The Tale of Tabitha Tanner


Oracle Tabitha woke up in a cold sweat and nearly out of breath for the nth night in a row. As always, her Protector was right by her side and he held her hand firmly in his, giving her a reassuring squeeze. He checked her vitals and upon realizing that she was feverish, he had the remedy at the ready and she graciously accepted the potion, downing it in a single gulp and hastily drinking the glass of water he handed over to her soon afterwards with as much enthusiasm.

“Same nightmare?” her Protector Dolphus worriedly asked her.

She nodded.

“Are you certain that Oracle Zuri was right? Was the Entity truly defeated?”

Tabitha nodded. “She had no reason to lie to me. Besides, none of the plans we have set in motion would have been successful had the Entity’s existence persisted,”

“Then how do you explain this persistent nightmare you’ve been having?” Dolphus asked her.

Tabitha shook her head. “I don’t… know. What’s worse is there seems to be no future where this crisis is averted. I think it is time for me to visit the Queen of Mialand,”

“Are you certain she will welcome your visit, Tabby? She might think that perhaps you are the one who wishes harm upon her family. She and her entire clan may even pin the impending doom on them on you. The Fischers may come to see you as a grim reaper,”

“Be that as it may, Dolphy, I cannot just idly sit by while the dark future ahead persists. I need to at least forewarn the family so that they may be prepared. The future Queen of Mialand must also be reached and taken to a safe and secure location just in case this doom cannot be averted,”

Dolphus shook his head. “There are far too many unknowns that you are working with, Tabby. What would the point of rousing their despair be if we cannot accurately tell them what exactly leads up to their deaths? They could very well take it to mean that you have cursed their entire family and the world will blame you for it. I say we bid our time for now, try and get to the bottom of your nightmare and defeat whatever evil is awaiting to devour the Fischer clan,”

Tabitha sighed deeply and then nodded. Her Protector was right of course. The only thing she had going for her was a persistent nightmare but without knowing what presented a threat to the very existence of the ruling clan of the witch nation, going to the Queen and telling her that her entire clan would be decimated would be interpreted as being the curse enacted by a dark Oracle, a reputation she was trying very hard to overcome and had somewhat succeeded at.

“Now, let us try reexamining the clues in your vision. Please recount the nightmare to me again, my love, and we shall try once more to make sense of it,”

Tabby nodded. “I was facing the Royal Palace of Mialand. There are clear skies at first but then the sky turns a vivid crimson red… I see a large, red colored tree spring up in the middle of the Palace grounds and then the Royal Family all begin to die one by one,until not a single soul is left,”

“So we determined that the clear skies turning red is a sign of the peaceful times now enjoyed by the world suddenly obscured by the sudden death of the Royal Family, right?” Dolphus asked.

Tabitha nodded. “And the tree is representative of the Family Tree of the Fischers and how they all fall,”

Dolphus nodded. “So what are we missing?”

They pondered over the meaning of the nightmare all night and when they met up with the rest of Dolphus’ pack, they mulled it over some more. And yet every other night, Tabitha had the same nightmare and no matter how hard she and her Protector and his lycan pack mulled it over, nothing new occurred to them.

However, Tabitha persisted in her efforts to rid the world of the Entity’s presence. The Church of Enlightenment still sought to maintain the hold they had over the world by persistently peddling the false narrative that the Goddess of Enlightenment was alive and well but had reached a point of Divine Ascension and had assumed the role of “the Other goddess”.

Through the efforts of independent security agencies, Tabitha exposed the lies the Church pedaled by exposing key religious leaders from the cult as the false prophets they were. Whenever she was able to get them implicated for crimes they had committed, she used her power of Confession to get them to publicly come clean about the lies they had been feeding the Masses.

The Protectors’ Agency involvement proved instrumental as more and more key players involved in the tragic events that had seen the Magical Realm fall under the wicked rule of the Entity become overturned. In no time, Oracle Tabitha’s image was improving which was largely in part due to her hard work in seeing justice delivered to all afflicted by the Entity and her followers but also due to the unexpected intervention of the Alison Family.

The Media had caught wind of the contributions being made to the Oracle’s Pence, an international monetary fund sent to the Oracle to help facilitate her work, by the Alison family which had assisted Oracle Tabitha in funding independent security agencies to aid in uncovering the many hidden acts of the Cult of Enlightenment, under several agencies. Furthermore, it had been uncovered that one of the largest media conglomerates, Chronicle Media, was actually owned by the Matriarch of the Alison family in Timeline Beta 3 under a different Proxy.

The Chronicle Television Network (CTN) was renowned for several ground breaking investigative journalism pieces that had not only exposed more of the wickedness committed by the Cult of Enlightenment but for several pieces that could be construed as a much needed P.R. campaign for Oracle Tabitha, painting her, not as a Dark Oracle, but as a dauntless pursuant of justice whose relentlessness was exactly what the Magical Realm needed to fix its many ailments.

Mounting international pressure to reinstate the Oracle’s Council, an international gathering of world leaders with the Oracle at its helm was continually rising and there were calls and protests to have Oracle Tabitha’s ban from visiting the various nations of the world, lifted. All these events were facilitated and backed up by the Alison family through Chronicle Media either via their sensational journalism pieces or by supporting art mediums that pushed their agendas forward.

Tabitha was convinced that the Alison Family was up to something but not being one to look a gift horse in mouth, she accepted the help whilst trying to resolve the issue of the recurring nightmarish vision of the annihilation of the Fischer clan.

As more Churches of the Cult of Enlightenment went down, Tabitha noticed the Lady of the Placid Lake’s involvement had increased notably. Amabel offered former cult members hope but Tabitha knew that it was not helping the stray back on their path to the Creator but rather towards the new goddess Amabel served.

Fearing a recurrence of the darkness brought on by worshipping the Entity, Tabitha summoned Amabel and imprisoned her in a Sacred circle surrounded by magical crystals. Amabel smiled even as Dolphus snarled at her.

“Amabel, I am certain you already know why I summoned you here,” Tabitha stated boldly.

Amabel smirked. “Please indulge me, my lady,” she mockingly quipped.

Dolphus stared daggers at her as Tabitha threateningly tilted her head to the side and stated, “You have been working very hard to continue to lead the lost lambs of the Creator even further astray, haven’t you?”

“I offer them hope, Oracle Tabitha. Their souls are already as far removed from the other goddess as could be and so I offer them an alternative,”

“After everything the Entity put us all through, do you think I can allow such a prepostorous thing?”

“If you are worried that my goddess is planning to take over this world, be rest assured that it is not her intention at all, for you see, my goddess has created another world, one far away from this Reality where her children can be free,”

“What are you babbling about? Have you lost your mind?”

“I am of sound mind, my lady. My goddess has a new Reality of her own making. It is a haven she has created as a reward for all who would follow her. Soon, you won’t have to worry about her presence in this Reality,”

“And I am supposed to just take your word for it?”

“If my goddess allows it, I should like to take you there for you to see it for yourself. However, I think your concern for this world is warranted. My goddess has revealed to me that a great darkness is coming to this world and it might very well be its undoing,”

Stunned by Amabel’s words, Tabitha recalled the recurring nightmare she persistently had for weeks and wondered if what Amabel was saying had any correlation to whatever threatened the existence of the Fischer clan.


What darkness threatens the Fischer clan? Is it correlated to the great darkness that threatens this Reality? Stay tuned to find out. Links to the previous part are listed below. Enjoy;

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