Leal and the Golden Knights


Leal furrowed his brows as he ruminated on the visions he had experienced associated with wolf imagery. The first time he had had the visions, Leal recalled, was on the night he met the Queen Apparent of Mialand in Timeline Beta 3 (B-3) and since that fateful meeting, they had persisted without any signs of letting up. Leal therefore, could deduce that the probable cause of experiencing the visions was related to Lady Talulla Fischer, the Queen Apparent that had escaped certain death after her entire familial clan had been decimated by the Red Veiled Empress on the day aptly named Black Sunday.

Lady Talulla and her adopted father, Lufian, had been securely retrieved and were in safe custody in the Dyson Sphere1 and as far as Leal knew, he was the only person of interest with a close enough bond to the Queen Apparent that bore any semblance to the mental wolf totem in his visions by virtue of Lufian’s magical race being the lycan race. Leal received regular updates on Lady Talulla and Lufian and as far as the two were concerned, no imminent threats, medical or otherwise, were ever reported that would warrant alarm or concern.

So why did Leal’s visions persist? Was it symbolic of a lycan Lady Talulla was supposed to meet in the near future? Was this lycan a threat or a likely ally? Did the lady, like the presiding Oracle of their time, share a Protector’s bond2 with a lycan? And what was Leal’s role in all of it? Was Leal supposed to find this mysterious lycan? And if he determined the location of this target, what was he meant to do with them? How would he obtain the information he so desperately sought?

All public records on Lady Talulla had been publicly stricken for safety reasons and the only information available to Leal was too little to go on and so he kept going around in circles, convinced that he was missing something crucial. Leal kept consulting his virtual notepad where he had jotted down everything he knew pertaining to case already but even seeing his thoughts on the screen proved insufficient in getting to the bottom of things.

Leal went through the case file again ruminating on each fact he knew about it that far . His chain of thoughts was broken by the sudden appearance of his daughter who had snuck up to where he was and given Leal quite the scare. Avery cheekily giggled at the knowledge of having successfully bested her father in her game of hide and seek. He played with her for several minutes until his charge and life partner, Aurora Alison, walked into the room holding their infant son. He wound up spending quality time with his family until he settled in for the night.

Aurora caressed his forehead and shook her head then said, “You’re going to get wrinkles if you don’t stop frowning so much.”

Leal pressed Aurora’s hands on the sides of his face. “I can’t help it, Aurora. I have done everything I could think of to get rid of the visions but they persist…”

“Have you tried talking to Lady Talulla about it?”

Leal sighed and nodded. “The only lycan she knows personally is Lufian and there is currently no threat to his life. Maybe a future threat is looming but we can’t know for sure until it makes a move,”

“Maybe there’s more to it than that. Perhaps there’s something that can be gleaned from talking about it more with the Lady. Have you tried probing about her past? Maybe you could generate more leads from that,”

Leal thought more about it and nodded. “Maybe. I just couldn’t do it because she seems… traumatized for lack of a better word and I wouldn’t want to inflict any further psychological damage to her. I will meet up with her tomorrow and see what I can find,”

“Great,” Aurora stated with a bright smile. He smiled back at her. Aurora kissed him goodnight and they cuddled themselves to sleep until the following morning.

The following day, Leal entered the Dyson Sphere and met up with Lady Talulla, Queen Anna of Medula, her mentor, and Lufian.

“My lady, I have a humble request to make of you. I am hoping that you could tell me a little bit more about your past because I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s something I may have missed. Would you feel comfortable speaking about it with me? I assure you I shall keep all details confidential,”

Talulla clasped her fingers tightly and looked down at her laps. Queen Anna soothingly rubbed her back and then cleared her throat making the lady immediately adopt the proper posture.

“You don’t have to talk about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable,” Lufian assured her throwing Leal a dirty look.

“No, it’s okay, dad. I know he has my best interest at heart. Besides, by now everyone knows I couldn’t have had a single drop of Fischer blood in my body because I would have died too,”

A few moments of silence followed her pronouncement. Talulla took a deep breath and said, “My mom and dad- I mean, Lord Fischer, met in high school. My mom is a Ruxella3 and you know they have a bad rep but my dad still loved her. They got married soon after school but it became apparent that my biological mom was just doing it to have an easy life. She was never home and she left my dad to raise me by himself. Eventually, he had to move away to Denary and that’s where he met Lufian and they adopted and raised me together,”

“My dad’s sister, Marchioness Fischer and her husband had tried for many years to bear an heiress to their estate but they weren’t able to so she came to see my dad in secret and promised she would look after me. They changed my last name and she took me in as her ward and taught me royal protocols and stuff so I would one day take over her estate. She was… rather strict with me and she took me to a really messed up school, you know, one of those kooky psychiatric schools that I plan to eradicate when I am Queen… um… but anyways, that’s about it,”

“Thank you for confiding in me,” Leal said with a bright smile. Talulla blushed and nodded.

Leal then stood up and thanked Queen Anna, Lufian and most especially Talulla for their hospitality. When he was almost right out the door, Talulla said, “Um, Protector Leal, there’s…one more thing I need to tell you,”

Leal turned around and looked directly into her eyes. “Yes, my lady, please go ahead,”

“So um, you know how my real witch clan is specially bonded with lycans and all?” she asked.

Leal nodded to encourage her to continue.

“Well, um, I also have the silver attibute to my element4. And as history of my clan shows… once every generation or so, a special witch is born in the Ruxella clan who can control lycans… The-“

“The Wolf Sayer?” Leal asked barely able to contain himself in the light of the new information.

Talulla nodded. “But… I’m not so sure that I have that power. I may be wrong but I- think- I might have it- but if I am the wolf- I mean the Lady of Wolves, how can I also be the Queen Apparent of Mialand?”


Are Lady Talulla’s suspicions truly to be believed? What exactly does it mean to be the Wolf Sayer/Lady of Wolves and shall it affect the Lady’s present trajectory to eventually taking over the throne of the Witch Nation? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts and cliff notes on this story’s terminology are linked below! Enjoy:

  1. Leal and the Golden Knights: Part 12

Cliff Notes

  1. Dyson Sphere A Self sustaining megastructure enclosing a Star’s power that is controlled by King Ember, a child of the Sidhe (Sidhes are the direct descendants of the fallen Messengers of the Creator known as the Grigori). The Sphere is home to several Seers and Travelers who were rescued during the time of the evil Entity that once threatened Baseline Reality.
  2. Protector’s Bond: The most powerful psychic bond in the Universe in Baseline Reality. This bond is shared by two individuals bond to each other for eternity.
  3. Ruxella: An old and infamous witch clan in Mialand that has the Animal Empathic magical attribute whose progenitor was shunned by her family for her stand with the lycans and thus went off on her own to found her own clan possessing her values. Perhaps due to this magical attribute, they were and remain lycan sympathizers that was frowned upon by witch-folk following previous centuries’ wars where lycans were used to subdue witches by their enemies such as during the Puritan war.
  4. Witch’s Element: a protective gelatinous layer in witches’ body that make them impervious to most magical and physical maladies that is especially addictive to lycans. The Witch’s element is usually observed to be green-colored and has various benefits for lycans who partake of it including increasing their magical propensity to performing rudimentary spells, increasing dexterity, strength and even fertility. Sharing of the witch’s element incurs the second most powerful psychic bond in the Universe (after the Protector’s bond) which increases every time a witch and lycan of age share it willingly. Any lycan who forcibly partakes of the Witch’s element without the consent of the witch incurs the Werewolf curse where they become unable to control their transformations during full moons and they become more guided by primal instincts than by logic. Some special witches most especially from the Ruxella clan, have a silver attribute to their element that makes the effects of lycans partaking in it even more potent.


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