The Crimson Emperor


Before Emperor Brodus’ Royal Ring stood two contenders both ready to fight upon his signal. The fight would begin at the Emperor’s discretion which had not been exercised yet and as a result the contenders both continued to stare at each other cautiously, each anxiously standing in their own corner, clutching their chosen weapon for dear life.

Beads of perspiration steadily streamed down each of the contenders’ faces as the Emperor continued to hold his hand up ready to give off the signal to begin their match but he seemed to be dragging it on and on for reasons ill-understood by Berla and Ryna. Ryna’s opponent, however, knew too well why the Emperor was doing it- he was a sadist and enjoyed drawing out things for his own twisted amusement.

“Begin!” declared the Emperor, letting his hand down, his voice booming across every corner of the Throne Room.

Immediately upon his declaration, the Moon Faerie Ryna was facing off against lunged for her but rather than use the Butterfly Knives in her hands, she blew the fairy dust she had shed prior to the match beginning directly into Ryna’s eyes causing the latter to fall onto her knees and scream in agony.

Berla stood up indignantly but the Emperor’s guards ensured she remained seated while the Emperor applauded the unusual move from the Moon Faerie who then fluidly circled around the ring robes next to Ryna like an Olympic Gymnast and then somersaulted to outside the ring, making a break towards the exit before anyone knew what hit them.

The Moon Faerie fought against the guards trying to hold her back but before long, she had been recaptured and thrown back into the ring. The Emperor’s features were twisted in an ugly scowl and he raised his hand causing her Psionic-Power Dampening collar to constrict so tightly around her neck, it began to choke the life out of her. The Emperor prolonged the torture until the captive began to roll on the floor, her arms outstretched for the ropes while struggling for air.

“You stupid wench, did you really think running away would be so easy?” Brodus asked her through gritted teeth.

He walked to her corner of the ring and observed her impersonally while she choked, tears streaming down her face, her body trembling and her eyes rolling back in her head. The Emperor let go of his command of the collar and let the captive breathe a few seconds before grabbing her by the hair and mercilessly smashing her face on the ring’s floor.

“Your pathetic existence persists on my will alone. Never forget that and don’t you dare try anything like that again or I will make you regret it,” the Emperor told her before releasing her.

The captive reached out for her butterfly knives to fatally wound the Emperor but instead, he stepped on her hands so that she was forced to let go of the weapons and then he kicked her face several times and stomped on her face several times for good measure.

The Moon Faerie looked at the Palace doors which were then shut and more tears poured down her face reluctantly. Berla turned to the Emperor and stated, “She has practically blinded Ryna, your grace, which means the fight is no longer a fair one…”

“You really ought to give Rancid more credit than that, Butcher. Besides, I softened up Rancid’s opponent for her anyway. If you both want a true audience with me, Rancid must prove herself to me,”

Berla nervously observed Ryna who had stayed down as the Emperor pummeled her opponent, clasping her eyes with her hands. The fairy dust in her eyes had blinded her so she could no longer rely on her sense of sight in the fight. She had anticipated that the Emperor would not care if she lost her sight and would insist on seeing her fight.

Ryna was not going to give up. The fate of her kind rested on her shoulders and she had not come all that way just to give up. She would use her other senses to help her win this battle or die trying. She searched for her weapon and found it, grabbed hold of it and stood up valiantly holding the spear horizontally making sure to mark where the sharp end was and then adapting to a fighting stance. She shut her eyes firmly and relied on her other senses.

The Emperor clasped his hands in excitement observing Ryna with glee. Her opponent rose up too, keeping her tears at bay and hastily wiping her face, grabbing hold of her weapons and bracing herself for the fight. She moved fluidly, careful not to make any noise so that Ryna could not accurately tell where she was or what move she was about to enact.

However, Ryna’s battle experience against fair-folk came in handy and she was able to calculate probabilities with great success. Though the Moon Faerie did get some slashes in, Ryna was able to effectively fight her off and when the fairy stopped trying to move covertly and just went all out against Ryna, several things such as the shifting dust on the ring, her labored breathing and the altering wind patterns whenever the fairy made a move soon gave her away and Ryna not only effectively deflected the attacks but also managed to get a few attacks in herself.

The Moon Faerie was soon gasping for air and forced to defend against Ryna whose attacks became more and more vicious and more accurate. She took a deep breath and then did several somersaults until she was behind Ryna, agilely standing on the robes, ready to jump her and slit her throat in one swift, final attack.

Ryna appeared confused searching this way and that appearing to have lost account of where the fairy had gone and Berla opened her mouth to shout instructions at her but Brodus prevented her from helping Ryna.

The fairy jumped full force at Ryna and at the very last second, Ryna moved the spear so that the fairy landed on the sharp pointed end of it. The spear pierced straight through the fairy, narrowly missing her heart by mere centimetres and she coughed out blood and viscera even as Ryna swung the spear and slammed her onto the ring.

Ryna trampled the flailing Moon Faerie with her boot and finally opened her eyes. Though she still struggled with partial blindness, she could somewhat see her opponent futilely flailing beneath her foot and there was a look of fear for a brief moment before the opponent stopped struggling and then Ryna could almost swear the fairy mouthed the words, “Please, end this…”

Ryna pulled out the spear impaling the fairy so that she could accurately puncture the fairy’s heart which she did and the fairy smiled as she mouthed, “Thank you.”

The cadaver of the fairy began to instantly dissipate but then suddenly it began to freeze over and Ryna then saw vague figures rushing into the ring to retrieve it and she realized they had cast some kind of freezing charm to preserve the body before whisking it off to an unknown place. They hastily retrieved the collar from her neck as well and took it away together with the frozen cadaver.

However, one of the vague figures patched Ryna up and her eyesight was restored. Berla immediately rushed to her side and hugged her tightly. Her restrictive collar was then taking off of Ryna. Emperor Brodus clapped for several moments and then said, “As anticipated, you did not disappoint, General Ryna the Rancid. You have won your favor for a proper audience with me. I will give both you and Berla time to recuperate and then you shall be ushered to the Grand Feast I had prepared for you.”

Berla and Ryna were led into one of the Palace’s many rooms and were attended to by Moon Faerie slaves, beautifying them in preparation for the Emperor’s Feast. By the time the slaves were done with the two women, they looked more like royals themselves than the Generals they actually were.

The two women held hands as they were led towards the Dining Hall and a Royal Herald grandly announced their arrival before they entered and were seated before the Emperor.

“Now then ladies, let us begin our long awaited meeting, shall we? I am all ears,” he stated.


What shall Emperor Brodus have to say to Generals Ryna and Berla’s request for aid? Stay tuned to find out. Link to the previous part is listed below!

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