The Acts Of Purity


Alyona and Arken were both shocked to hear his pronouncement even as Blaize’s eyes remained affixed on Purity as she slid down the Rainbow slide of their special Plane. 

“Are you certain that that is what you want, Lord Blaize?” asked Alyona wearily.

Blaize smiled and nodded. “I am willing to wait an eternity for her, if that is what it takes. No one in all of creation can ever compare to my Purity. When the time is ripe, I would be delighted to have her by my side, not as my servant, but as my equal,”

Alyona and Arken exchanged worried looks. 

“Of course you would be here to oversee it, if you’d like. In fact, I daresay that you are welcome here whenever you’d like,” Blaize stated then chuckled as he observed Purity dive into a chocolate river and eat her way to the top and wave at them.

They contemplated it for a long time and then Alyona stated, “If Purity wills it, then she can come here and stay with you for all eternity. As her mother, I would be here with her for whenever she needs me but before that time, would you mind explaining to us what exactly Purity is?”

“What she is, is what she has always been, Lady Alyona. She is simply Purity, in all her splendor and glory. What you meant to ask is what her nature truly is now which shall entirely be up to her…”

“You might be wondering why the Valkyrie resemble my mother so closely. Allow me to explain it to you… It was an effect I was not anticipating. You see, when I thought of Messengers, the first thing I recalled was my mother. She is the bravest woman I have ever known and so when I created the Warrior class of Messengers, I thought of her and as a result, the Valkyrie adopted her semblance, tenacity and fighting spirit…”

“As I thought of other possible Messenger classes needed, I thought of Purity, my inspiration, my Muse… And so the Muses were born. They look just like Purity…” he stated and beamed brightly.

“I have sent some Valkyries to your world to protect my family and yours, Lady Alyona. I will not have any harm come to you while I rule over this Reality. If you should ever need me, simply call to me and I shall come running, so to speak,”

Alyona nodded but her mind had yet to catch up to her after witnessing so many magnificent things. She silently observed her daughter enjoying everything the Special Plane had to offer and then they bid farewell to Blaize when they felt sufficient time had passed…

They returned home but Alyona and Arken could not sleep a wink that night as they mulled over everything Blaize had told them. Could they really accept Blaize’s plans for Purity? What would it mean for their daughter to become a goddess? Perhaps they needed to be closer still to Avery and Emre in the hopes that each family could assist the other in coming to terms with the sudden magnificent changes that had been realized of their offspring.

Meanwhile, Purity enjoyed the best of both worlds by visiting her Special Plane whenever she wanted to and also spending time with Delia whenever she could. In time, she introduced Delia to her Valkyrie protector, Eir and despite their varying natures, the two Messengers got along well because they both wanted to see Purity happy and most importantly, safe and sound.

Sometimes on her journey back to Blaize’s Reality, Purity would go on splendid tours of her own across creation, marveling at all the things he had been able to create. All of Creation flourished in that Reality and the Universe gradually but continually expanded each passing day. It was difficult for Purity to fathom that she would one day rule that world with Blaize but she was excited by the prospect.

Purity often recounted the tales of her journeys to her parents and with their help, even began to keep Memoirs of her experiences. She merrily recounted the tales to Delia as well and hoped that someday, Delia could come to that world to bear witness to all the marvelous things Purity had encountered. However, despite Purity’s wishes, the matter of whether Delia could eventually be allowed to that traverse that world was complicated at best.

However, the more Purity visited the world, the more noticeable it became to her that the Valkyries were preparing for some kind of war. She doubted Blaize would tell her what it was about for her own safety but she asked him anyway.

Blaize patted her head and then stated, “You need not worry yourself over this, little one. There is no need for you to be afraid, our world is not in any kind of danger. The Valkyries are simply training and preparing just in case but it doesn’t mean that any harm shall come to you or anyone in this world, okay?”

Purity nodded feeling reassured then but as she went to bed later that night, she couldn’t help but recall about how serious the other Valkyries were as they made their preparations and it scared her to think that there was some danger looming in the distance that could harm her or any of the ones that she loved…

Once thoughts of danger crossed her mind, Purity began to have nightmares, at first seeing an ominously dark mist which loomed threateningly over her loved ones’ heads waiting to attack them. However, the ominous dark mist began to take form into something far more frightening; a monster unlike anything Purity had ever encountered.

At first the monster was unaware of her presence but after several nights of having the same frightening nightmares, the monster began to perceive Purity’s presence and it awaited her in the void of her darkest dreams, snarling and bearing its teeth at her. Sometimes she would hear the monster breathlessly call out her name and it was enough to give Purity insomnia.

Her observant parents noted a pattern and sought to find out the reason behind their daughter’s sudden bout of insomnia and she was honest with them. Purity revealed her suspicions that some great darkness was looming in the distance and though she trusted Blaize and the Valkyries could take care of it, she was still frightened of the monstrous creature that haunted her dreams.

Arken and Alyona were unsure whether Purity’s nightmares were based off an actual monster that existed or the wild imaginings of a frightened child but Purity’s insomnia worsened and she would always report that the culprit was the scary monster she encountered each passing night.

Purity described the monster to them in vivid detail and they were even able to make a sketch diagram of the monster. They handed over the sketch to Blaize on their latest visit to his Reality. They disclosed everything Purity had described to him as Blaize looked at the sketch they provided.

“Thank you for entrusting her safety to me, Lady Alyona and Lord Arken. This monster is not a mere imagination but something very real indeed. At the moment, the monster is not somewhere it could reach you or even Purity. Even so, please be reassured that there is no need to worry,”

“What exactly is this monster? And what does it want with our Purity?”

“Purity somehow unconsciously connected to this monster that preys upon children’s fears. It is a monster that exists in a Reality parallel to this one which is currently sealed off from yours and my Reality. It senses Purity’s power and knows that it can get a great meal feeding off her fear. What I need to do is sever the link between it and her, which has already been done,” he stated firmly and it was so.

“I shall send a magical creature known as a Sandman to help Purity sleep better from now on,” Blaize concluded.

Alyona and Arken trusted Blaize once more and he sent a grey-skinned entity called a Sandman. The creature sent to them had a magic bag filled with sand that made Purity fall asleep immediately it had been sprinkled in her eyes, before it drew out the dark energies swirling around Purity’s mind due to her unconscious linking to the monster in her dreams which all went into its bag.

“Thank you,” Alyona thanked the Sandman.

The Sandman bowed reverently before disappearing entirely. Alyona and Arken stayed up observing Purity who slept through the night.

When Purity woke up, she was well rested and exuberant as always and so her parents visibly relaxed. However, little did they know that Purity had once more encountered the monster in her dream that had been as frightening as ever but it too had been frightened away by something much bigger and scarier.

No matter how frightening the second monster had been, however, Purity could not bring herself to feel scared because she had been enthralled by it. This second monster was clearly something far more powerful than the first one could ever hope to be.

Purity could not recall the second monster’s appearance save for its snake eyes that were mesmerizing to look at. She knew then that the monsters were not from her world but were from a world beyond theirs and the second monster had promised that they would one day meet and it eagerly awaited that day…


Where did the monsters Purity has psychically encountered hail from? What threats do they pose to Reality? Stay tuned to find out. Links to the previous parts are listed below! Enjoy:

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