The Acts of Purity


The woman bearing a strange semblance to Avery Alison continued staring at Purity in awed splendor before taking pause and responding to Purity’s earlier query as to her true identity. 

“I am a Divine Servant chosen by our great Creator to watch over you,” she stated, bowing reverently before Purity despite the latter being just a child. 

Upon hearing that the woman had been sent by Blaize, Purity visibly relaxed and then asked, “Are you like me?”

The woman shook her head. “We are different but are both higher beings
created by our Divine Lord,”

“You’re like Delia and me but… also not like us,” Purity stated in

“I am unfamiliar with this Delia… I know only of one thing for sure, my lady. My Divine Lord sent me to you to protect and guide you,”

Purity simply stared at the woman with a striking semblance to her Aunt
Avery in awed silence until her mother Alyona, knocked on her door and when the latter walked in, she found her daughter was still staring at the Messenger.

“Avery? What are you doing here?” asked Alyona in shock.

“That’s not Aunt Avery, mommy. She’s… like me… but also… not like
me,” Purity confusedly stated.

Alyona immediately braced herself for a fight but the woman in the room
raised up her hands in apparent surrender, “I was sent by My Divine Lord
to watch over her and to guide and protect her.”

“Are you a Messenger?” Alyona wearily asked her.

The woman simply nodded.

“And you claim that Blaize sent you?” Alyona asked her

“We the Valkyrie exist only to serve our Divine Lord and Master. He is the greatest of all gods and we serve him loyally. He could not simply abandon his Purity and so he chose me to come to her and protect and guide her in the ways of our kind, on my honor,”

“Wait a minute, what are you saying? Purity is a Messenger of Gaia, not
whatever you are,”

“Purity was re-created as per his wishes to serve our Divine Lord and Master as he best sees fit. She is like me but also unique in her own way…”

Alyona desperately tried to come to terms with what the mysterious woman in Purity’s room was telling her but no matter how many times the woman purporting to be a Valkyrie explained it, it was no clearer. What emerged from their interaction, however, was that Purity was no longer just a simple Messenger of the Creator Goddess and had become something much more complicated. 

The Valkyrie remained silent for a while before stating, “My Lord and Master has authorized me to take you to him, if I may.”

Alyona hesitated and the Valkyrie simply nodded her head and Purity’s father, Arken appeared in the room as well, with a half-eaten piece of buttered toast still in his hand. “Alyona, what is going on here?” he asked her looking about the room in confusion, dropping his piece of toast in confusion.

“Avery, is that you? What’s going on?” he asked the Valkyrie. 

“That’s not Avery, Arken. She is purportedly a Valkyrie, sent by Blaize to watch over Purity, if I am not mistaken,”

The Valkyrie nodded and bowed respectfully. “My Lord and Master has authorized me to take you all back with me to Him so you may understand this whole matter better…”

They all stared at her in awe before she simply waved her hand and they were soon settled atop the clouds surrounded by ethereal golden light more radiant than the light of a thousand suns. There were hundreds of thousands if not millions of floating orbs around the place and their presence surrounded the greater golden light present all around them which blinded Alyona and Arken prompting them both to shut their eyes.

However, the brilliance of the light became more tolerable prompting both Alyona and Arken to open their eyes and realized that the floating orbs were in fact more Valkyrie, bearing the semblance of Avery Alison. Out of a Magnificent Throne of Glory came Blaize, his full profile obscured by the golden aura surrounding him until he was closer to them and when they perceived him in the physical form he had adapted when they met with him for the first time in Aurora Alison’s home.

Even in this form, his unmistakable god-like splendor was undeniable and it was something far beyond their understanding even as Sidhes. 

“Blessed be- Blaize, is this truly- are you truly the son of Avery?” Alyona spoke in utter confusion. He smiled and the warmth of it was enough to put them both at ease.

“I have become something much greater than what I once was but I am not one to deny my roots… Lady Alyona and Lord Arken, I am still the son of Avery Alison and Prince Emre of Medula… And I know it is hard to believe but thanks to the actions of Purity, I am here, my true self was realized,”

“Our Purity is responsible for- such a magnificent change in you?” Arken asked him in awe. 

Blaize smiled and nodded. He turned to face Purity who immediately rushed up to him and hugged him which caused quite the stir among the Valkyrie who could not dare so much as contemplate laying a single finger  on their Creator out of their fearful reverence for him. 

Blaize chuckled and gently rubbed Purity’s back as a sign of affection. “I have missed you greatly, little one. I am glad I could see you again.”

“Me too!” mused Purity excitedly. Blaize chuckled and then turned to face Arken and Alyona, “You see, this world was devoid of Arche and before I gave Purity back to you, I had her perform a little task for me. I was uncertain if she would be successful but she did not disappoint me. She brought me the Arche I needed to restart the Great Work of Creation and because of her, this entire Reality was saved…”

He showed them visions of the world he had created, taking them on a splendid tour of the newly revitalized Reality where they bore witness to the unique creatures; Magick-bestowed and Non-Magical alike, across the Seas, to the deepest of depths and the highest of Mountains, a journey unlike anything they had ever witnessed before.

Their last stop was a Plane Blaize had recreated from his memory; a place where he and his best friend Purity had once spent countless hours creating together in their imagination and it delighted her so much that she ran around playing exuberantly in total bliss and delight.

“You created all of this?” asked Alyona of Blaize in awed splendor.

He nodded. “But as I have stated, all of this would have been impossible had Purity not retrieved the Arche I needed to restart the dried up rivers of it over here…”

“Lady Alyona and Lord Arken, your daughter has always meant the world to me and one day when she is old enough, I would want her to come here and rule by my side.”

“Do you mean you would want our daughter to serve you as your Valkyrie?”

“No,  I would wish for her to serve in a higher capacity… as a goddess,”


What response shall Purity’s parents give to Blaize’s offer? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are linked below:

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