The Red Veiled Empress


Oracle Tabitha angrily stared at the obscured face in the orb right before them which did not flinch in the slightest. For several moments, they all remained silent and then Emica gently placed a hand on Tabitha’s shoulder and whispered, “Perhaps we should proceed after all.”

“How can you say that? This woman is clearly making a fool out of all of us! We can’t trust her. I won’t give into her childish hide and seek games,” Tabitha stated, breathing out in anger.

Emica shared the visions she had received of the possible outcomes of the meeting with the Empress but Tabitha was not convinced especially since none of those outcomes showed a way out for the Fischer clan. She stubbornly folded her arms and wearily observed the Empress’s proxy, fuming in silent protest in order not to ruin Emica’s chances.

“Your Imperial Highness, thank you for your audience. We have several demands to make of you and in return, the Savior and I are prepared to make a pact of peace with you. The first of our demands is the immediate release of General Ryna Reinhardt who has not been seen since the defeat of the Crimson Emperor despite the generals of your army being released to you in one piece by Lady Amabel,”

“Our second demand is the immediate release of all inhabitants of Alpha 20; fair-folk and otherwise. Third, we demand a declaration of peace from your Imperial Highness that shall act as an assurance that your Kingdom shall pose no threat to the collective Alpha 20 currently or in the future to come. That is all,”

“Before I respond to your demands, does Oracle Tabitha wish to state her own demands, other than a direct audience with me?” stated the proxy.

All turned to Tabitha who though gritted teeth stated, “I want you to immediately cease any wicked actions borne towards the Fischer clan of B-3…”

The proxy took pause before stating, “Very well. My responses to your demands are as follows; On the first demand, it is imperative that her holiness, Oracle Emica realizes that General Ryna is not in the possession of the Empress. Should General Ryna be spotted anywhere near Avala, it is assured that the Empress shall facilitate the safe return of the general to Alpha-20…”

“Secondly, the Empress shall release a total of 1000 slaves of varying magical races to Alpha-20. This includes fair-folk, witch-folk and were-cats that were enslaved by Emperor Brodus from not only Alpha-20 but scattered across the Timelines. Either way, it is assured that no inhabitant of Alpha-20 shall be left behind,”

“Third, the Empress is more than happy to offer a declaration of peace for Alpha-20 and gives her word that no ill-will is borne towards the Timeline. She shall ensure Avala shall pose no threat, current or future, against Timeline A20. As a sign of good faith, the Empress also implores that Oracle Emica and the Savior offer a counter-declaration of peace that no retaliatory attacks shall be issued against Avala in Alpha-31,”

“As for Oracle Tabitha’s demand, the Empress requests that she critically examines the travesty committed against the Empress’s clan in full knowledge of the Royal Family of Mialand. Although the Oracle is cautioned that exploration of this dark truth will be challenging due to the Fischer clan going to great lengths to hide their involvement in the wicked deeds committed against the Haldorson clan that led to their complete annihilation…”

“In brief, the Empress simply means to avenge the senseless destruction of her own family, Oracle Tabitha,”

“What the hell are you on about?” Tabitha snapped.

“In the dark days when Mialand sought allies with those that had enslaved it, the Fischer clan looked the other way when a Puritan faction of the Tenacious Squad of Breanna secretly decimated every last one of the Haldorson clan. Not a babe was left once this faction calling themselves the Brotherhood of Righteous Valour was through with them…”

“As if this was not enough, the Brotherhood did not stop there as they pursued the Halderson clan members that had taken up residence in the Second Physical Plane of Existence, massacring every last remaining clan member. The Brotherhood of Valour made the argument that the very existence of our clan was abominable and therefore justified their senseless slaughter in that way…”

“The Fischer clan then went to great lengths to erase the mere mention of the clan from the Halls of History lest anyone question the hand they had in the success of the Brotherhood,”

All gathered were astounded by the Empress’s claims and it was eerily silent for a long time as they all pondered the Empress’s words.

“If your clan was completely decimated, then how do you explain your existence?” Tabitha asked the Empress.

“Some kind souls hid my ancestors and eventually, I came to be. The former Empress, Nasreen, took me in as her ward and hid me, training me as a member of her court and eventually, to be her son’s consort. I am everything I am because of her,”

“This is all a lot to take in but one wrong does not erase another. I implore your Imperial Highness to let go of her grudge lest she brings more death and devastation upon herself. The Creator saw it fit to have you survive so do not squander your life by taking revenge and risk your family completely being erased upon this earth. Instead, allow Oracle Tabitha to take up the matter and see that justice is brought about to the Fischer clan,” Oracle Emica stated.

Oracle Tabitha nodded. “I will definitely see to it that the Fischer clan answers for their crimes and justice is delivered to you, your Imperial Highness,” she stated.

“The Empress shall contemplate this offer and shall give her answer to Oracle Tabitha once she has decided,” stated the Empress’s proxy.

“Come on, I need something more concrete than that. I came all this way and went to all this trouble, your Imperial Highness,”

“The Empress assures Oracle Tabitha that she shall not take long to deliberate and once more wishes to thank Oracle Tabitha for visiting,”

Tabitha sighed.

“How soon shall we expect the Empress to deliver upon our demands?” Oracle Emica asked her.

“With immediate effect. The slaves shall be released this night. As for the matter of the declaration of peace, a public address to the people of Avala shall be made immediately after the Empress feels better. Now, as for the matter of the pact of peace, the Empress requests to meet with her holiness and the Savior at a date agreed upon by each party with witnesses and a contract shall be signed and bound in blood,”

Emica turned to Imani who shook her head vehemently.

“Not… In blood…” she stated hesitantly.

“Blood Magick is one of the surest and most powerful binding of magical contract signings… The Empress implores the Savior to reconsider her stance,”

“Isn’t it also blood magick that made General Ryna murder her second in command in cold blood? Forgive our suspicions but we are not comfortable with those terms,” Emica stated turning to Imani who nodded in agreement.

The Empress hesitated then nodded. “The Empress understands the Oracle and Savior’s positions. As a sign of good faith, she shall not insist upon blood magick to bind the contract. However, the contract shall be bound in the presence of at least one Mystai priestess,”

Imani nodded.

“Very well, it shall be so,”

The Orb was obscured by black smoke and it was then covered and taken away.

“My gentle lords and ladies, my Mistress thanks you for your audience. She has instructed me to offer you the very best of Avala hospitality if my ladies and lords allow it,”

“That is very generous of her but we are in a bit of a rush therefore we must decline her offer at the moment,”

The proxy nodded. “Very well. Thank you for your presence. You are all welcome back to Avala at any given time,” stated the proxy and she bowed a them.

Their weapons were returned to them and they all went their merry way. Tabitha was not optimistic about the Empress’ decisions and knew that she would have to begin preparations for the real possibility of the Fischer clan being annihilated due to incurring the wrath of Empress Weylyn. She immediately went about trying to learn as much as the Halderson clan, the Brotherhood of Righteous Valour and the involvement of the Fischer clan in the annihilation of the Haldersons.


Shall the Red Veiled Empress allow Tabitha to bring justice to the Fischer clan or shall she take revenge on the ruling family herself? Stay tuned to find out. Link to the previous part is listed below. Enjoy:

  1. The Red Veiled Empress: Part 1


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