Jumping the Broom


Avery Alison observed her reflection in her mirror and could hardly believe that it was her own image staring back at her at all. For several months leading up to her wedding day, she, her family and close friends had tirelessly worked towards the end of making the day as successful as possible.

To say that Avery and her life-mate Emre’s journey to the altar had been arduous would be putting it mildly. Their relationship had survived through trails that would break even the most enduring of relationships and that spoke volumes about their love overcoming all odds. It was in consideration of that fact that Avery had not resisted the inevitability of making their union official despite not wanting as grand an affair as the wedding would prove to be.

As per the traditions of the fair-folk Emre was descended from, a notary had visited their home shortly after Ada’s birth. As per the due process, the Notary confirmed that Ada was truly the daughter of Avery and Emre and the often tedious process of claiming of a life-mate was initiated by Emre.

Since he was royalty, however, a lot of the red-tape was easily overcome by Emre and the people of Medula had been informed by the Office of the Royal Herald of the upcoming wedding of the first-born son of Queen Anna and King Ember.

The rest of the wedding planning had fallen into place as Queen Anna took up the lead role. Her tireless efforts had been instrumental in the wedding being as well planned as it had been and Avery would be eternally grateful to her mother-in-law for everything the earlier had done including making Avery’s wedding dress herself, using the crafting skills all fairies were bestowed with (which was significantly higher in some fairies like Anna as compared to others whose dominant skills were either healing or the warrior skill respectfully).

Avery would have been happy to have Anna take care of the grooming before the wedding too but traditionally, the mother of the groom like all other family members from his family, would not be allowed anywhere near the bride until the ceremony itself. However, Queen Anna had seen to it that as many royal beauticians had been sent to Avery’s home to groom her as possible.

As Avery contemplated the wedding ahead of her and as her mother happily distracted her to ease her nerves, an unanticipated event occurred with the security system detected an incoming threat suddenly popping up in her home. Since Leal was already downstairs, he rushed outside to face the threat to Avery first.

“I’m sure you dad can take care of it, honey, just let the beauticians finish up here. I’ll go help him too so it’ll be okay,” Aurora reassuringly told her daughter, standing up and bracing herself up for the fight.

Aurora should have known better than to think that Avery would heed her advice because there was no way Avery herself would not have risen to the occassion.

Avery looked a lot calmer at having to face whatever threat had washed up on her door than going through with the wedding preparations. She easily grabbed her standard-issue Protector rifle and rushed downstairs and to her front yard with an only half-done face of bridal make-up with the messy baggy clothes she had on in tow.

Avery and Aurora were surprised to see that it was Amabel herself who had presented herself to them with her Protector right besides her. Kenzo Blake had boxed a stunned Leal into a force-field cage of sorts while Amabel raised up her hands in mock surrender to Avery and Aurora and then smirked as she stated, “Are we having a wedding? Where is my invite?”

“I am sorry but I have to draw a line somewhere as whom can attend my wedding. I’m thinking inviting a homicidal maniac is a bit too lenient, wouldn’t you agree, Ama?”

Amabel chuckled. “Well, now, I understand why my goddess was so insistent that I get your present in before too much time had elasped,”

“I’m sorry what?” Avery asked in surprise.

Amabel smiled and then with a wave of her hand, she presented the two unconscious evil doppelgangers of Aurora and Leal that had escaped from their Reality to the one of the goddess Ilya’s own making, wrapped up in a pretty red bow.

“What the- are those- they couldn’t possibly be-“

“These two are the very same doppelgangers that tormented you and mommy dearest all these years. Here they are courtsey of yours truly from my benevolent goddess Ilya,”

“I thought that these two served your goddess. Why would she betray their trust?”

“Far be it from me to question the actions of a god. All I know is I was asked to make a special delivery on this auspicious day. You’re welcome,”

Avery and Aurora simply stared at each other in awe and Leal was as equally dumbfounded as they were even as Amabel waved her hands again and the unconscious bodies of the evil doppelgangers in question disappeared into the Placid puddle she had conjured not to be seen again.

“I have taken the liberty of dropping off your present at the DoD. Of course their capture shall be credited to you, dear. And congratulations on your nuptials… Prince Emre is a lucky man,” Amabel mockingly quipped.

“Is that the only reason you came here or is there more to your surprise visit?”

“Oh yeah, one more thing before I forget… The Alison Matriarch of Timeline B-3 has officially requested a meeting with you, Aurora and the rest of your family at a date and time of your choice, provided you communicate to her of your intentions beforehand,”

“Why does the Family Matriarch want to meet us?” Aurora asked Amabel curiously.

“It’s a long story but the short version of it is, Oracle Tabitha indirectly made the accusation that the Alison family was planning to decimate the Fischer clan to usurp the throne. This was an unsubstantiated claim that was proven categorically false by the Protectors Agency but of course the angry mobs who believe otherwise were unsatisfied. Of course to prove the innocence of the clan, drastic measures were taken…”

“Perhaps out of respect for you and your family in your time of mourning, you were not reached yet but the Alison family used their vast resources to prove their infallible place in history by recounting the tale of your son’s sacrifice for this Timeline…”

“Of course this tale must be backed up with evidence but the resulting documentary that is scheduled to air across all major networks in the Magical Realm is going to make everyone’s head spin, that’s for sure. Naturally, the Family Matriarch would wish to hear the tale straight from the horse’s mouth,”

Avery, Leal and Aurora exchanged looks of shock and disbelief.

“How could they possibly have known about my son’s sacrifice?”

“Did you think that such information could stay private? Oh dear, I have never known you to be so naive,” Amabel stated with a chuckle.

“Well, we really must be on our way now, dearies… Happy marriage,” Amabel stated and then both she and her Protector disappeared releasing Leal from his temporary imprisonment.

Avery ruminated on the strange events that had just unfolded even as the wedding events unfolded. She opened up a portal to Timeline B-3’s 14th Century Medula where the ceremony would be held. Leal and Aurora preceded to the Temple where the wedding would be officiated after ensuring Avery was safely ushered to her own Carriage that would take her to the wedding venue.

The designated Royal Carriage Rider tipped his hat to her in respect before offering Avery his hand to help her step into the carriage. Upon touching his hand, Avery gasped, immediately recognizing that it was her own son’s hand she had accepted to help her into the carriage. Furthermore, right before Avery’s eyes, Blaize cloned himself and assigned his clone to direct the carriage towards its rightful destination while the primary body remained in the interior of the carriage

“You didn’t think I’d miss my own parents’ wedding, did you, mom?” Blaize asked before chuckling at her excitement squealing. Avery embraced her son eagerly.

“What a lovely surprise, honey, I am so happy you made it,”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world although I had to hitch a ride in this young man’s body. The body is seriously traumatized so I had to make a few modifications,”

” To whom does the body belong?”

“This body belongs to the Alison family representative from D-1, Alec Alison. Poor boy has been through the ringer. He turned to drugs and alcoholism to deal with all the trauma he has endured so as a way of showing gratitude for helping me attend this wedding, I helped him find some much needed inner peace and healed a number of his physical ailments as well. I also left a strong compulsion within him to seek help in addressing his trauma and to be receptive of the help he receives,”

Avery smiled and thanked her son for his consideration. She spoke more with Blaize in Alec Alison’s body until they arrived at the Temple wherein as was to be expected of Anna’s creation, her amber-colored wedding gown stunned even the harshest of critics and finally, she was joined in Matrimony to her one true love. To stay true to her own magical race, she and her new husband honored the age-old tradition of jumping over a broom.

The Wedding Feast was a happy occassion where happy memories of the wedding ceremony were made.



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