The Traveler Chronicles 8



Ada sighed and nervously fidgeted with her watch before walking up the front door to her parents’ doppelgangers’ home in Timeline Delta 1 and ringing the door bell. The very moment she touched the door bell, the routine security check was done which took far longer than Ada was used to before the display monitor’s static cleared and see saw the image of her mother’s doppelganger’s face superimposed on it, whom Ada noted, appeared visibly distressed.

Avery Alison’s face changed slightly when she was it was Ada at her doorstep and she stated that someone would momentarily be with her to let her into her home soon. Sure enough, Ada’s Aunt Erabelle came to the door to let her in.

“Welcome. You must be Adalyn. We haven’t met before but I am Erabelle of Medula,”

“Hey, Aunt Era. I’m Ada, of Timeline D-3. I was hoping to speak to my mom about something important, if I may,”

“Oh, um, sure. Come in and have a seat. Your mom’s a bit preoccupied at the moment but I am certain she can make an exception for you,”

Ada bowed respectfully before entering into the home and settling down on the couch waiting to be ushered into her parents doppelgangers’ room. She nervously shifted weight from one foot to another whilst observing the room mentally noting the many changes her parents’ doppelgangers would eventually make to their home in time. In no time, Avery came out of her room followed behind by her best friend, Lady Alyona and Alyona’s daughter, Purity; Queen Anna of Medula, Ada’s Aunt Cindy and her maternal grandmother’s doppelganger, Aurora as well.

They were all pleasantly surprised to see Ada sitting there in the flesh but before Ada could even get a word in, Avery shook her head vehemently as she stated, “Don’t tell me you’re here to avert a crisis from happening during the wedding?”

Everyone paid keen attention to Ada but she shook her head and stated, “No, mom. I am here on another mission but I would prefer to discuss it with you in private, if I may.”

Avery still appeared nervous about her upcoming nuptials that her friends and family had been so kind to help her out with but it took Ada reassuring her that the wedding would turn out perfectly for her to visibly relax and then she took Ada to her room and sat down with her on the bed, smiling feebly as she stated, “Alright, let’s hear it, honey. What did you need my help with?”

Ada took a deep breath and then stated, “Mom, do you remember when you met Maude Harrington a few years ago?”

Avery nodded. “She helped us with a case some years ago. Does this mission you speak of involve her in any way?”

Ada nodded. “Somewhat. Actually, this mission pertains to her daughter, Melody Harrington who happens to be my best friend,”

Avery absorbed the news in shock, blinking in confusion.

“Maude has a daughter? How did you two become so close?”

“In the previous version of Reality, Melody helped me a lot, mom. She was the first person who accepted me for who I truly was and I- just can’t go on without her, mom,”

“What happened to her?”

“You see, I don’t exactly know what happened to her. She has been missing for several months now and no one can tell where she is right now. This all happened because she got upset that you arrested her father who was executed and because of that, she went off the rails and… well… it is all connected as you can see,”

Avery pondered Ada’s words carefully. Ada took a deep breath and then stated, “I am here to prevent this problem before it even begins by begging you to reconsider capturing Sven Harrington. Please, mom, understand that in the previous version of Reality, Sven turned himself in because Melody aspired to be a Protector. He let the DoD know that he was doing it because Melody had inspired him and as a result, she was accepted as a Protector and she was a damn fine one at that,”

“So I am the one who arrested Sven Harrington in this version of Reality, am I right?”

Ada nodded.

“Well honey, have you tried enlisting your brother’s help? I am sure he would have found a way to save her while preserving the integrity of Reality,”

Ada sighed and then hang her head as she recounted, “After I searched for her with no leads in sight, I decided to call for him. He told me that he couldn’t do anything about it because apparently the Creator did not want him to interfere in this matter and since She reigns supreme in this Reality, he couldn’t overturn Her Precepts without causing a major Celestial war or something.”

Avery nodded and then Ada took both her hands into her own and stared deeply into her seaweed green eyes. Avery could see the desperation in her daughter’s doppelganger’s eyes as the latter told her, “Mom, please, I am begging you, let go of this one. Once you get back to the rythym of your work at the DoD, your career skyrockets and you catch so many wretched criminals. You achieve a coveted role in the Department and bring a lot of fame and most importantly honor to yourself and to our family…”

“Letting Sven Harrington turn himself in is not going to interfere with the great destiny that this Reality has in store for you. This is the only way to save Melody Harrington. I am begging you to please let him go. He will turn himself in, I assure you, and everything will be right with the world,” Ada stated.

Avery nodded and then stated, “I can tell that Melody is a very important person to you and I hear what you are saying but… if your own brother refused your request to rewrite Reality in favor of your mission, don’t you think it is because it is the Will of the Creator goddess for time to flow as it has in your Timeline? There must be a reason why Melody is missing and there must be a way for you to save her without my intervention,”

“Come on, mom, I just told you that this is the easiest way to resolve her disappearance… This is a much needed stitch in time,”

Avery shook her head. “Ada, please consider that there there must be a bigger reason behind Melody’s disappearance and there must be a way for you to rescue her without resorting to this. If the Creator really does not want your brother’s intervention in this matter, it must mean that her disappearance is tied to something deeper than just Melody. Sweetheart, bearing all this in mind, I implore you to seek an alternate means of resolving this problem,”

Ada shook her head. “This is the only way, mom. Can’t you see that I have exhausted all possible means to rescue my best friend? I am asking you to do this one little thing for me, mom, please,”

Avery sighed. “Honey, I am really sorry but you know the consequences of changing the established Timeline can sometimes be catastrophic. It may seem like a simple thing but if I do not preserve the Timeline in this instance, as was intended, it could have a negative impact on not only your own Timeline but in several others as well. I know you can find an alternate means of saving Melody, Ada. I just know it,”

Ada further tried to plead her case with Avery but the latter’s mind was made up and so Ada stood up indignantly and stated, “Well, this was a total waste of time. I should have known better than to trust you, Avery Alison.”

“Ada-” Avery began.

“Don’t worry though, I’ll never bother you again, Avery. Have a nice life, I guess,” she stated and she stormed out of Avery’s room and went out to the living room where the others were sharing ideas for the upcoming nuptials.

“Oh are you done with your mom, hon? Would you care to join us? We can use as many ideas as we can on the upcoming wedding!” Queen Anna so graciously stated. Ada did not respond but preceded to storm out of the house in protest, eventually opening up a portal back to her home Timeline even as her family called to her from a distance.

Ada collapsed at the stairs leading up to her home from her front porch in utter despair, weeping for several moments before hastily wiping her tears with the front of her sleeve and entering her home where she found not only her husband waiting for her but her Uncle Dewey.

“Oh, there you are Ada, we’ve been waiting for you,” Charlton jovially stated to her.


What is the reason behind Dewey Alison’s sudden visit to Ada’s home? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are listed below. Enjoy!

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