The Love of Her Dreams


Princess Iara merrily bid her dreary waking life adieu and exuberantly embraced her dream world as she fell asleep. Like clockwork, her dream world shaped itself as per wishes and all that was left for the Princess was for her to await her dream Prince, Rian. Although a part of her was scared that Rian had taken advantage of her loneliness for nefarious reasons, she could not help but impatiently await his appearance in her dreams as he had done so many nights before.

Sure enough, Prince Rian made his appearance not long after Iara’s dreamscape had settled into its usual state and in spite of the nagging feeling that he was using her somehow, Iara was elated and smiled broadly as he approached her. The Prince greeted her as he usually did and smiled back at her asking her how she was fairing. They engaged in small talk before the Prince took out the musical instrument of choice, the Gue and began to play some of their old time favorites. Iara sang along to the songs, harmonizing them perfectly and they both turned to each other and smiled as their joint performances continued.

Soon the dreamscape warped into a grand stage with an audience consisting of their family and friends shaped from their memories egging them on. At the end of the performance, there was wild applause from the crowd that then dissolved into brilliantly colored bubbles. Rian beamed at Iara and applauded her as well.

“We make the perfect duet, wouldn’t you say so, my Princess?”

Iara smiled and nodded. “I had a great time as always, my Prince,” she said with a bow.

“My Princess, I have prepared a surprise for you but that is wholly dependent on if you trust me,”

“A surprise you say? What kind of surprise?” Iara asked immediately regretting that her guard had gone up.

“I’m afraid that revealing any further details about it would ruin the experience. Do you trust me, Princess Iara?”

Iara hesitated but then her curiosity got the better of her and she nodded and took the hand that Rian offered her.

“Excellent; then, let us take our leave, shall we?” he asked. Iara nodded although she was suspicious as to what he meant. The Prince opened up a portal and they successfully passed through it. A few seconds after she had successfully crossed through, she turned behind to see the Protector that had been assigned to monitor her dreamscape to garner more information about Rian stare at her in confusion and attempt to make the dive only for the portal to close up. Iara turned to face the Prince who appeared to be looking ahead of her at something she had yet to perceive.

“My Prince, where are we exactly?” she asked looking around her. There was nothing to perceive but an unfathomable darkness enveloping them on all sides. Prince Rian turned and faced her with a pained expression on his face.

“So you knew about the imposter in your dreamscape? I wasn’t so sure you were aware of it but when you turned to face her, I knew for certain that you not only knew about the invader but that you were working in cahoots with her,”

“What are you talking about? Is this your surprise? An interrogation?”

“I knew there was an imposter to your dreamscape the moment I entered it. I was merely unaware of whether it was with or without your consent. Now that I have confirmed that you did in fact allow it, I can safely say that you had a mission to accomplish tonight. I suppose you want me to tell you more about myself and my people- perhaps you want information specifically alluding to what our intentions are and possibly about our weaknesses. Am I right?”

Iara blinked several times in confusion but then recovered and said, “Do not play the victim, Rian. All this time, you were real and you were happy to keep me in the dark about it. I couldn’t help but be curious about why you would do that and you are right, I do want some answers and the only way I could get them was to agree to the Protectors’ Agency monitoring my dreamscape,”

“Then you should know that no one can get to you now, Princess Iara. You are in my mindscape and you cannot leave unless I will it,”

Iara was shocked and terrified to learn the news. “Why have you brought me here?”

“Because I wanted you to learn the truth about me without outside interference. I do not wish you any harm, on the contrary, I wish you nothing but good health and prosperity. I cannot trust anyone but you,”

“How can you say that you trust me when you know so little about me?”

Rian smiled. “The little I know about you is enough for me. Although we come from different worlds, we are kindred spirits and today, I want to show you my world through my own eyes so that you may judge for yourself whether we are worth saving. The fate of my people rests solely on your judgement,”

“What do you mean?” Iara asked shocked by his pronouncements.

“Bear witness to my people’s history and make your own decision,”

Iara tagged along as Rian showed her the lives of the Selkies through his mind’s eye. He showed her how bad things were when the Selkies relied primarily on their primal instincts and how it had almost led to their extinction before there had been a call for peace with his mother’s ancestors taking the reign of all the tribes of the Selkies, all reflections of the various seal species that existed.

Selkies were never really religious before their most revered and respected Cleric, Eoin, who had been thrice reincarnated, had encountered the goddess they then worshipped, Sophia. The discovery that the demiurge that had created the material world was not the Progenitor of all Existence had shaken the seal-folk’s belief system and had sparked a revolution, thus starting a change that marked the prosperity of the people.

However, the demiurge, Echidna, upon learning the extent of knowledge the Selkies had acquired about Sophia, had gone to all lengths possible to snuff out the spiritual revolution the seal-folk had began by sending catastrophe after catastrophe to plague them. However, the Selkies remained faithful to Sophia that inspired them and provided the means for them to effectively fight back against the demiurge and its villainous divine servants, the Keres.

By far, the worst monster the Keres used to attack the Selkies was the Kraken, a gigantic squid-like scourge of the sea that they could easily modify at will. The Kraken could conjure powerful whirlpools that created enough force to destroy everything in their path. Any living creature unfortunate enough to get caught in the whirlpools could not escape alive which then caused the Kraken to open its mouth and pull everything towards itself. The Kraken was responsible for the constant restructuring of the civilization the Selkies had worked so hard to cultivate and had claimed many lives including Rian’s father, a devastating loss to his family and the community.

Rian then took Iara to more present memories and she finally saw why he had been so torn up about leaving his mother behind. Selkies were still being persecuted and it was clear that their only hope was to leave the world of monsters and resettle elsewhere. Niamh, Rian’s mother, entrusted the last ember of hope they had for the survival of their race, to her son, hoping and praying that at least their youth could survive in another Reality.

Rian insisted that his mother tag along as she was their Queen but she had remained adamant in her belief that she needed to stay behind. Strong evidence pointed to another attack from the Kraken and it was estimated that the Selkies would not survive it. The only hope they had was for a few others to make the cross-over to the other side before it was too late and Niamh insisted that she would remain and fight the Kraken to her last dying breath.

After witnessing everything Rian showed which had barely been captured in the songs he had sang about his people, Iara wept for their fate and understood then why their fate rested on her shoulders. Everything the Prince had done had been deliberate- to give his people the last shot at survival. Although Rian’s original aim had been to approach Queen Denise and reach a diplomatic solution, Fate had made him reach Iara first and he put all his trust in her. With the fate of his people weighing heavily upon them both, the two began to devise ways they could achieve this noble goal hoping and praying that their end would be met.


Will Prince Rian and Princess Iara achieve their goals to save the Selkies? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are linked below. Enjoy!

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  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3


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