Blaize looked around the room even as he held his sister’s doppelganger in a tight bear hug. His eyes finally met his mother Avery’s who struggled to process everything that she was witnessing unfold.

“Who- who are you? You’re not- not like it-” Ada stated dumbfounded by her own actions, pulling away from the hug and wiping the tears off her face.

Blaize nodded and stated, “I assure you that I shall answer your questions but first everyone needs to be here for that to happen.”

Alyona and her mate Arken suddenly appeared looking rather rugged and startled and they were as shocked as ever to suddenly be in Aurora’s living room.

“Avery, what is the meaning of this?” Alyona asked Avery. Avery was so dumbfounded she barely registered the question, her eyes unwavering from the tall, ethereal man standing before them all with a godly demeanor she had never before witnessed.

“Aunt Alyona, it is a pleasure to see you and Uncle Arken again. The reason I have summoned you here is to finally return what was lost to you, at very great personal cost,” he stated.

Before anyone could ask Blaize what he meant, he merely took a few steps to the right and a little girl suddenly appeared before them clutching his robes frightened, peering curiously at the on-lookers before her eyes settled on Alyona and Arken.

Once the little girl had seen them, she nervously pulled down on Blaize’s robes and he nodded to her which emboldened her enough to approach Alyona and Arken.

“She… she can’t be my… my Purity?” Alyona asked Blaize wearily, her eyes tearing up immediately.

Blaize nodded and the moment he confirmed her suspicions, Alyona scooped her up in her arms and hugged her as tightly as she could crying and kissing the little girl like her life depended on it. Arken also did the same even as Alyona muttered, “How? How is our Purity here?”

“I did not have much Arche left so I used the little I could spare and my memories of her to bring her back. She came back as little over 4 years of age but I do not mind it at all, Auntie, because I bringing her back was all that matters,”

Alyona nodded and thanked Blaize over and over again while the stunned on-lookers beheld everything happening in awe.

“Ah yes, an explanation is in order, I believe,” he stated breaking down all the events that had happened leading up to that point.

“So what you are saying is that you are a god now?” Avery asked him in awe.

“Yes mom, I am a god. Ada was right about me not being the same Blaize you knew and loved. It is unfortunate that my sister here met another version of me; the one that Ull had corrupted. I was meticulous in ensuring that version of me was entirely erased from this Reality,”

“That is why everything was so weird in my Timeline?” Ada asked him. Blaize nodded.

“That version of me caused a lot of heartache and pain for you, sis. However, I have no intention of taking over this Reality or befouling it with wicked deeds. In fact, to prove how committed I am to staying on the path of light and goodness, I decided to get rid of the world’s greatest source of evil- the Entity,”

“What? Is that even possible?” Aurora asked stunned by her grandson’s declaration.

“Yes, indeed. You see, with my new found abilities, I managed to write it out of this Reality as well. I doomed it to a Realm of Non-Existence and its evil deeds shall no longer befoul this world or any Timeline in this Reality,”

“You got rid of the greatest source of evil in the world just like that?” asked Aurora skeptically.

“I know it is hard to believe but I did just that, Grams. Of course what I did is not without consequence as I once discovered, for the world to exist and for Free Will to persist, there must be a Cosmic balance of good and evil. I suspect a new evil shall arise to replace the Entity in this Reality but I doubt this new evil shall ever be as bad as the Entity was,”

There were several moments of silence before anyone spoke again.

“What does this-um- new version of you mean for us and our family?” Emre asked Blaize.

Blaize smiled. “Well, I have my work cut out for me back in that other Reality so I will spend a considerable amount of time there but I suspect once I fix it, I will have access to a lot more powers and I can be more easily accessible due to the principle of omnipresence…”

“What about Purity? What happens to her?” Alyona asked worriedly.

“Purity will stay here with you until she becomes old enough and then she will rejoin me in that other world where she will stay with me for all time. Of course both your family and mine are welcome to stay in that world with me and can visit it any time you wish. I will make it so,”

“How long before we see you again?” Avery asked her son worriedly.

“Depends on how quickly I can restore the depleted Rivers of Arche in that world and heal its World Tree which is severely damaged. Once I get those balls rolling, I can rest,”

“But that could take years- even centuries,” Avery stated, fighting back tears.

“I won’t make you wait that long for me, mom. I promise,” he stated. Avery handed over Ada to her father and rushed to hug her son, crying and fussing over him.

Blaize stayed with them for a time before disappearing stating that he had gathered enough Arche to hopefully kick-start the Work of Creation on the Reality he then hailed from.

“Avery, I- I have never been as grateful as I am right now to have met you because even in my greatest grief, your blessed sprout has come to my rescue. I will be eternally grateful to you and your son for bringing back my daughter,” Alyona stated. Arken concurred.

“I am still trying to wrap my head around all this but I cannot take credit for my son’s work. He alone deserves your praise,” Avery stated with humility.

Alyona hugged her anyway before she, Purity and her mate left the family alone to enjoy their private time together.

“Well, I guess I have to head back to my own Timeline too. Thanks for inviting me over, I guess,” Ada stated awkwardly.

“You are welcome here any time you’d like, honey,” Avery stated. Emre nodded his consent and Ada waved goodbye and left, her own mother appearing a few moments later to take her back home.

“That was quite something,” King Ember stated after a few awkward silent moments.

“Can you believe it, Avery? Our grandson is a god now,” Anna stated sitting down next to Avery.

“This all feels like a strange dream. I cannot believe it. My little boy is… is a god,” Avery stated in awe shaking her head.

“And if what we have seen is to be believed, Ada becomes a powerful witch in her own right,” Aurora added.

“Like mother, like daughter,” Emre joked.

“What are you talking about? She is practically your clone only with my eyes and hair,”

All gathered chuckled as Emre and Avery playfully went back and forth. It appeared that at least in that moment, their troubles had come to an end.


What further great deeds does the new god have in store for us? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are linked below;

  1. Warped: Part 10
  2. The Traveler Chronicles 8: Part 5


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