The country of Great was a marvel to behold even by Magical Realm’s standards. Formally a country existing in the Second Physical Plane of Existence, it had mysteriously moved to the First Plane in the year 1994 where it had remained to date. The lands of Great were always fascinating to all who encountered them and Amabel and her Protector Kenzo, were not immune to the awe-inspiring sights to behold in the country.

Rather than taking the time to soak everything in as they would have liked to do, Amabel and Kenzo headed straight for the Mirror-making capital of the magical world, the Land of Campanula, that laid close to the border between Great and the Second Physical Plane of Existence (via the Wailing Forest of Avena). They put visiting the country in their plans, however, even as they met up with Adelaide Alison at the agreed upon venue for their meeting with the controversial yet revered Professor Makena Biira of the Royal College of Great.

There was enough time left between meeting with the professor once her lectures were over and Amabel and Kenzo brushing up on the knowledge of the unique lectures she held particularly when Professor Biira was off the clock and could speak more freely. Amabel found the professor charismatic and possessing an aura that drew her audience in by how well the latter articulated complex topics into easily digestible chunks. She could easily understand why Adelaide thought so highly of the professor; it was clear that Professor Biira was one of the greatest minds of the age and Amabel was excited to meet her in person.

A little more than ten minutes before their appointed meeting time, Professor Biira walked into the room and her mere presence commanded respect and reverence. Amabel found herself admiring the demeanor of the native Ugandan caster who was tall and beautiful, confident in the strides she made and how she conducted herself. The hostess of the restaurant ushered her into the restaurant and helped her arrive at her appointed meeting table. Before Amabel even knew what she was doing, she had stood up to greet Professor Biira with her Protector following suit. Adelaide soon reciprocated their actions.

Professor Biira was courteous with a crisp speaking voice. Once they had made their orders, she smiled brightly and then stated, “I was surprised but greatly honored to receive your invite, Lady Alison, Empress Amabel and Emperor Kenzo.”

“Oh, it seems you have done your homework on Lady Amabel and Lord Kenzo, Professor Biira,” Adelaide stated happily, smiling at the Professor.

Makena nodded and stated that she had indeed done her homework on them before politely taking her seat and pouring some water into her glass and taking a few sips before stating, “Please feel free to refer to me by my first name, Makena, my lady,” and bowing reverently to Adelaide.

“Oh then by all means, let us drop the formalities. You may also refer to me as Adelaide,”

“And I as Amabel,” Amabel stated. Kenzo nodded indicating that he had no problem being referred to by his first name either.

Makena smiled brightly and nodded appreciatively.

“Now then, let us skip right to the business of the day; the mystery of the boy-god that saved our Reality. What is your informed opinion on him?” Adelaide stated.

Makena ruminated on the question then nodded and stated, “As was claimed in the brilliant hit-piece documentary the Alison family released on the subject, our Reality was saved by the boy formerly known as Blaize Alison. In order to save our Reality from the tyranny of the Entity, he assumed the power of a god that allowed him to write the Entity out of existence which was highly successful. However, I believe that the boy did, in fact, die upon accomplishing this task…”

Adelaide was so shocked by Makena’s assertion, her mouth remained agape as she stared at her. Amabel was as intrigued as ever and leaned in closer to hear what the professor would assert next, her heart racing with anticipation.

“However, that is not to say that I think he is completely obliterated from existence… I mean to say that the boy that was known as Blaize Alison died; yes, but it was to become something greater than what he once was- that is, to attain Divine Ascension. He had to shed his mortality and I believe he did that brilliantly and left no lingering doubts behind,”

Adelaide shook her head, shocked that Makena could be such a sensationalist but relaxing once Makena had explained her previous sentiments.

“So you assume that he took on a new identity?”

Makena nodded. “Yes indeed, Amabel. It is my firm belief that he assumed a new role that would not be widely known as a god,”

“What makes you so sure that he still exists?” Amabel pressed her.

“The answer to that is simple; it is something that exists in every created being and is something which can be spent however sapient beings see fit; belief. However, it is not just my own belief but that of his followers that leads me to believe that he still exists,”

“His… followers?” Adelaide inquired.

Makena nodded. “Indeed; there are many who have dedicated their lives into worshipping the god that saved our Reality. It is rather fascinating observing them but it is clear that at least to them that their god still exists,”

“Are you sure that you are not all just deluded like the followers of the Cult of Enlightenment?”

Makena shook her head. “I mean… What you are proposing is a sound argument but you wouldn’t be here if you thought it was all hot air. Some part of you leads you to entertain the idea that he still exists and that is the first step to reaching him,”

“Do you think it is possible to reach him?” asked Adelaide.

Makena nodded. “Indeed. The fastest way would have been through his closest family, that I believe are still in contact with him. Of course this is a rather uphill task, considering they would do whatever it takes to protect their own. The second means of getting to him is more of a gamble but I believe it is sufficient enough to help us achieve this goal…”

“We’ll take this gamble over nothing. Lay it on us,” Kenzo stated firmly.

“History has proven that there is one sure fire way to attract a god; by offering up souls to them. With enough soulful energy, as you and Amabel so brilliantly proved when you defeated the goddess Maelstrom, you can draw out even the most obscure of gods,”

“We will need more than a few fervent souls to summon a god that does not want to be revealed,” Amabel stated shaking her head.

“I assure you, he has amassed quite the following and not just in this Timeline but in other Timelines as well. All we require is to obtain objects of sentimental value to the god and a fail-safe god-summoning spell to call to him and I am certain he will appear and once we have done so, our goals of attaining a new Reality where we can be Masters of our own Fate will be more than just a pipe dream,”

Makena took another sip of water and then continued, “Of course this is not to say that we need to put all our eggs in the same basket. The first option is still the best and most fail safe way to reach him- we must make ourselves invaluable to the lives of his most immediate family and by gaining trust from them, we are that much closer to reaching the god,”

“Do you mean to say that you have connections to Aurora Alison’s family?”

Makena smiled and nodded. “Well, a future version of myself from Timeline D-3 informs me that I am on the right path and that if I continue diligently teaching and sometimes preaching about Religion and Religious Philosophy, the chances of me making friends with Aurora’s daughter, Avery, are high,”

“You mean you go on to be friends with the mother of the god?”

Makena shook her head. “Not the boy’s mother but her doppelganger, Aurora’s own blood daughter,”

The professor paused to let the news sink in and sipped more water before stating, “Adelaide, Amabel and Kenzo; we must be patient. If we carefully keep working towards this noble goal, we will inevitably attain it. My teaching job has enabled me to win over souls to our cause and the number increases every day. It is only a matter of time before we meet the god ourselves, one way or another. To achieve our purposes, we must work in tandem. Can I count on your support?”

Amabel ruminated on the professor’s words. Despite the charm and intelligence displayed by the professor, something about Makena unnerved Amabel. Was it simply the fact that Makena was a Cosmo and the power of telepathy naturally possessed by Makena’s kind, oozed off of her? Amabel could not place a finger on it and yet she found Makena’s approach to reaching the boy-god as cunning as it was brilliant. For that reason, she nodded her consent to supporting Makena in achieving the common goal they had of reaching the god that had once been Blaize Alison.


Shall the three achieve the goal of meeting the mysterious god they seek out? Stay tuned to find out! The prequel to this part is listed below. Enjoy!

Amabel: Part Six


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