The Traveler Chronicles 8


“Why are you here?” Ada snapped at Dewey ignoring her husband’s earlier welcoming demeanor to her since her arrival back to their home.

“Thanks, I am happy to see you too, niece,” Dewey responded sarcastically.

“Honey, are you okay?” Charlton asked her worriedly.

“I am just peachy,” she responded sarcastically.

“Healer Rivers, I recommend one mug of your world famous herbal tisane for our patient right away,” Dewey playfully stated to Ada’s husband.

“Right away, Chief Alison,” Charlton stated before hurrying off to their kitchen to prepare his wife a hot brew of fruit tisane to calm her nerves.

Ada huffed and folded her arms in fury as she stared daggers at her Uncle Dewey who had an empty tea cup right in front of him.

“Someone’s in a mood today, huh?” Dewey teased as he observed his niece, chuckling at his own statement.

“Do you not have a house of your own to return to or do you really just enjoy getting on my nerves?”

“Ouch. Now is that any way to talk to your dearest Uncle, Ada?”

Ada had some choice words for him but he stated, “Anyway, enough about me, after all, that is not why I am here. I am on a mission, you see, which is to aid you in your mission to free Melody.”

“How could you possibly know about Melody?”

“Your mom called me in hysterics and I surmised that it could only be as a result of a certain someone messing with time again by going to see her mother’s past doppelganger but please, Ada dear, don’t just stand there staring daggers at me, have a seat,”

“You are aware that this is my house right? You have no right to issue orders here,”

“You are as stubborn as it gets, huh? Please take a seat, pumpkin. How else am I going to help you if I cannot even get a word out?” he stated exasperated.

Ada fumingly sat down just as her husband brought out a mug filled to the brim with a herbal infusion to help calm her nerves down. He also sat down next to her and gently rubbed her shoulders which she shook off for quite a while before reluctantly sipping her piping hot tea.

For a moment, Ada forgot her anger as a burst of flavor from the tisane her husband had lovingly prepared circulated in her body. The tea had a calming effect and she could at least tolerate Charlie rubbing her shoulders gently. Dewey smiled and waited for her to enjoy her tea before he stated, “Temporal Divergence. I am certain you have heard of it.”

Ada shrugged her shoulders and then her Uncle smirked and continued, “Well, before you got here, I was explaining to your dearest husband here that the strangest little thing happened to me once I realized that your brother rewrote our Reality…”

“Wait a minute, you knew that Blaize rewrote our Reality? How?”

“I am kind of sensitive to that kind of thing, you know, on account of my primary Temporal gift. It was only a matter of time before I noticed, don’t you think? Well anyway, that aside, I developed another handy temporal gift which is that I have become more sensitive to the Temporal divergences that occurred in our Reality, meaning I can perceive them with relative ease…”

“I think as a by-function of me being able to restore the Timeline following certain events, I am able to perceive past events that happened to a person or object in the previous version of Reality. Of course this ability is fairly new, therefore it isn’t as strong and I am still testing it out but I believe that I can restore some memories from that previous Reality…”

“Good old Charlie here was kind enough to become my Guinea pig but of course the cost of him becoming the test subject in my “diabolical” scheme was me telling him the whole truth about, well, everything. He was surprisingly accepting of what I told him,”

Ada turned to face her husband who smiled sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders. “I mean, it was pretty obvious to me that something about you had fundamentally changed so when Dewey explained everything to me, it made sense in a way. I was also intrigued to see the kind of person I was in my previous incarnation and wouldn’t you know it, I made one hell of a Healer. However, I was kind of a sad, lonely mess because I didn’t have you my love,”

“Aw, how sweet,” Dewey sarcastically remarked.

“This is cool and all but what does it have to do with Melody?”

“Ah, my dearest niece, see, I believe that with my new ability to perceive temporal divergences or “glitches in local Reality” if you will, it could help us find Melody. Perhaps I could even help you cut through the red-tape with her, so to speak, by restoring some of her previous memories, more so, critical ones that cemented your bond,”

Ada blinked several times absorbing Dewey’s assertions feeling hopeful for the first time in almost a whole year.

“What’s the catch? What do you gain from helping me?”

“You Alison witches sure are suspicious of other people’s good intentions, huh? Can’t I just help you out because you’re family?”

Ada rolled her eyes. “You’re an Alison too, you know? I bet this is also just one big experiment to test out your new abilities,”

“What? How could you make such a ridiculous assertion? I wouldn’t harm a fly, you know that,” stated Dewey feigning innocence.

Ada rolled her eyes yet again. “So how do we do this? We have searched everywhere for her even using some DoD resources to carry out Advanced Scrying for her. Nothing came up,”

Dewey contemplated it then said, “Unfortunately, if Melody is in the Shadow Realm as I suspect she is in, there’s no way of telling if my abilities would even work there, after all, we aren’t Shadow folk.”

“Melody isn’t in the Shadow Realm. I’ve gone there myself with Shadow folk including the most powerful Shadow caster in existence, Prince Ismead of Wintria, and we couldn’t find a single trace of her there,”

Dewey nodded then stated, “I believe the best course of action is to first of all establish where she disappeared to. Since your search for her has been fruitless despite visiting the Shadow Realm yourself several times and trying to trace her movements with the help of the W.C, I believe we should go back in time to the last day she was seen and hopefully it will give us insight as to where we could possibly start searching…”

“If something unusual happened to Melody on the day she first disappeared, I should be able to detect it with my new glitch detection ability. We can hopefully help to prevent whatever happened to her or at least we will understand this confusing situation better,”

“Wait a minute, but by the laws of Time Travel, shouldn’t we be unable to directly affect events in our own Timeline? If it were possible for me to go back to the exact moment in time Melody disappeared and do something about it, don’t you think I would have done so by now?” Ada asked Dewey.

“Yes, you have a point there, Ada. If we directly attempt to go back in time in our own Timeline we would either just affect the events of another Timeline or else create a time paradox or something equally terrible to ourselves or Reality itself as we know it…”

Dewey took pause then stated, “I propose an idea but even I think it is quite a gamble and not to mention extremely dangerous. However, this may very well be the only option we have at the moment…”

“There are several known points in Space- Time known as vanishing points. In these vanishing points, several Timelines converge and become somewhat indistinguishable from each other. I believe that if we can find one of these points of Timeline convergences, we could find the right Timeline we could affect in order to save Melody. However, Space-Time is highly unstable in these vanishing points therefore we run the risk of getting lost in the very fabric of Time itself…”

“I will have Ash run simulations of our chances to at least increase our odds of survival but we still run the risk of running into this problem. Ash can also help us predict where we can locate at least one of many vanishing points as obviously, the location is not fixed as they do not occupy a permanent spot in Space…”

“What we have to remember is that Space-Time behaves abnormally in these regions and that is what adds to the danger factor. Given all these risks, would you still elect to go through with it?”

Ada sighed but nodded. “We are fresh out of options for now and the longer we wait, the less the chances of retrieving her alive. I am in,”


Is finding a Vanishing Point truly the safest bet at retrieving Melody? Shall Ada and Dewey safely navigate the path and save Melody? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are listed below:

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