The Traveler Chronicles 8


Tuesday, 19th August 2223, Timeline Alpha- 31 (A-31) was the day an elite task force comprising of 3 squadrons; A, B and C teams respectively, was officially beginning a Rescue mission for 9 Moon Faeries currently enslaved by Empress Weylyn alias the Red Veiled Empress, of the Island Kingdom of Avala. Strangely enough, although it was Mid-Summer, D-day was a rather overcast day and it had rained for the greater part of the afternoon as the trained Agents easily blended into the Island country’s main town. The overcast day provided the perfect cover for infiltration and the time of the mission moved up considerably because darkness rolled in earlier than usual.

Once they had the greenlight to begin the mission, Team A led by Protector Adalyn Alison, clad in special infiltration gear made it to the Western side of the Royal Palace which they had determined was the safest entry port using the advanced Tech of their Timeline and careful incisions were made to the wall to allow the Agents to enter the Palace grounds. Team B successfully managed hacking into the security system thus giving Team A even more cover as they infiltrated the grounds.

Ada took the lead by entering the Palace grounds first, immediately squatting and feeling the Earth beneath her feet carefully as instructed by her Aunt Avery, who was actively communicating with and channeling her niece in order to offer as much of her vast knowledge on Curses and other-worldly magic as possible helping to secure the hostages with as minimal collateral damage as possible.

As suspected, the Palace grounds hosted several Blood-Wood Trees that had been concealed using powerful invisibility enchantments but Ada and her team were able to make quick work of them, transmuting them with the magic of the Queen of the Hulda (from the Lord of Fire’s Reality) that Avery had obtained and stored into talismans she had given the team.

Once the trees had been successfully transmuted, Ada grabbed a handful of grit rheum (Sandman’s dust) which she carefully held in the palm of her hand before gently blowing into the wind. Once released into the wind, the sleep dust worked independently, flowing with the wind towards all Palace guards securing the grounds that night, causing them to become overcome with fatigue and simultaneously seek out safe spaces where they could fall asleep.

Team A made sure to place specially made alabaster with sigils drawn all around them at Palace entrances. The jars were concealed using powerful invisibility enchantments before they could enter the building. Prior to the mission commencement, Avery had explained that the jars would be effective at trapping the dibbuk (malicious spirits) so that the dark spirits would cause them no harm.

Once securing the alabaster jars at the Palace entrances, the Team began heading towards the dungeons, deep within a labyrinth of passages and caves and heavily protected by magic and technology alike as guided by the blueprints that had been artificially and telepathically imprinted upon them prior to the start of the mission.

However, the Palace’s rooms suddenly began to change erratically seemingly at random causing severe motion sickness and worse still, separating agents into different rooms altogether and taking them further away from their goals. Once the rooms stopped moving, Ada, that had been left with her husband and two other agents, used the comms to ascertain the safety of her team. Unfortunately, there was nothing but static from three agents’ comms.

Ada gathered herself as best she could in spite of her fearing the worst had happened to the team members she could not contact, leading the rest of the team as they navigated the changing terrain of the Palace as best they could. Every hallway they descended was dark and winding, filled to the brim with booby traps and nasty surprises but the agents successfully avoided the death traps eventually joining up with other team members after endless wandering through the halls, fighting off mental fugue as best they could.

Every agent was accounted for save the three agents that were still MIA. The Team were still in great spirits as they finally made it past the gate that led up to the dungeons. There, the rooms did a major reshuffling again but luckily, all but two agents were able to safely make it onto the other side. The remaining two agents that had been separated from Ada and the remaining A-team reassured them that they would be waiting for the rest of the team on the other side and they set up a rendezvous point, focusing on retracing the steps of the MIA agents and safely retrieving them if possible.

Ada urged them to be careful before leading the remainder of her team deeper into the dungeons where they had to scan through every cell while seeking out the targets they were meant to secure. After several moments searching the cells and not coming up with any hits, Ada began to feel chilly and she stopped in her tracks to scan the area using her ESP, worried that there was a danger lurking in the near distance that was stalking them.

“Are you doing okay, A-1?” Charlie signed to her worriedly. Her husband had not failed to notice her trepidation, much to his credit.

Ada nodded and finally they arrived at a cell where they found clues that one of the slaves could have previously been imprisoned within. One of the Agents immediately connected their infiltration spyware to the prison system’s mainframe and let Team B have at it while the other agents covered her back. However, the shared feeling of dread the agents had only increased with each passing moment. Ada hoped that they would retrieve their targets sooner rather than later.

Just as the complex technology keeping one of their targets was unraveled and the magical protections were overcome, time slowed down for Ada and without warning, several hundred poisonous darts were fired at her and her team at high speed from all directions. The poisoned darts connected with a vast majority of agents, instantly incapacitating them and even fatally wounding some of them.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Ada declared, using her special Temporal gift to erase those past dreaded moments from Reality altogether. Since she had entirely eradicated the previous moments leading up to her team’s ambush from Reality, Ada effectively bought herself and her team more time to react to the darts which she knew were coming and she informed her team to keep their guard up. Her team’s response time was greatly accelerated which led to all the agents narrowly but surely missing the previous surprise attack.

The team hastily erected a magical barrier that deflected the poisonous darts that kept flying at them from all directions. While Team A stayed safe within the bounds of the magical barrier, Team B successfully hacked the software controlling the special metallic shell that held the first prisoner they encountered, while Team A expertly overcame the magical protections surrounding the shell thus breaking the imprisonment.

The shell opened to revealed an emaciated man, crudely held up in chains with several hooks holding him over a deep cavern directly beneath his feet. It appeared as though the hooks deeply embedded in the man’s flesh were being used to bleed him. The man was visibly anemic with rotten, sordid patches of cloth scattered on his skin where clothes should have been. It was difficult to decipher that the man was of Moon Faerie descent, objectively one of the most beautiful creatures in all of Creation. His eyes were shut but the moment light from the quarter moon touched his pale skin, he woke up and instinctively tried to reach the light, groaning in agony at what pain those little movements cost him.

The man stared at the agents with apprehension and it was clear that there was still some fight left in him in spite of his stature. Ada admired his tenacious spirit even as she thought about how best to successfully retrieve the first of the nine targets the mission required them to rescue.


How shall Ada and her team safely retrieve their first target? Shall they manage to rescue the other eight targets or are they too far gone? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are linked below. Enjoy:

  1. The Traveler Chronicles 8: Ada’s Tale: Part Eleven


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