The Tale of Tabitha Tanner


Once Dolphus confirmed that they had indeed found Leal Grayson, the rest of the pack paved the path so that Oracle Tabitha could walk up to the front and reveal herself to them.

“Leal Grayson, we meet at last,” stated Tabitha. She looked around and saw that he was surrounded by his family members gathered around him as well and used her special abilities to decipher their identities.

“Well, I’ll be. You are THE Aurora Alison, part inventor of the infamous Alison-Clarke Machine. You and Leal Grayson share a Protector’s bond as well which I was unaware of, curious,” Tabitha stated, tilting her head to the side as she absorbed the new information.

The tension in the air continually grew as all gathered observed each other cautiously.

“Protector Avery Alison, you are the mother of the Savior of our Reality. Besides you is your mate, Prince Emre of Medula. My condolences for your loss and my congratulations on your recent nuptials,” stated Tabitha.

“Thank you, my lady,” Emre responded with a respectful bow. Avery followed suit by bowing reverently to Oracle Tabitha.

“I am glad that you all could join us this evening as we can put all your abilities to good use,” Tabitha stated.

They all continued to pay rapt attention to everything the Oracle had to say but Tabitha remained silent for several moments simply observing them in awe before nodding to Dolphus to take the lead.

“The Queen Apparent of Mialand of Timeline B-3 is in grave peril. Ordinarily, Oracle Tabitha would have aptly saved her from her predicament by now but it is the Creator’s Will that Leal be involved in this matter as well. Once we get to her, Leal Grayson is to provide the means to keep her safe until such a time the Queen Apparent shall be able to safely assume the throne,”

“We are hoping that you can house the Queen Apparent in the Dyson Sphere that you offered to Oracles Emica and Zuri as we have surmised that it is one of the safest places for her to be in for the time being,” Oracle Tabitha added.

“It shall be our honor, my lady,” stated Leal with a reverent bow. Emre excused himself to make the appropriate arrangements with his parents back in the Dyson Sphere and promised he would return so they could touch base with the rest of his family.

Meanwhile, Avery, Aurora and Leal were led on the hunt to securing the mysterious Queen Apparent of Mialand that Protector Dolphus explained was currently living in the town Dodona in Drywood, the capital city of Magical Realm country of Denary. They all found it strange that the Queen Apparent of the witch nation was living in Denary at all but Oracle Tabitha reassured them that everything would become clearer once they got to her.

Avery and Aurora’s traveler abilities proved instrumental in getting to what was alleged to be the home of the Queen Apparent in one piece. They prepared to walk up to the front door seeing as there were lights on; indicative that the people who owned the home were present but then suddenly, Leal felt all the air exit from his lungs as the sheer force equivalent to an invisible gut punch got him and he nearly fell onto his knees, seeing the flashing vision of the crescent moon appearing several times in the shape of several crudely sketched out shaded figures littering the shed that was hidden from view. The wolf he had seen appeared then rushing towards the shed and suddenly stopping a short distance away from its location.

Leal observed the wolf turn its head and growl at some unseen threat hiding in the bushes surrounding the home. He got the sense that whatever the wolf was growling at was something that was not from present Reality although how he knew that was still a mystery to him. He suddenly had flashes of the huge, flaming, rugged black dogs that had been stalking him with the unforgettable menacing, soulless blood red eyes staring at him which he had perceived earlier.

“Leal, are you okay? What is it?” Aurora asked him urgently.

“We- need to rush into the shed right now before it is too late. There is something out there, in the woods- it isn’t of this world. Hurry,” Leal stated, grabbing hold of Aurora’s hand and storming into the shed. Tabitha and her party soon followed suit and then they observed the entrance to the shed wearily. The lycans in the room became suddenly vigilant and their hair stood on end; goosebumps sprouting all over their skin. Everyone was suddenly tense and they breathed heavily, their eyes still affixed to the shed’s main entrance.

No sooner had they entered the dark shed than the entrance suddenly been blocked by the presence of an absurdly large, jet-black colored, shaggy dog, with beady, blood red eyes. The creature’s eyes scowered the room before it spotted and affixed its gaze on the lycans whom it growled at menacingly.

“I hope you don’t mind my asking but what the hell is that thing?” asked Avery in shock directing her question at Leal.

“It’s a hell hound,” answered a voice in the darkness.

They all turned to see an emaciated young woman emerging from the darkness, who simply snapped her fingers and the room was suddenly illuminated by dozens of floating white orbs of light. The woman appeared to be quite young; her face as pale as ash and her jet black, medium length hair as filthy as the rugged clothes she dawned. She smiled feebly but it did not reach her eyes and so it too, was as pitiful as the total appearance of the woman.

The woman trembled even as she observed the visitors to the shed. The drawings Leal had envisioned of the crescent moon were littered across the room. Furthermore, several White Sacred circles had been drawn in the shed along with several well known protection runes drawn on every corner of the room.

“Don’t worry, she can’t get in here. She hasn’t figured out a way around the line of salt,” the woman reassured all gathered in the shed.

“How do you even know what that thing is?” Avery asked her in awe.

“I- just do, Miss. She has been following me around for several weeks now. I couldn’t eat or sleep properly because she was always there, watching me. She hates my dad because he’s a lycan so I decided to stay here in the shed so she doesn’t hurt him,”

“You poor soul, you must have suffered a great ordeal,” Aurora stated in a matronly manner. The woman smiled feebly and nodded.

“Everyone, I think introductions are in order. Right before you is the Queen Apparent of Mialand, Lady Talulla Fischer,” Tabitha announced after a long prolonged pause.

“Lady Talulla, kindly allow me to introduce all gathered here as well,” Oracle Tabitha stated before formally introducing everyone gathered to the Queen Apparent of Mialand.


What dangers are faced by the Queen Apparent of Mialand in Timeline B-3? Stay tuned to find out.

  1. Leal and the Golden Knights: Part 11


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