The Red Veiled Empress


Emica sighed as she looked at the Mahogany door leading up to the Summoning Room in her new home; the House of Purity in the Redeemed timeline. Her new life-mate Nobu beamed at her and gently rubbed her shoulders and asked, “Not nervous, are we, my love?”

“Anxious, more like,” Emica corrected him tenderly.

Nobu nodded. “I know what you mean. I am not very hopeful about our meeting with Tabitha and her…company,” he stated uncomfortably.

Emica nodded. “There is no telling what she will do but it can’t be helped. Imani insisted that we must do this new mission together,”

Nobu sighed. “I wish it could have waited for a while longer,”

“If we do not strike while the iron is hot, we might not get another opportunity like this- getting ahead of a future problem is always better than the alternative,” Emica stated shaking her head.

Nobu nodded. “Fair enough. We certainly cannot entertain even the thought of a dark Elemental Fairy. After what the Monarch put our Timeline through, it would be a travesty to not prevent that from happening at all, even if it does not directly affect our Timeline,” he stated.

Emica smiled, nodded and observed the closed door once more and then breathed in and out of her mouth when she heard voices inside. After a few moments, she took a few more deep breaths and took her Protector’s reassuringly firm hand and knocked on the door.

“We’re ready for you in here, Oracle Emica,” she heard Imani’s voice reassuringly state from the other side of the door.

Emica and Nobu walked in, hand in hand and met their guests that included Oracle Tabitha and her Protector, Dolphus and his pack, Imani and her Protector Aerlin and Princess Erabelle of Medula, the Traveler that had brought them there.

“Welcome to our home, everyone,” Emica stated and smiled feebly. Nobu squeezed her hand reassuringly.

“Wow, you cleaned up this place pretty well, Emica,” Tabitha complimented her.

“Thank you, Oracle Tabitha,” Emica stated with a smile.

“Thank you for having us. I imagine our visit comes as a complete shock to you. I was surprised the Savior suggested we team up this time too,” Tabitha stated.

Emica smiled and nodded. “It saves both of us unnecessary trips back and forth, I suppose and most importantly, will save us precious time to accomplish our goals,”

Tabitha smiled and then tilted her head to the side which greatly unnerved Emica. Tabitha then stated, “Congratulations are in order for your recent nuptials. We will try to make this quick so that you can go back to being a happy newly-wed couple.”

“We thank you for your cooperation, Oracle Tabitha,” Emica stated. She thanked Princess Erabelle for having brought the guests to their home and then turned to Imani to explain what they needed to do for what had brought the two Oracles together in the first place- a visit to the Red-Veiled Empress’s home domain.

Since Imani had appeared to Oracle Tabitha and explained that the threat to the ruling family of B-3 was none other than the Crimson Emperor’s widow, the Red Veiled Empress, the latter had wanted to meet up with her to demand that the Empress turned down whatever ill-will she bore towards the Fischer Clan.

On the other hand, Oracle Emica had been working closely with Imani as they tried to get the Redeemed Timeline back on its collective feet again. To achieve this goal, they needed to foster peace between witch-folk, were-cat folk and fair folk.

The remaining pieces of the puzzle lay with the enslaved fair-folk still in Avala that had been taken in as slaves during the reign of the Crimson Emperor and as per Imani’s advice, returning them back to Alpha 20 in one piece was imperative in reinforcing the fostering of peace and cooperation among all peoples within the Timeline.

Since both Oracles wanted an audience with the Red Veiled Empress, it had been decided that they would jointly see her and make their demands then while Avala scrambled to regain normalcy and stability following the death of their Imperial ruler. It would also be a clear indicator to them of the kind of ruler the Empress was which would aid them in preparing for whatever course of events that would follow their meeting.

Imani finished her briefing and then Oracle Emica briefed all gathered of the news the emissaries she had sent ahead of them had given her. For the following three days, she hosted Oracle Tabitha and her party, Imani and her Protector and their parents as well as Princess Erabelle and her mate, Princess Consort Cindy at the House of Purity awaiting the appointed day of the meeting.

On the fourth day, Princess Erabelle traveled with them to the appointed rendezvous point and after all security protocols had been properly observed, they traveled to the Royal Palace of Avala where they went through rigorous security checks and surrendered any weapons on their person before being allowed to the Throne Room where they were greeted, not by the Empress herself but by a noble woman of the Empress’s court.

Protector Dolphus and his pack as well as Nobu could immediately tell that something was off with the noble woman and immediately braced themselves for a fight with Dolphus and his pack bearing their fangs and claws outstretched and at the ready, growling threateningly at the threat to their charge. They flanked both Oracles, the Savior and her Protector while the noblewoman stared blankly at them, unshaken.

“What is the meaning of this? Where is her Imperial Highness?”

“My gentle ladies and lords, pardon the irregularity but her Imperial Highness is indisposed at the moment. She has instructed me to speak on her behalf and to act as her proxy, on my honor,” she stated bowing reverently.

“Does she take us for fools or is she simply looking down on us? We are not here to play games. We are here on very serious business so she either comes here herself or we walk out of here as enemies,” Tabitha stated firmly.

The noble-woman did not flinch but instead another woman came out holding onto something that was covered by a cloth which she then uncovered revealing a large orb with mystic energies swirling around it.

“It is not a weapon, my gentle lords, no need to bear your teeth at us,” the noble woman stated without inflection.

“We will be the judge of that. You are not even mortal, are you? You smell like death,” Dolphus growled at her.

“He is right, you are clearly not something of this world. What are you?” Nobu stated uncomfortably.

“I am simply a tool for her Imperial Highness. I live only to serve my Mistress. I am no threat to you unless it is my Mistress’ wishes that I harm you,” stated the noblewoman.

“She’s a blood golem,” Imani stated frightened.

“She’s a what?” asked Tabitha in confusion.

“There’s no way she could be- she seems sentient,” Emica replied worriedly.

“She is quasi-sentient but only because the Red Veiled Empress has been improving upon her dastardly creations,” Imani stated in terror.

“Brilliant deduction, as to be expected of a Savior. My husband barely had a chance against you, did he?” asked a disembodied female voice from the cloudy orb before her face appeared, obscured from view by a red veil except for her wide grin that was as greatly unnerving as her sudden appearance in the orb.

“Forgive my absence from this historic appearance, my gentle ladies and lords, I am as has been explained, currently indisposed at the moment. I am afraid that my entire disposition is rather, weak, as compared to my once mighty but slain husband. However, my proxy and I are psychically linked and as such, my will is imposed upon her. Please, feel free to make your demands of me through her,”

“Do you expect us to play along? Do you think we are tools for your amusement too?” Tabitha practically spat at her.

The Red-Veiled Empress remained quiet with only the unnatural grin on her face remaining affixed.

“I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to humor me, Oracle Tabitha. Anyway, let us not waste any more time. Please, let us proceed,”


Shall our fateful heroes continue with the proceedings or shall they instead demand that the Red Veiled Empress avail herself? Stay tuned to find out!


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