Leal and the Golden Knights


Leal Grayson and his partner, Acwulf (of Velvela) were among a select few chosen by the Golden Knights Agency to represent them in Mialand, Timeline B-3. The Golden Knights like all other Security Agencies involved in that particular case, were stumped by the aftermath of the devastating curse that shook the Witch Nation to its core, which had been inflicted upon them by the Red Veiled Empress. They worked around the clock to assist Mialanders as much as possible as they struggled to regain normalcy.

As an unintended consequence to the Spell of Endless Night1 being cast on the entire nation, a Chronological Singularity had occurred with all present in Mialand being unable to accurately describe the sheer horror they had experienced whilst under the bounds of the spell, according to Oracle Tabitha Tanner. The Oracle and her pack led by her Protector, Dolphus, were the only exception to the rule and could accurately recall the events that had occurred which they then relayed to the Security forces gathered in near perfect clarity.

Oracle Tabitha had organized for a debriefing with the top brass of each Security Agency and the Defense and Justice Departments respectively to discuss all the particulars of what had happened during the curse period, going as far as to get the Directors of the Protectors’ Agencies in the Timelines that had worked in tandem with B-3 such as Delta 1 and Delta 3 (D-1 and D-3 respectively) in order to gain answers to pending questions such as the identity of the mysterious hooded individual that had appeared and helped Security Agents deal with the threat of the blood golems and blood mites generated by the dastardly Blood-Wood Trees2.

Although most of the details for the debriefing remained only with Top Brass, Miss Edouard, esteemed leader of the Golden Knights Agency, had shared some of the details with Leal, Acwulf and the other agents assisting in B-3 that she determined was pertinent for them to know in order for them to do the best job that they could. They had learned that the identity of the mysterious hooded individual was Queen of the Hulda, a mysterious Forest Nymph-like entity hailing from an Alternate Reality. The Queen had not only transmuted the Blood-Wood Trees and made hostile blood golems and mites bend to her will but she had gone as far as to help Mialand deal with a potent threat in the form of a monster known as Lindworms.

The Lindworms had caused cataclysmic tremors, mud-slides and other related phenomenon by their burrowing in the Earth although they had been determined to be harmless, merely being drawn to the surface by the large number of cadavers that made up for their only source of food. The Lindworms were among monsters that had crossed over into their Baseline Reality following a gateway being opened up between Alternate Realities but had remained dormant, hidden deep in the Earth until the curse had been enacted.

The Queen of the Hulda, who in addition to the potent transmutation magic possessed, also had the power to charm beasts and bend them to her will, had used her power to move from each site where the Lindworms had been wrecking havoc, to stop the massive creatures dead in their tracks. The Lindworms had in some cases, been shrunk so that their impact was less damaging to the environment and a few samples had been taken back to D-3 for further analysis.

Miss Edouard had also expressed Oracle Tabitha’s hopeful disposition that the Red Veiled Empress would soon be dealt with following a vision she had experienced whilst grieving the slain Fischer clan. The Oracle had explained that she had had an Epiphany and had tasked each individual Security Agency with preparing for defeating Alpha 31- the Timeline the wicked Empress hailed from. Oracle Tabitha had had a private meeting with Director Pheonix Port, the leader of the Protector’s Agency of Timeline D-3 which was widely speculated to be about a possible side mission that needed to be completed before the joint invasion.

Following an impassioned speech Oracle Tabitha gave in Mialand following the cruel extinction of the Fischer3 clan, a newly appointed Regent had been put in place until such a time the true Queen Apparent would take over reign of the country. The identity of the Regent and any public records on them had been completely stricken to ensure their safety. Slowly but surely, the country began to recover from the devastation that had ravaged them with an outpouring of support from the other nations of the Magical Realm.

Oracle Tabitha had been in touch with Leal himself severally due to going back and forth between B-3 and the Dyson Sphere that hosted Lady Talulla Fischer, the Queen Apparent of Mialand who was still under the instruction and care of Queen Anna of Medula. Queen Anna had revealed that Lady Talulla had been well trained by the deceased Marchioness Fischer and so bringing her up to speed had been somewhat easy although the Lady had suffered greatly from Imposter Syndrome. However, the Queen had not let go of Talulla’s hand, guiding her in every possible way, believing in the Queen Apparent’s potential.

After several journeys back and forth from the Sphere, the Oracle had revealed that she had met an interesting young man who inhabited the Sphere since being rescued by Aurora Alison, Leal’s charge, during the reign of the vanquished Entity in Timeline A-20 when it had targeted seers and travelers alike. The young man and Tabitha had spoken at great length on several occasions with Tabitha admiring his tenacity and ambition. He had quite the mastery of traveling then, having learned from the best travelers in the Sphere and acquiring the instructional manual penned by Aurora Alison herself- An Essential Beginner’s Guide to Traveling.

The young lad was confident that he could act as the Oracle and her Pack’s means of travel between Timelines leaving Leal Grayson’s family enough time to focus on other world saving activities. The Oracle assured Leal that the traveler was being thoroughly investigated to ensure her safety after Leal raised his concerns about their true motives.

With the dust continually settling in B-3 and the meaningful strides being made by all joint Security agencies in Mialand, the Witch Nation once more began moving forward, confident in the promises made by Oracle Tabitha pertaining to addressing the threat posed by the Red Veiled Empress. Leal was particularly keen with how the security situation was, seeing as he had hosted his mother from B-3 in his home back in D-1 since a week before the tragic events had unfolded.

It had been a stressful time in Aurora’s household as Leal’s mother had made it clear that she did not trust nor even like Aurora. Her disdain for Aurora had also been applied to Leal’s children and Aurora had had to resort to paying the children’s nanny to physically take the children away with her, until Aurora was done with her work at the Protector’s Agency and had picked them up herself, terrified of leaving the vulnerable children with Leal’s mother at all. Leal looked forward to the day it was safe enough for his mother to return home so that the tension in the household would dissipate and his normal life could resume.

Leal’s visions of a mystical wolf had persisted for several days without any signs of letting up. Confused by the possible meaning of it, he had unwittingly performed a Consciousness jump to his doppelganger in D-3 and his daughter’s doppelganger in the Timeline had immediately recognized him and had a lengthy discussion with him about its possible meaning.

Avery had explained that sometimes Leal’s visions were in fact symbolic rather than literal and she urged her father’s doppelganger to examine all clues his visions of the wolf was trying to reveal to him which gave him yet another way to examine the case. Leal hoped that he would get to the bottom of the visions sooner rather than later as he had a feeling that finding the answer would play a large role in Lady Talulla’s destiny.


What does the persistent imagery of the wolf in relation to Lady Talulla Fischer really mean? Stay tuned to find out! Previous entries related to this part and cliff notes version of the terms in the story are listed below:

  1. The Tale of Tabitha Tanner: Part 13
  2. The Tale of Tabitha Tanner: Part 12
  3. Leal and the Golden Knights: Part 11

Cliff notes:

  1. The Spell of Endless Night: a Temporal spell that once cast targets a specific geographical area resulting in Time being frozen in those areas. However, all living and non-living beings caught in the confines of the spell can still normally function although their perception of Time becomes warped. The Spell’s caster can enact any other enchantments to the area and usually determines how long the spell remains in effect. Prior to the Red Veiled Empress’ enactment of the spell, the only known successful caster of the spell was the most powerful fairy in existence, the great Lunar-Titania also known as the Mayve.
  2. Blood-Wood Trees: a sub-species of Pterocarpus angolensis tree that only grows on Sheol soil (hell soil). This insidious, predatory series of trees bear a ghastly red appearance and wreak havoc wherever they sprout, posing a fatal threat to any fauna and flora within close proximity. These trees also produce Blood golems; monstrous creatures that bay for the blood of victims; and blood mites that carry out a similar task. The Trees have proven highly resistant to removal even using the potent Greek fire. Only potent Earth magic (such as Arcadian dryad magic) and Transmutation (such as from powerful casters like the Queen of the Hulda) is strong enough to eradicate the trees at all.


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