The Crimson Emperor


General Ryna “the Rancid” and General Berla “the Butcher” were undoubtedly the two most wanted war criminals in the whole of Timeline Alpha 20. The two infamous generals were the top dogs in the never ending war against the Monarch in the hopes of liberating their people from the tyranny of the fair-folk that had enslaved their kind.

The reward for the capture of both generals was undoubtedly enough to inspire several parties, individually and sometimes in tandem, to attempt to entrap them in the hopes of striking it rich and most importantly, to earn favor from the Monarch herself but such attempts had been futile due to the deep loyalty the two generals inspired among witch folk and were-cats alike who kept information pertaining to the location of the generals mum.

Due to the need to remain hidden, the two generals rarely stuck their necks out for any reason, orchestrating the war from the sidelines and only personally intervening when there was great need to.

However, it was clear to both Ryna and Berla that if they did not find a way to turn the war in their favor, the people they had given their lives in service to would undoubtedly perish.

They took advantage of the sudden chaos occurring within the ranks of the Monarch’s forces to slip through the cracks before the Monarch knew of their departure from the Timeline, maintaining their elusive veil as always…

Prior to their departure from their Timeline, the two generals had had their scouts seek information as to possible allegiances they could acquire to help defeat the Monarch’s forces and they had finally settled on a promising lead that they hoped they could convince to join their cause. The lead they found was in the form of a powerful sorcerer with a vast army that loathed fair-folk, in particular, having a profound disdain for Moon Faeries.

Their promising lead certainly had enough resources to ensure the war turned in their favor and was a cut above the support they had been receiving from Timeline Delta One that was not nearly enough aid they required to finally end the Monarch’s reign of terror once and for all. This new lead also offered aid in a way that Timeline Delta One couldn’t do; the Emperor was known for his brutality and was not above committing mass genocide if it came to it.

So Ryna and Berla set out on a journey to meet with the Emperor and left planning for the war to their third in command who was the third most revered general in the Timeline, a were-cat known famously by her alias “the Cat”, a well trained assassin that was well known for her quick and silent execution methods who had trained legion others in her silent but deadly arts.

They arrived at the center of their lead’s Empire, his homeland of Avala, in its Capital City, Mystai’s Solace. At the center of the city was a pyramid structure so tall, it stretched out further than the eye could see…

The clouds swirling around the structure appeared to be pregnant with rain; threatening to pour at any second, and the occasional crackle of lightning hit the structure and the area surrounding it, embedding it with some kind of dark mystic energy which was as insidious as it was potent.

As their scouts had promised, there was someone there to meet them at a pre-disclosed location and after introductions were properly concluded with the secret code- words exchanged, their contact person then led them down an alley where three pure-bred armored unicorns bearing enchanted armor awaited them. Each person took up their own unicorn and rode out northward, their contact person leading the way until they arrived at a Magnificent Palace the likes of which neither General had ever seen.

The contact person checked them in and they were escorted by armed guards towards the weapons checkpoint where the two generals had to submit their weapons before proceeding to the Royal Throne Room where the Emperor awaited them.

Ryna and Berla were opposed to giving up their only means of defense in case things went South but they doubted they would be able to defeat the revered Emperor either way as power oozed off of every corner of the vast lands the Palace occupied and off of every person present there. They then submitted their weapons without struggle and were then led to the Throne Room where the Emperor awaited them.

The Emperor was dressed in the finest regal robes they had ever seen, his hands bearing several rings, his skin a magnificent, porcelain white, his hair styled to perfection. A magnificent crown of several precious metals adorned his head and complimented his regal aesthetic perfectly. His entire profile was strikingly appealing and the two women were in awe of him.

Besides the Emperor’s Golden Throne Chair, the Generals noted was an empty Throne Chair with no occupant. They were surprised that a man of his stature did not have an Empress by his side to rule their vast Empire besides him but assumed that perhaps the Emperor himself was not interested in pursuing anyone romantically. The Emperor smirked at them which made both women feel very uneasy for some reason they could not explain.

“Emperor Brodus, it is an honor to make your acquaintance at long last,” Ryna stated bowing reverently. Berla followed suit in perfect synchrony with Ryna so that it looked as if they were performing a graceful dance; a true sight to behold.

“Lady Ryna and I have brought you some presents,your majesty,” Berla stated after exchanging a meaningful glance with Ryna. She took out a small decorated jewelry box that they handed over to one of the Emperor’s guards who held it up so the Emperor could carefully examine it.

“300 Quartz of Anchondrite from Morocco,(I can tell this is the real article too), and oh my, Meteorites straight from Luna in Felicia from A-20; my, my ladies, you really have spoiled me. Your gifts and very well received and greatly appreciated,” the Emperor declared. Both Berla and Ryna exchanged looks and both visibly relaxed upon his declaration.

“Ah, Rancid and Butcher in the flesh, I must say, your reputations both precede you. I am honored to host you both in my Royal Palace. I have whipped up quite the feast for you which shall occur momentarily but first- I need you both to humor me a little bit,” the Emperor stated. The two exchanged worried looks.

“You see, I have heard all kinds of tales about your fighting prowess and I wish to see it in person. I am particularly interested in seeing Rancid in action. Please, humor me with a little demonstration,” he stated, clasping his hands together in excitement and then nodding to one of the guards in the room.

The guard rushed outside to fulfill the Emperor’s order and within minutes, a Moon Faerie captive was brought out before them in chains. Both generals gasped in awe at seeing the fairy out in broad daylight. She was rugged looking, with dark circles under her eyes looking around the room timidly.

The Emperor snapped his fingers and a giant fighting ring suddenly appeared right in the middle of the Throne Room and Ryna and the Moon Faerie appeared in the middle of it. Berla stepped forward but was held back by the Emperor’s guards.

“Ah, ah, ah… Come now, Berla, remember you are humoring me, right? Please do not be so rude as to deny me my request, surely it shall not bode well with you to have come such a long way only to return empty-handed,” he stated, using that devilish smirk of his and a look that indicated to Berla that his wishes would be fulfilled.

“Ryna, don’t let the rugged appearance fool you, this particular slave, is very good at fighting. She was born with the warrior affinity after all. I want a nice clean fight now, Ryna. Show me what you’ve got and you have my ears,”

The guards not only let the Moon Faerie slave out of her chains but also added a Psionic power dampening collar around Ryna’s neck thereby restricting her from using her magical powers. The same type collar was placed around the Moon Faerie’s neck.

“Right, now that the collars are secured, choose your weapons,” the Emperor ordered.

The Moon Faerie nervously observed Ryna before grabbing a pair of butterfly knives from the limited selection of weapons offered. Ryna picked up a spear also wearily observing her opponent. The two fighters nervously circled each other in the ring, occasionally swinging their weapons in the hopes of intimidating their opponent.


What shall the end result of the fight yield? Stay tuned to find out! Links to subsequent entries in this tale are linked below:

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