The Selkies’ Savior


Iara fidgeted with her ponytail, alternating its placement from the left to the right. She looked up and saw that Avery Alison had been silently observing her and blushed in embarrassment.

“Sorry,” she mumbled to Avery.

Avery smiled kindly and shook her head, “That’s alright, it’s perfectly understandable why you’d be anxious,”

Iara smiled and stated, “Thank you for helping me through this. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I am at your service, Princess Iara. Let us hope that we can garner enough support for the Selkies,”

Iara nodded then took a few deep breaths to calm herself before both she and Avery used a teleportation device to travel into a grand conference room. The oval room was lined with rows upon rows of seats each occupied by distinguished leaders representing all Undine races. At the forefront of the conference room were the throne chairs of the Sage-Queen Denise, her Protector Basil; Crown Princess Calliope and her Protector Ovid. Besides them were the Sage of Light, Zariya and her Protector, Ekene along with the Lake Guardian Skip and his Protector Maris.

Iara was directed to a table directly facing the seats at the forefront where she would make her case heard before the leaders gathered in the room. The Queen-Sage began the conference by thanking all leaders in attendance for making it to the special meeting on such short notice and explained what had prompted the gathering.

There were several murmurs as the leaders processed that there was a new Undine race that could possibly be joining their world hailing from the world of monsters. Iara nervously looked about the room worried that her mother’s bias towards Selkies would easily influence all leaders present thus making her case even harder to prove.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you as an authority on Selkies. I urge you not to judge them on the basis of where they originate from, but by the merit of their actions. I hope to prove to you all that they are worthy of your mercy and implore you to let justice prevail in this special gathering,” Iara began.

The room suddenly fell silent and Iara felt the pressure of all eyes in the room suddenly focusing on her. She recounted the tale of the Seal folk as she knew it, explaining their history in perfect detail, guided by Prince Rian’s own memories within her mind. Her speech was punctuated by the depth of emotion she felt towards the Selkie’s fate that was clear in her voice. Once she was through, she turned to face her family with pleading eyes.

After her testimony was concluded, the Department of Defense from Timeline Delta 3 (D-3) was given the chance to speak about the dangers of embracing the alien race to the Undine pillars.

“Selkies are a mysterious race that are akin to demi-gods. They are the offspring of their Progenitor goddess, Echidna, mother of all monsters. They are an omnivorous race although gravitate towards more meat-based sustenance which shows the potential risk of allowing an invasive race to take over the world’s oceans thus adversely impacting all oceanic life…”

“Aside from the risk of introducing an invasive race to our oceans, there is the magical potency posed by the Selkie. As can be expected of a demi-god race of their caliber, their magical proficiency is nothing to laugh at. Although they have shown nothing but cooperation to the DoD, should they suddenly turn hostile, containing the threat would be considerably challenging…”

“To date, Selkies have proven invulnerable to any physical or psychic attack and their regenerative abilities have proven far more potent than any documented Undine race in history. I fear allowing them free reign could possibly be our Reality’s undoing,”

The room suddenly erupted in murmurs that only quieted down once the Queen-Sage directly addressed the DoD representative.

“Protector, would you kindly describe the most recent findings on Princess Iara?”

“Your majesty, the most recent findings for her royal highness are indeed cause for alarm. The Selkie Prince, Rian, has been steadily overcoming Princess Iara’s consciousness with his own thus causing her to lose her sense of agency. If left unchecked-“

“Point of Order, your majesty! That is merely a baseless speculation,” Avery boldly interjected.

“I assure you, your majesty, and all leaders present that this is no mere speculation. Data from the most recent EEG scans shows that Prince Rian’s consciousness is persistently invading Princess Iara’s,”

“Then I urge the Protector to explain to the leaders why the EEG Scans shows two distinctive brainwave activities and which of these brain waves is most dominant,” Avery countered.

“The most dominant brainwaves are presently Princess Iara’s. However, the evidence showing Prince Rian’s steadily increasing is-“

“I urge the Protector to explain to the leaders if this is an unprecedented event entirely. Particularly, I would wish for the Protector to explain what happens when a Protector’s bond is shared between two people,”

“A Protector’s bond is a well-documented psychic phenomenon occurring between two people hailing from the same Reality. This bond shared between Princess Iara and Prince Rian is unnatural and predatory. It does not, in any way, shape or form, resemble a Protector’s bond,”

“What qualifies what constitutes a Protector’s bond? And when a bond is formed, doesn’t it display similar results? The psychic bond formed often times translates to a form of telepathy and brain scans of a pair-bond often times displays intertwining brainwaves, doesn’t it, Protector?”

The tension in the room increased exponentially as the Undine races’ leaders pondered Avery’s statements.

“Avery Alison, you are surely not proposing that Princess Iara and Prince Rian share a Protector’s bond, are you?” Queen Denise asked, appalled at the assertion.

“I am certain, your majesty, given the strong supporting evidence, that it is a probability that they do indeed share a Protector’s bond,”

“Preposterous! Do not sully the sacred doctrine of the Protector’s bond, it is simply sacrilegious to make such a wild assumption based off of nothing!” mused Calliope, vehemently shaking her head in opposition.

“As the offspring of such a pair-bonding and as an expert in Alternate Realities, I assure you that denying the special bond between Princess Iara and Prince Rian would be the sacrilege,”

“You have been encouraging my sister in her illusions of grandeur for far too long, Avery Alison! We cannot simply allow you to keep these theatrics up and keep taking us for fools. We are appreciative of all the assistance you have rendered us in our fight against evil but you are overstepping now,” Calliope stated.

“Your royal highness, my true intentions are, as always, to see justice prevail. I raise my voice up now because my greatest fear is that we give into Xenophobia and a miscarriage of justice occurs. The Seal-folk have not once shown any open signs of hostility and it is appalling to continue detaining them on the assumption of future violence. All leaders gathered here are from different Undine races, diverse cultures and minds but all Undine nonetheless. Selkies are Undine and it is for this reason, I implore you all to objectively review all facts of this case,”

The room was suddenly silent again and all eyes fell on Avery who remained firm on her position. The Queen-Sage allowed final submissions that consisted of an impassioned plea for justice for the Selkies by Iara and Avery and a precautionary speech by the DoD representatives present. The leaders were all given time to deliberate further on the matter and communicate a final decision which the Queen-Sage read as follows:

“Distinguished leaders, after hearing the testimonies from both sides and with the votes tallied, it has been determined that allowing the Selkies to join the Undine races’ fray with so little knowledge as to their true intentions and given the real threat posed by allowing them free reign of this Reality’s oceans, is too risky. We therefore reject the notion of the Selkie race being considered an Undine race and further, object to their permanent residency in this Reality’s oceans and hand over all decision making regarding their fate to the Department of Defense in Timeline D-3,”

Iara staggered upon hearing the Queen-Sage’s proclamation. Avery walked up to her and held Iara’s hand firmly in solidarity.


What does the future hold for the Selkie’s savior? Stay tuned to find out! The link to the previous tale in this ensuing saga is listed below. Enjoy!

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