a journey to the Temple ruins of A-20 and Deo explained that the Crimson Emperor, Brodus, had destroyed the Moon Temple and replaced the Sacred grounds with sheol (hell soil) before erecting pillars (embedded with dark runes) that harnessed dark mystic energy and shifted the nexus of evil energy to Timeline A-20 where the entity reigned prior to its erasure from Reality. The pillars had subsequently been demolished and Felicia exorcised of the malevolent energy.

The Temple treasures, however, including several tomes, religious scrolls and sacred objects had been recovered and preserved. These treasures were then handed over to Dulcina and she marveled at how such simple trinkets made her feel reassured. Dulcina thanked Emica once more before requesting Erabelle to teleport them back home.

Once safely back at the base of glacium drago, Erabelle bid them goodbye and left the Moon faeries to their own devices.

“This place is teeming with potent Mystical energy,” Deo mused.

“As it should. His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Wintria, informed us that it was the final resting place of the last of all ice dragons,”

“Is that right?” Deo asked her impressed with the knowledge.

Dulcina nodded. “The lingering embers of the dragon’s life-force still remain,”

“I can feel it… It is rejuvenating. I am tempted to bask in its glory as I peer at Luna this night,”

“Luna is beautiful tonight, is She not?” Dulcina asked smiling as she turned to face Deo.

“She is certainly a truly a sight to behold but her beauty is no match for yours, my lady,” Deo stated.

Dulcina was glad for the bitingly cold wind for she was certain that she would have blushed at his compliment. They scaled the Mountain and reunited with the other Moon faeries in the village. A celebration spanning a whole week succeeded the Reunion but after the celebrations were completed, every able-bodied man and woman fiercely trained for the upcoming battle.

Their Lunar-Titania and her Protector trained harder than everyone else and unlike the other Moon faerie, had the privilege of training during the day as well. The Moon faerie were reassured of victory due to the sheer force of will and incredible aura generated by Dulcina. Unbeknownst to them, however, was the cognitive dissonance Dulcina was burdened with which she had successfully managed to conceal from them, including from Deo.

However, with the Protector’s bond binding them to each other perpetually growing stronger with each passing day, it was impossible for Dulcina to hide the mental strain from Deo. She finally came clean after a rather strenuous day of training was complete with twilight quickly approaching.

With tears streaming down her face, Dulcina passionately proclaimed, “I do not have the luxury of cowardice, Deo! I must be strong and must overcome this weakness… This identity crisis within me is sheer lunacy! So what if my previous incarnations were Religious Sages who believed in the Absolute immorality of murder? None of them bore witness to the atrocities we faced- they did not witness their own mothers being slain, or assaulted, or murdered all in the name of power…”

“Empress Weylyn is an unrepenting monster who has destroyed many lives. How can murdering her be wrong when the blood of our fallen cries out to me from the grave? Who can forgive the wickedness both she and the Crimson Emperor committed against our people or pity the men and women who willingly chose to forfeit their own souls in serving her? Is it not just to destroying them and saving the world against their tyranny?”

“Why then did I feel so relieved when Weylyn disappeared before I could deliver the killing blow? Why do I bear such guilt for having possessed Protector Alison against her will and using her as a vessel for my revenge even if that meant that you were saved? Why do I fear what effect killing Weylyn and her disciples will have on my own soul when I cannot afford to consider the alternative?”

“Let me bear the burden, my lady. If I commit the foul deeds you cannot, my soul may be damned but yours shall remain pure and unburdened!” Deo stated.

“Until when shall I continue to hide behind my Protector? I cannot keep washing my hands in innocence while you darken your soul in my name. I must bear the burden this time, consequences to my soul be damned! I swear to you, my love, that no matter what the cost, I shall vanquish Empress Weylyn…”


Does Dulcina truly intend to follow through with murdering the Red Veiled Empress? Stay tuned to find out!


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