The Acts of Purity


Purity observed Primordial Chaos in the persona it had assumed of Purity’s mother, Alyona in awe before she gathered herself and asked it, “Please excuse me, uh, my lady, (may I address you as such?) Um, what is this power that I yield?”

“You may refer to me in any way you please, my lamb. The power that you yield is indeed the power of the Apocalyptic seven seals. As you are well aware, the seven seals are pure summoning power that empowers you to summon Chaotic forces such as Conquest; War, Famine and Disease, Death and utter, cataclysmic Destruction. You already activated the first seal which was the Force of Conquest, in the form of your unicorn and you became its esteemed rider, a personification of the Chaotic Force of Conquest in action,” it responded.

Chaos paused for Purity to absorb the information before continuing, “The opening of each seal signals a judgement being released upon the Reality you inhabit, with consequences. As you are well aware of, the first four seals summon the horsemen of the Apocalypse. The more seals you open, the more powerful the Forces you summon upon the Reality of your choosing are…”

“After summoning each Chaotic force, there is an aftereffect- it draws out a lot of energy from you and you require a cooling off period. In your case, the god whom you serve, Lord Kyron, lent you his power and as such, you do not require as long a time to recover before you can use the power of the seals again,”

Purity nodded and ruminated on the words of the Force before her and then she asked it cautiously, “I am uncertain of whether I am worthy of yielding this godly power. I am, after all, just a mere servant- a Celestial being, no less, but a Servant of my Lord, Kyron, and this power, is it not a preserve of the gods? Do I possess enough resolve to truly yield it?”

“I have deemed you worthy of the power that you yield and that is why I bestowed it upon you, my lamb. The power is yours to use in whatever way you see fit, ye, even to kill the gods… All Existences that were, that are and that shall come to be all follow the same principle; all things in the Universe that Exist begin in an ordered manner but gradually and without fail, they become disordered…”

“All Non-Existences move in the exact opposite direction- they are disordered and slowly but surely become ordered… All of that means that I am the end and the beginning of all things or the beginning and end of all things. No matter what way you choose to look at it, no matter the direction of the arrow of time, ye, even in worlds without time, I am the Mother of All, my lamb. As such, none is a better judge of whom I chose to bestow this Chaotic power…”

Purity nodded and then the thought of the leader of the Keres came to mind and she wondered if Chaos had deemed her fit of being its lamb too and she couldn’t push the thought deeper into the recesses of her mind and so she apologetically turned to Chaos who easily read her mind.

“Achlys, the leader of the Keres, is not my chosen lamb, Purity. The power I bestowed upon you can be granted to any other creature by a Creative or Anti-Creative Force. Should a Creator or Anti-Creator choose to bestow their own power of the seals upon its Divine servant, that power is borrowed by that creature and not truly theirs. Inversely, if you do not learn to properly control the power you now yield, even if it is so rightfully yours, it shall overwhelm you and control you,”

Purity nodded and thanked Chaos for its explanation while trying to wrap her head around everything it had revealed to her. She appreciated the fact that Chaos had deemed her special enough to become its lamb- a being worthy of possessing such incredible power. Once she accepted that the power she possessed was hers to keep and to do with as she pleased, everything around her began to dissolve leaving only she and Chaos in the Vale of darkness. However, shortly afterwards, mirrors extending further than the eye could see displaying Purity’s reflection appeared all over the Vale.

Before Purity could inquire what the purpose of those mirrors were, Chaos stated, “It appears that your current desire is to know which Path best suits you now that you have accepted the power I have bestowed upon you. Observe- all these reflections in the mirrors are of you, based off whatever decisions you make. Look carefully into each version and decide, once and for all, what Path best suits you,”

Purity did as Chaos bid and saw countless versions of herself based off her decisions on what to do with her new abilities. By the end of her exploration, Purity was confident in what steps she needed to take next and as a result, she found herself right back where she started with the unicorn faithfully by her side.

“I am always here with you, my lamb, for when you require it,” Chaos stated.

“Thank you, my lady,” Purity stated with a respectful bow. Chaos disappeared and Purity envisioned a doorway back to Reality which appeared instantaneously.

“Well then, Conquest, it is farewell for now,” she stated as she petted the unicorn affectionately.

“I am forever at your service, my lady,” it responded before disappearing as soon as Purity crossed over to the other side.

Immediately after passing through the doorway, Purity was transported back to the battlefield where she had faced off against her foes. The Oracle and her party had left the scene and even the black snow had stopped pouring from the sky, replaced by a light drizzle and brilliant white light piercing the dark skies above. Before she could fully grasp the marvel of the changing landscape, however, Purity was summoned back to Lord Blaize’s (Lord Kyron’s) Reality.

Blaize was stunned to see her all grown up, still clad in her full Valkyrie battle armor but he embraced her nonetheless, hugging her tightly as he swung her around several times as they doubled over in laughter. He held both of her hands in his and looked deep into her eyes. Once they had settled down, he got serious and asked her, “Purity, what happened to you out there? I tried summoning you and even retrieving the Life Records of all the Valkyrie that came to aid you in battle but failed and came up with nothing,”

Purity took a deep breath and kept her hands in both of his as she recounted the harrowing events that had occurred during and after the battle against the Keres. He squeezed them every so often, strengthening her resolve greatly.

“As powerful as Achlys is, I doubt she would be able to affect the Valkyrie to this degree. No matter how hard I try to recreate Eir and the other slain Valkyrie, I am unable to. Surely that Keres is not more powerful than I am,”

“Achlys serves a powerful Entity, my Lord, one that is ill-understood by many, an Anti-Creator. Due to the threat posed by the power bestowed upon her by this Entity, I must learn to control this power sooner rather than later, my Lord. As such, I need some time to Master this power-” Purity responded patiently.

“Purity, you do not possibly mean that you wish to master this power without me by your side. We are partners and it has always been my desire that you rule by side as a goddess of this Reality when the time is ripe. No time is riper than the Present, don’t you think?” Blaize stated, vehemently denying any plans Purity had of mastering her abilities on her own, holding her tighter still, terrified of her leaving him behind.

“My Lord, I saw countless Paths I can endeavour upon and determined that the best course of action is for me to master this power first, away from this Reality, before I can rule it by your side. From the very beginning, I have had a special connection to the Reality we both hailed from. I feel that my abilities shall naturally grow there if the Creator shall have me. Please allow me to take my leave to accomplish my goals, my Lord,”

Blaize continued to shake his head in abject denial. “No! I shall not allow you to leave my side for a second, Purity. All of this has been for you. Whatever you require, I shall happily provide it. You know that nothing in all of Existence matters more to me than you. I don’t support any Path that tears you away from me,”

“I am afraid that I must insist upon this Path, my Lord but I assure you, I vow to you, that I shall return to you once I have figured things out for myself, my Lord and once I have paid my just dues to the Creator-“

“Purity, please, no, don’t… leave me. You cannot leave me… You do not have to face this journey alone. We can pay the just dues we owe to the Creator together… Let us face it all together,” Blaize stated.


Will Purity have enough Resolve to abandon her Lord, Kyron? Stay tuned to find out! The Link to previous part in the Saga is listed below;

  1. The Acts of Purity: Part 12


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