The Traveler Chronicles 8


Ada turned in her bed, her hands instinctively reaching out for her husband before she quickly came to and withdrew her hands from his side of the bed like they had been burned. She sat up quickly and looked at the bedside clock which showed that it was 6 AM, exactly one hour before she had to present to work. Since Charlton was not in bed with her, Ada visibly relaxed as she went about her morning routines so that she had just enough time left to enjoy a quick breakfast before heading for the Protectors’ Agency.

Ada was surprised to find that Charlton had not only already gotten up before her but he had also gone to the trouble of preparing a continental vegetarian breakfast spread, impeccably presenting each food item onto their fine china which was then expertly displayed on a breakfast tray. In the middle of the tray was a colorful vase filled with Ada’s favourite wild flowers.

“Oh, good morning my love, are you up already? I was going to bring breakfast to you since I know you are probably still whipped from yesterday,” Charlie stated with a bright smile.

His gaze made Ada feel warm and for some reason she couldn’t quite explain, Ada’s heart began to race, with its deafening pumping and thumping ringing in her head. She sat down and started wolfing down the breakfast as quickly as she could, trying unsuccessfully to ignore Charlie’s doting gaze. Ada had noticed that she had began to suffer from the same affliction whenever Charlie did something romantic for her.

Romantic feelings had always been a lost endeavour whenever directed at Ada who could not reciprocate them and yet somehow, Charlie was quickly becoming an exemption because of his tireless efforts in seeing to Ada’s every comfort and happiness.

Charlie sat next to her and ate his breakfast as he spoke about the past weekend’s festivities. They had had a great time with Avery, Emre and Catherine Rivers, Charlton’s grandmother, the day prior and so there was plenty to go over at the breakfast table but whenever Charlie paused to look at Ada perhaps after asking her one thing or another, it seemed as if her heart stopped and then the infernal pumping and thumping would resume and she would look away, too flabbergasted to speak.

The twenty minutes it took the couple to have breakfast felt like an eternity to Ada before they mercifully had to go to work, using a secured teleportation terminus to get to work.

“Um, Charlie, thanks for breakfast today. It was delicious,” Ada stated shyly. She was surprised at how juvenile her actions were as she was barely able to hide the deep scarlet blush she had on her face.

“I am happy to cook for my princess anytime. It’s the least I can do,” he stated smiling brightly and with stars in his eyes when their eyes met.

Ada looked away but she could not even hear her own thoughts over the sound of her heartbeat. Luckily, a few moments of awkward silence later, a colleague of theirs came to talk to Charlton and he got lost in their conversation giving Ada enough time to gather herself for the mandatory debriefing and training they had with their Director.

Director Phoenix Port was known for being concise. He informed them that infiltration agents had been sent to Timeline Alpha 31’s Avala, where the Red Veiled Empress reigned supreme. The agents that had posed as the Blood Disciples, the Empress’ own wicked band of dark Mystai1, had been discovered by the enemy. What remained of the agents had been returned to the Agency in literal pieces.

The Director announced that the Mission objectives to secure some Moon faeries still enslaved by Empress Weylyn was a top priority as was emphasized by Oracle Tabitha Tanner. The Director then stated that the mission would involve an elite task force comprising of three teams- Team A whose objective was the successful infiltration of the enemy base and recapture of the targets. Team B was tasked with providing support to Team A mainly through maintaining communications and surveillance. Team B was also tasked with defense should Team A be overcome and their safety be compromised. Team C was tasked with providing medical aid to the other teams and secured targets.

Given that Timeline A-31 had more advanced technology than Timeline D-3, D-3 had gone through thorough training with special experts from the Protectors’ Agency from A-31 but the intensity of that training would increase across the board especially for the teams that would embark on the mission as early as that week.

The list of the team members for each squadron were placed on all virtual noticeboards available with special instructions being issued to the respective team members via their Communicator pads (C-pads). Ada was surprised that she had not only been assigned to the A-team but had been given the responsibility of being Team leader. She didn’t even have enough time to process the full extent of responsibility she would have to play before she had to present for the special training.

Charlie was right by her side for the special training and revealed that he too had been placed on A-team not only for the special skills he possessed but for his natural magical family attribute as a Rivers witch; healing which would no doubt come in handy when the Mission day commenced . The fact that Charlie was on her team to watch her back was a comforting thought to Ada and the special training made them quite the formidable pair.

On Wednesday evening, while they both sat down with their legs up on the couch, sore from the training they had undergone, they received an unexpected guest. Ada walked up to the door and saw that it was Avery.

“Hey um… Avery?”

“You’d think after all this time you’d be used to my very existence, huh, niece?” Avery teased.

Ada had to hold herself back from rolling her eyes. Sometimes, Avery was just as cheeky as her younger brother, Dewey.

“I heard that my one and only beloved niece and nephew were embarking on a rather challenging mission in just two days’ time and so I brought along my bag of tricks,” Avery stated the moment she was let in.

Charlie sat up and paid rapt attention.

“We can hold our own against the baddies,” Ada stated with confidence.

“No doubt. You’re Me-One2 and Emre’s daughter after all and Charlie’s equally a badass. I just want to increase your fighting odds as you’re gonna need as much luck on your side facing off against that nasty Empress as possible,”

Ada sighed. “Fine then, Avery. Show us what you’ve got,”

Avery beamed and went about retrieving items from her bag, describing what each item did and offering up little demonstrations where necessary. By the end of her demonstration, both Ada and Charlie were convinced that the items she had brought along would indeed increase their fighting odds.

“All of these helpful trinkets were approved by Director Port, of course, so don’t worry about bringing them along. However, you’re both going to be the only ones to use most of these so be careful now,”

“Thank you for providing these, Avery. They’re going to be useful for sure,”

Avery smiled and nodded. “Anything for my favorite niece in the world!”

“I am your only niece in the world,” Ada sarcastically quipped. Avery chuckled and shrugged.

“I should add that I am on Team C so in case you need some more help, I will be there,”

“They let you on the Team?” Ada asked surprised.

“Given my expertise, is it really that much of a surprise?” Avery responded.

“I guess not,” Ada stated with a shrug.

“Also, your mom says that if you die, she’ll kill you,” Avery quipped.

Ada rolled her eyes. “Noted,” she responded sarcastically.

“Seriously though, Ada, we’ve all got your back. And Charlie dear, you’re family too, so we’ve got your back too,”

“I appreciate it, Avery,”

“Well then, all the best on Friday,”

“Same, good luck to you too,” Ada stated.

Avery said goodbye and left Ada and Charlie staring in her wake, contemplating what would undoubtedly be the defining Mission of their careers.


Let’s keep the ball rolling! Welcome back to the Elenaverse! A Link to the previous part and an index of terms are listed below. Enjoy!

  1. The Traveler Chronicles 8: Ada’s Tale: Part Ten


  1. Dark Mystai: A nefarious section of the Clerics known as the Mystai that use forbidden (and often times dark) magic. The Mystai are clerics that are primarily focused on exploring the deeper mystical aspects of all Magic. They were banished from the Magical Realm along with the other rebellious magical races that chose to follow the fallen Messengers of the Creator goddess (the Grigori). However, that all changed when the Veil separating the Physical Plane whereupon the Mystai’s land (Avala) existed, was lifted. The Mystai are often shunned and feared for their vast knowledge and mystical magical practices but are often asked to intervene in cases that are seemingly impossible to be resolved by any other conventional means. They are especially gifted Curse breakers and are among the few casters that can actually manipulate and bend cursed energy to their will. They are currently the only clerics that can appease and command the volatile rulers of Spiritual Limbo, the Furies.
  2. Me-One and Me-Two: Refers to the nicknames affectionately held by Avery Alison (Timeline D-1), designated Me-One; and her doppelganger (D-3) Me-two, to address each other.


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