Leal and the Golden Knights


“Good morning, gentlemen. Welcome the Vermont Novelty Bar and Restaurant. Shall I interest you in our Breakfast Menu?” asked the hostess the moment she spotted Leal and a confused Acwulf following right behind him stumbling into the Restaurant.

“C.C, this ain’t Wes Tavern you know? I take it the lovely Miss here is just being polite ushering us in but we look really out of place, I’m sure,”

“Excuse me, Miss, but would you happen to know if Mr. Hallman shall present to work today?”

“Oh, are you personally acquainted with Mr. Hallman, sir?” the hostess so graciously asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am personally acquainted with the owner of this esteemed institution. Forgive my sudden intrusion. I am Leal Grayson of the Golden Knights’ Agency. I was hoping to speak to Mr. Hallman concerning the ongoing case of Mariposa Esposito, if I may,”

“Oh, I see. I shall call ahead for you sir but in the meantime, please feel free to be seated wherever you’d like and look at our fine Breakfast menu,”

Leal smiled and nodded and sat down with Acwulf.

“Breakfast’s on me, boss,”

“You have some explainin’ to do, C.C,” grunted Acwulf.

A server was with them momentarily and Leal instinctively ordered items off the menu he felt right about.

The hostess allowed them to have their breakfast in peace before appearing and stating, “Mr. Grayson, you are in luck. Mr. Hallman is on his way to the restaurant. He has instructed me to make sure you are treated to the best hospitality until his arrival.”

“Thank you Miss, you’re too kind. Breakfast was delicious,” Leal stated.

She beamed and bowed respectfully before seeing to their every comfort until the owner arrived.

“Ah, Mr. Leal Grayson, I presume and your partner um…”

“Acwulf of Velvela, charmed to meet you,” Acwulf replied.

“Welcome to Vermont, gentlemen. I trust that my staff have seen to your every comfort,”

“Yes, indeed sir, thank you,” Leal stated.

Mr. Herman Hallman got seated and Leal began the standard line of questioning and motioned to Acwulf to continue as he scanned the restaurant until he spotted the butterfly again hovering over the jars containing several elixirs at the novelty bar.

“Mr. Grayson, I am afraid the law strictly prohibits the sale of alcohol at this hour therefore I could not treat you and Mr. Acwulf here some of our finest novelty drinks. However, if you gentlemen would be so kind as to visit us at a later time, perhaps I could in fact treat you to elixirs of your choice, of course on the house,”

“That would be real kind of you, sir. You hear that C.C?” Acwulf stated excitedly.

Leal absent-mindedly nodded but his eyes followed the actions of the butterfly which had changed from hovering over the jars at the bar to floating somewhere off in the distance. He apologized for drifting off into space before he said, “This is rather embarrassing sir but may I ask where the bathroom is?”

“Ah, not at all Mr. Grayson. Please walk straight ahead and head to your first left,” stated Mr. Hallman.

“Thank you,” Leal stated flashing his most brilliant smile and getting up, searching for the blue butterfly. It suddenly appeared near a set of stairs and he followed it until he was intercepted by a server passing by at the top of the stairs.

“Excuse me sir, what are you doing down there?” asked the server.

“Oh, silly me. I was looking for the bathroom,”

“There are no facilities of that sort down there… The bathrooms are right up here in plain sight,”

“I’m sorry. I just got distracted for a second,” Leal stated with a feeble smile.

He and the server stared at each other awkwardly before the server nervously chuckled and scratched his head and stated, “Pardon my rudeness, sir. Please come with me.”

Leal smiled and climbed up the stairs purposefully falling down on one of the steps in order to obscure the action of releasing a spy-drone in the shape of a fly down the steps towards the door at the bottom of the steps. The drone was nearly impossible to identify and he hoped the server had not noticed it as he showed Leal where the bathrooms were.

“Thanks again, sir,” Leal stated and then he walked into the bathroom and quickly got into a stall, remotely controlling the spy-drone he had sent down there on his C-pad.

The room the drone intercepted was very dark so Leal activated its infrared function to virtually inspect everything down there. It took a while but the drone was able to pick up the movement of the butterfly which hovered above what the drone speculated were barrels.

The butterfly hovered above the barrels before settling on one of them and Leal wondered what it was trying to tell him but controlled the drone to inspect the barrel none the less from the outside. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about the outside of the barrel at least by the drone’s analysis but the butterfly did not move from the barrel and Leal knew there must have been more to it…

Suddenly, an employee went downstairs and Leal quickly had the drone enter into incognito mode where it camaflouged itself in the darkness. The employee searched about the room before going to exactly where the drone was and picking it up. The last image projected by the drone was the distinctively pink color of the employee’s eyes. Leal then issued a self distract order which the drone immediately fulfilled.

However, Leal knew he had been had so he quickly got out of the bathroom and headed towards the table where Mr. Hallman was chuckling to some of Acwulf’s wise-crack commentary on politics.

“Hey C.C, welcome back,” he stated.

“I am terribly sorry, Mr. Herman, I don’t feel very well. I need to go to the hospital. As you can imagine, I am in no condition to drive so I must take Acwulf with me, unfortunately,”

“Completely understandable, and my apologies. I hope it is not any of the delicacies you feasted upon here in my establishment-“

“Oh no, I made a terrible decision to bite something off a food truck before coming here and that didn’t agree with me. Thank you for your cooperation,”

“Anytime. Please feel free to pass by during Happy Hour,”

“We will, sir, thank you,” Leal stated and then he and Acwulf headed straight for the door but were suddenly interjected by the presence of a large, muscular built woman with an indistinguishable blue colored hue to her skin.

“Ghorma?” Acwulf blurted out in confusion.

The woman in question growled in response and so the gentlemen backed up slowly and turned to face Mr. Hallman.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, please humor me longer. I have a few questions of my own to ask you now,”


What relationship does the barrel and the elixir jars at the Vermont Novelty Bar and Restaurant have to the disappearance of Mariposa Esposito? What questions does Mr. Hallman have for Leal and Acwulf? Stay tuned to have these questions among others answered in the ensuing saga of Leal and the Golden Knights! Links to previous parts are listed below. Enjoy:

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  4. Part 1


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