The Bold and the Dauntless


Nobu instinctively moved to protectively flank his charge, Oracle Emica and the Emperor bellowed a laugh before waving his hand majestically causing a powerful gust of wind to blow Nobu out of the way, right into the arms of the waiting Emperor’s Guard who easily subdued Nobu.

The Emperor then activated a Dark Circle at Emica’s feet which soon enveloped and drove her into a world of darkness where she could not use any of her senses. In the confusing moments that followed, she could hear dark spirits tormenting her, mocking her and playing tag of war with her,by pulling her this way and that,before showing her the harsh realities of the Dark World in vivid detail.

In that dark despair, Oracle Emica turned to face a gray world with monsters that had many faces. Those faces belonged to the witch-folk that had been killed and they blamed and judged her. Soon from the Crimson Sky of that world, rain of a distinctively blood red color poured and doused Emica. Her immaculately white dress was tainted in the color and she nearly drowned in a sea of the dead that made up the seabed of the world.

She screamed as she got down on her knees, hoping and praying that the dark visions would go away but when her guard was down, the dark spirits attacked her, slashing at her ferociously while her helpless Protector observed. Emica begged for mercy- she couldn’t take the vicious assault on her spirit any longer.

In her weakness, the Emperor recalled the spirits of Dark Oracles past and they came to torment Emica further with the truth of who she had once been and who she truly was- a powerful caster beyond compare. The choice to turn dark had always been an option…

Since Emica was the Oracle of the Dark World, then surely, her Dark past selves argued, she could not choose anything other than darkness. It had taken the dark deeds of the Crimson Emperor to end the reign of terror of the Monarch and so she could not hold back herself and escape with clean hands against such a formidable foe.

The Dark Oracles all tried to possess Emica and for a long time, she felt lost without a hope. The light in her and her wanting faith were barely a match for the relenting darkness of her past lives and fighting them was slowly becoming a losing battle until she felt a warm hand firmly clasping hers and she took it desperately.

For some reason, holding that reassuring palm restored Oracle’s depleting hope and she was able to keep fighting against her wicked past selves eventually gaining the upper hand and being able to return to the real world.

The full extent of her injuries was great but when she came to, Emica was in a Sacred Circle with her Protector right besides her, holding her in his arms, both of them surrounded by ethereal white light and the Emperor observing them curiously.

“Ah, it appears that the Oracle of this world is not the only one who wanted to make a debut today. The potent Magical protections surrounding you can only be the work of a Savior,” stated the Emperor.

Brodus waved his arms around potently and several thousand golems emerged ready to tear whosoever they came into contact with at the Emperor’s beck and call.

“Well then, Savior, why don’t you show me what stuff you are truly made of?”

The golems immediately began to throw themselves into the crowds, attacking the Masses indiscriminately. However, just then, the Heavens became pregnant with rain and soon afterwards, Greek fire began to rain down on the golems effectively rendering them powerless. The Emperor kept conjuring the golems up but the Greek fire-rain destroyed them as the terrified crowds ran to safety.

“Hmm… Not bad, Savior, but you should not underestimate my power,” he stated boldly and he raised his hand towards the sky and suddenly they became dark. A dark circle appeared across the sky, cutting off the Greek Fire rain.

The Emperor then stretched out his hands all around him and the Mysterious Blood Red trees that had began to break out from the ground, covering up as much space as they could. Some of the red trees broke out from other trees, obliterating other flora in their path.

He smirked and then commanded the trees to do his biding and so they rapidly began to shed their leaves and release lethal toxins into the air. So lethal were the toxins released by the tree, that they began to psychically and physically incapacitate anyone within a 20 mile radius, causing them to drop like flies.

Strange creatures began to emerge from the trees to drag whatever living being they found littering in their paths and on-lookers observed in horror as the trees began to entangle their branches and roots on the unconsious, breaking bone and bleeding their victims dry.

Furthermore, the cadavers of victims were then incorporated into the tree and turned into even more of the creatures to attack even more unsuspecting people. Some of these creatures were transformed into a new breed of golems that were blood red in color and were highly resistant to the Greek fire that managed to get through the Dark Circle Barrier the Emperor had cast.

The Emperor then raised his arms as a challenge and boldly proclaimed, “Well then, Savior, the next move is yours. Let’s see how your power matches up against my crimson golems,”

A long time passed before several Sacred Circles began to appear where the golems were and ethereal light began to emerge from them, incinerating them once and for all but the trees didn’t stop generating the Crimson golems and Imani’s energy was almost entirely spent.

Emperor Brodus laughed as he cast yet another Dark Circle and summoned Imani who was panting after spending so much Mana trying to destroy the Crimson Golems. Her equally exhausted Protector appeared right next to her, panting along with her.

“Hello there, your ladyship. Nice to finally meet you!” he stated.

Emica stared worriedly at Imani and began to rise up on her own two feet to challenge Brodus, hoping that he would turn his attention away from her long enough for Imani to escape but Nobu stopped her. Tried though she might to reason with Nobu, he would not let Emica put her life in any more risk and so she helplessly observed Brodus painfully cupping the face of Imani as he mocked her and Aerlin.

“Mere insolent brats like you challenging me is supposed to make me take pause and reflect upon the error my ways? Pathetic. Your goddess must have lost her marbles if this is the best she has conjured up to defeat me,”

“Don’t you dare mock the Creator you foul beast! Your destruction is assured,” Imani stated boldly.

“Is that right?And who is going to destroy me? You? Sweetheart, you cannot even defeat my Crimson golems despite having drawn power from the Pillars of Creation. Do you think that you are any match for me?” he asked her mockingly.

“Picking on children now, Brodus? My, my, how the Mighty have fallen,” stated a disembodied female voice that made Brodus cackle excitedly.

“Finally, someone who can actually stand a chance against me!” the Emperor stated.

From a portal emerged Oracle Zuri and her Protector Jaali.

“Ah, Oracle Zuri, Jambo! Karibu Sana! I have been waiting for you,” stated the Emperor, making sure he acknowledged and mocked the Oracle’s Kenyan roots.

Zuri simply stared down at the Emperor boldly, without a quiver or fear holding her back. The Emperor stared back at her for several tense moments, the long silence finally being punctuated by the sound of Gregorian chanting in the background, occurring in places the Emperor could not see and prompting Brodus to smirk at her.

“You brought some friends with you this time as well, I see. Wise choice because you are going to need all the help you can get to defeat me,” he stated.

“Alas, I have finally come to deliver justice to you, Brodus,” Zuri stated mockingly.

“Then let’s dance, Zuri,” the Emperor quipped adapting a battle stance. He nodded to some of his own personal guard who immediately went to take address the issue of whoever was behind the Gregorian chanting.

“I am afraid I didn’t bring the right attire for dancing today, Brodus,” Zuri countered sarcastically. She gestured to her clothing that was the traditional Oracle’s ensemble with slight Ankara design modifications made to it. The shapes made to the Ankara design were those that could be found carved into Sacred Totems.


Shall Oracle Zuri and her party manage to defeat the Crimson Emperor once and for all? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are listed below! Enjoy:

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