The Love of Her Dreams


Following the events that unfolded during the great feast held in the Royal Palace of the Florian Kingdom currently presided over by Princess Iara, the titular Monarch presented herself for examination by the Protectors’ Agency of Timeline Beta 3 (B-3) in collaboration with the Agency’s counterpart in Timeline Delta 3 (D-3). The Protectors that would conduct the examination were given special permission to visit Atlantica’s Royal Palace where it would take place.

The examination began in a standard fashion with her vitals being taken and a general wellness check being conducted on the Princess. The second part of the examination was more intense with a psychiatric evaluation being performed on her followed up with analysis of cognitive abilities specifically targeting the Princess’ intrinsic knowledge of languages she was proficient in before delving into her general knowledge of the Seal-folk (colloquially known as Selkies).

As they waited on the results of the complex assessments they performed on Iara, she sat between her parents with her step-mother holding onto her hands to comfort her.

“Mom, what’s going on? Why does everyone keep treating me like I have gone insane and what does it have to do with Rian? He is just a figment of my imagination, after all,”

“He might not be fictional at all, Iara dear,” Queen Denise stated as delicately as she could.

“What?” Iara asked her in shock.

“Let’s just wait for the results before we discuss our theories on that, love,” Basil stated firmly. Iara sighed and lost patience watching the minutes ticking by so painfully slow. Every time her mind wandered, Iara found herself reaching out to Rian but just before she managed to reach him, she turned away and got back to the present, using mindfulness techniques to return to the present, terrified of the implications that Rian may have been some kind of evil sorceror that had taken advantage of her loneliness.

The results were brought out to them by a preppy witch with characteristically long, wavy locks of red hair with emerald green eyes. She was undoubtedly from the Alison clan and therefore it was no surprise when she introduced herself, having impeccable manners before the Royals she met. Avery Alison (from Timeline D-3) informed them that though she worked together with the Protector’s Agency on a number of cases, she was an independent contractor and she had been called to use her expertise to Iara’s particularly perplexing case.

Avery looked deep into Iara’s eyes and urged the Princess not to be scared and somehow, Iara was almost immediately put at ease. Avery’s eyes glowed an ethereal color as she stared deep into Iara’s eyes for a long time. Although the experience would ordinarily have been deemed anxiety-inducing, Iara herself never felt anxious as Avery examined her. Iara felt a warm, white glow spreading to every corner of her body filling her with strength, hope and vitality. The glow permeated everywhere within her, including her mind. When Avery was done, Iara nearly protested at Avery having withdrawn whatever telepathic power she had used to examine Iara with.

“Thank you for your cooperation, your royal highness,” Avery stated with a bright smile and a respectful curtsy to her.

“Don’t mention it, Miss Alison,” Iara stated, blushing.

“So, what’s the verdict?” Basil stated worriedly.

Avery paused and waited to respond to the question since barely a moment had passed before the door to the room they were occupying was knocked with the Royal Herald announcing that Sage Zariya and her Protector, Ekene, had arrived and they were as eager to hear the verdict on Iara’s condition. They sat down next to the Prince Consort’s right side and paid rapt attention to what Avery was going to say.

“Thank you for your patience. It was as suspected, your holiness, Princess Iara’s sudden comprehension of an alien tongue is no mere coincidence,” Avery stated nodding appreciatively at Sage Zariya before turning to Iara.

“The Princess’ consciousness has expanded, an expected side effect of being able to comprehend the alien tongue. Furthermore, I have detected a foreign consciousness deeply intertwined with the Princess’ and it seems to match a consciousness our systems were able to detect within this Reality from a few months ago. The origin of this consciousness does seem to fit our leading theories that it belongs to Prince Rian of the Selkies,”

“So he is real?” Iara asked in complete shock.

Avery nodded. “Indeed. He originates from the world of beast-men; colloquially known as the world of monsters. He and his kind are among several arrays of beast-men that crossed over to our world as a result of a doorway between our world and theirs being opened. The selkies, unlike other creatures from that world, however, preferred to keep a low profile and have been under the strict supervision of the Protectors’ Agency here in B-3 and conversely in D-3 ever since their discovery…”

“What does he want with our Princess?” Queen Denise asked Avery, pertubed by Avery’s analysis.

“Originally, according to the intel gathered on the Selkies, they had meant to present themselves here, to you, the leader of all Undine races in this Reality for the purposes of Diplomacy, your highness. They wished to escape their own version of Reality by resettling here and so the Queen of the Selkies sent the Prince and some other envoys here on a diplomatic mission. However, unlike the other Selkies that successfully crossed over to this side, challenges of that Travel aside, Prince Rian did not make the jump successfully…”

“We have theorized that Prince Rian’s own unwillingness to leave his mother behind and come here may have caused his consciousness to become split between the two alternate Realities, therefore, he has remained in a comatose state ever since he and his people came to this Reality. It appears the part of Prince Rian’s consciousness that crossed over anchored itself with Princess Iara and she somehow was granted the ability to understand the Selkie tongue,”

All gathered turned to Princess Iara in shock.

“Although this is something agents are still actively investigating, what we gathered from the Selkies given our limited knowledge of them is that there is a Crown of Wisdom encrusted with a special jewel enchanted by their goddess’ power that grants the user the knowledge of the Children of Sophia; the Selkies. This crown has been passed on from mother to daughter for several millennia and the current Queen, Niamh, is said to have been the last recipient of the crown as is customary. Queen Niamh, however, had no daughters and therefore she was due to hand over the crown to Prince Rian once he took up the mantle of King,”

Iara shook her head in disbelief. She recalled a song Rian had sang to her about a Mythical crown fit for a Queen resting upon a King’s head for the first time in a millennia and she was stunned that it was not just a dream but it was in fact a historical account…

“It was all real?”

Avery nodded. “You are familiar with their mythos of the Crown of Sophia?”

Iara nodded. “The Crown is encrusted with the Jewel of Sophia; Wisdom herself but it is metaphorical because the true jewel of Sophia is the crown-bearer. The Crown bearer is chosen by Sophia herself, a wise and brave Queen to lead her children away from the wrath of the demiurge. That Queen is set apart from all other reigning monarchs in the lands of Echidna for the Children of Sophia are not slaves to the whims of the wicked demiurge,”

Everyone observed Iara in absolute awe.

“It appears Prince Rian was thorough in educating you about the Mythos of Selkies,” Avery stated thoughtfully.

“He wrote and performed so many songs for me. I never could have imagined that they were all real historical accounts,”

“They are real to the Selkies. Princess Iara, you are a crucial link between us and the Selkies. You possess critical intrinsic knowledge about them. The Protectors’ Agency require your knowledge in order to understand Seal-folk better. Can we count on your support?”

Princess Iara nodded. “I will tell them everything I know but where- is Prince Rian?”

“The only thing I can tell you is that Prince Rian and his kind are in the Agency’s custody. I trust that you can leverage your cooperation with them for an opportunity to meet him and the rest of his kind in person,” Avery whispered and winked. Iara smiled and nodded but her mind wandered off when Avery explained in depth what the results of Iara’s tests revealed.

‘So you are real, Rian. Please, wait for me. I shall come to you soon, my love,’ Iara thought with longing in her heart.


Shall Princess Iara’s cooperation with the Protectors’ Agency earn her a visit to meet up with her dream Prince in the flesh? What further information shall be uncovered about Selkies with the Princess’ help? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are listed below. Enjoy!

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