The Traveler Chronicles 8



Since her brother’s intervention in her Reality, Ada’s life had done a complete 180 and wrapping her head around the new changes was very challenging, to say the least. On top of suddenly having a perfectly healthy relationship with her mother, Ada was also married, something she never thought that she would ever experience in her lifetime…

Ada also discovered that unlike in the previous version of Reality, she was not a member of the Order of the White Cloak but a Protector instead, following in the revered footsteps of her mother. She had nearly had a panic attack when her husband asked her why she was not getting ready to go to work and she had had to pretend to understand what was going on before her modified memories showed her that she was, in fact, a Protector like him.

She had been so awkward that it had caught the attention of the Director of the Department of Defense in Timeline D-3, Director Port who sarcastically commented that Ada’s behavior was reminiscent of the awkward behavior of a Nereid fresh out of water. Ada had had to repeat the false narrative her mother had helped her adapt to explain for the differences in her personality and mannerisms which was that she had been captured by enemy forces and implanted with false memories.

Director Port had seemed unconvinced by the narrative but had otherwise allowed Ada to carry out her duties as per usual. Ada had relied on Muscle Memory she didn’t know she had to navigate her new confusing world. Her awkwardness, she thought, would have been less debilitating had she had the one person she considered her true friend, Melody Harrington, by her side to guide her.

However, Melody had not become a Protector as she had been before in the previous version of Reality since her father Sven, had been apprehended by Avery herself rather than him giving himself into the authorities because of his daughter’s aspiration to become a Protector.

According to the Defense Department’s database, Melody, had instead, followed in her own mother’s footsteps and joined the Order of the White Cloak. However, because she had lost her desire to become a Protector, she had never become the double agent she was tasked with becoming for the Department in the previous Reality…

Furthermore, her badge number and Golden Elite status had gone to Ada herself and Ada felt unworthy of the position entirely. It had been difficult to adapt to becoming a Protector without Melody’s encouragement and Ada felt like a big part of herself was missing without her best friend.

The New Reality’s version of Melody was Ada’s husband, she realized, as the longer she lived with him, the more parallels she drew between them. Charlton Rivers had taken the place of Melody in every major event the latter had played in her life and Ada realized that it was probably the reason she had fallen in love with him and they had gotten married, in spite of herself.

Ada knew she needed to be more grateful for the New Reality her brother had conjured up but she couldn’t help but yearn for her old friend. As a result of that, she made plans to go visit Melody in her new hometown in the Third Physical Plane of Existence, in the Realm of Wintria.

She was surprised that Melody and her mother Maude lived in Wintria at all but figured she would just ask them why they had made the move there when she got there. Ada was unsure of how she would even begin to explain who she was and how she knew Melody but at that point in her life, she knew she could simply not go on living her life without Melody by her side.

Ada finally arrived in the home of the Harringtons and rung the doorbell and waited for the usual security scanning to be completed, a standard practice of the day. Maude was very surprised to see a Protector at her doorstep.

“Ma’am, I am sorry for having showed up like this unannounced but I was hoping I could speak to your daughter, Melody,”

Maude blinked in confusion and shook her head then stated, “What do you want with my daughter? She hasn’t committed any crimes…”

“Ma’am, I am not here to arrest her or accuse her of anything. It is… difficult for me to explain but I hold your daughter in high esteem and the only thing I want from her is her friendship…”

Maude was even more confused. “You want to be friends with my daughter even though an Alison witch is the one responsible for her father’s arrest and subsequent execution?”

Ada nodded. “Like I said, it is hard for me to explain but when I see Melody, I can hopefully make my intentions a bit clearer…”

“Listen, Miss, I cannot pretend to understand what your true intentions for my daughter are but if you are being sincere and my daughter’s well being somewhat matters to you in spite of everything, I need to let you know that Melody hasn’t been home in months…”

“Word from the White Cloak is that she has still been taking down some of their targets but no one has physically seen her in months. I don’t… understand what is going on with her but that is not normal behavior for Melody. Please, Miss, if my daughter means so much to you, for whatever reason, please help me find her,”

Ada nodded. “I swear to you, I will find out what is going on and bring her back to you in one piece,”

Maude smiled feebly and nodded. “After her father’s… demise, Melody is the only thing I hold dear. Please, Miss, you have to save her. I know my daughter and something is not right with her. I… I beg you not to arrest her even if you find her culpable in anything. I will gladly take the fall for her, please… I… cannot lose her,”

“I have no intention of arresting Melody, ma’am. I swear to you, I will get to the bottom of this and I will look the other way in case anything comes up,” Ada stated with conviction. Maude nodded entrusting the task of getting Melody back to Ada.

“Ma’am, I hope you don’t mind my asking but why did you and Melody decide to come all the way over here to live in Wintria?”

Maude smiled and then stated, “We were approached by some royal guards a while ago. Melody met Prince Ismead in the Shadow World and it was love at first sight. The Prince had a vision that Melody was the one destined for him and so the Royal Family reached out to us and helped us move here and everything…”

Ada was surprised to hear that. “Is Melody in love with the Prince too?”

Maude smiled and nodded. “She denies it but it is evident that she has taken a liking to him.”

Ada chuckled in spite of herself. It was just like her best friend to want to see her friends happy but hesitate when happiness was just within arm’s reach for her.

“That sounds just like that idiot… Oh, sorry… I mean… It sounds just like her,” she responded.

“You seem to be speaking from experience, Miss… How is that possible?”

Ada took a deep breath and tried to bring Maude up to speed on everything.

“Reality was re-written by your brother? He must be very powerful,”

Ada nodded. “Well, I best be on my way. I want to start by visiting Mistress Liana first. She might know where we can start looking for Melody.”

“You know about Mistress Liana?” Maude asked surprised.

Ada smiled. “In my previous life, she was my boss so I know her, thankfully,”

Maude gave Ada her blessing and the latter set out on her journey, arriving at night where the other White Cloak members were located, in a pocket dimension known as Arenthea; the thieves’ paradise. Ada allowed herself to be captured and was brought before Mistress Liana herself.

“We rarely have lurkers here and I can tell you are no ordinary lurker too. So I will just come right out and ask you, who are you?”

“My name is Adalyn Alison and I am looking for our sister of the Cloak, Melody Harrington,”

“Interesting choice of words, Adalyn Alison. Are you a member of the White Cloak?”

“I once used to be but I am no longer a revered member,”

Mistress Liana nodded. “To answer your question, Miss, we do not know where our sister Melody is either. She is carrying out orders but we are unaware of how she is doing it or even how she is receiving these instructions, but she has not failed to take out targets yet…”

“Could she be hiding out in the Shadow World then?”

Mistress Liana shook her head. “We have sent out scouts to the Shadow World and she has still yet to be found…”

Ada mulled it over but still had no idea what to make of the information she had found out.


Where was Melody and how could Ada get to her? Can she be saved? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are listed below:

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