The Traveler Chronicles 8



Ada woke up feeling like she was laying down on a bed of clouds rather than an actual bed and the sweetest of scents wafted to her nostrils peacefully rousing her from what felt like sleep rather than the death she anticipated she had failed to avoid.

She sat up and realized that she was indeed on a large King-sized bed, tucked behind sheets that could only have been made of the highest quality Nymph silk available at the time with a thread count she was sure she would not be able to determine.

The room she awoke in was unfamiliar but cozy and she never wanted to awaken from whatever fever dream it was she was within. She stretched out her hands more out of force of habit than actual discomfort and then realized that she was clad not in her favorite set of baggy pajamas but in a rather uncharacteristically racy pair of lingerie.

Intrigued by the exceedingly strange and inexplicable events she was experiencing, she turned to her right side and saw a man lying next to her, happily snoozing without a care in the world. Instinct took over and she wrestled the man into a disadvantaged position where she could obtain information from him before asking him, “Who the hell are you and why are you so eager to die?”

Rather than answer her question or even feel threatened, the man began to chuckle, a sound that for some reason put her at ease and before long, he had wrestled himself out of her grip and had turned the tables on her.

However, Ada found that there was no hostility coming from the strange, almost entirely naked handsome man she had woken up next to but rather, a loving playfulness bordering almost on child-like exuberance in its purity. For some reason, his entire demeanor brought great peace to Ada and she blinked several times trying to comprehend the strangeness of the situation.

“You’re certainly energetic this morning, my love. Didn’t want to sleep in a bit more?”

“What the hell are you talking about? Who the hell are you and what do you want from me?”

“Are we role-playing? Are you truly comfortable with that, my love?”

Ada soon turned the tables in her favor and used the natural gift bestowed to her clan and had the man writhing in pain in no time.

“Now, I’ll ask you one more time, who the hell are you?”

“Ada, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you- why are you attacking me in earnest? Ugh… Stop that! Stop! I don’t want to role-play if it involves this- this mental torture for real,”

“Does it seem like I am playing games with you? Tell me who the hell you are or it will get worse for you,”

“What has gotten into you today? Are you possessed? Why are you hurting me?”

They wrestled for a while before the man put a pair of restrictive cuffs on her with psionic dampening powers and then he immediately called for back-up, hastily grabbing his shirt off the ground and wearing it. They performed a mental scan on her and then the man shook his head as they told him what was wrong with her.

“Apparently you were implanted with false memories, my love, but their source cannot be clearly determined. I swear to you, I will get to the bottom of this and bring whoever did this to justice, on my honor,”

“What is going on? Is this my personal hell? What purpose does this serve?”

“My love, listen to me, you need to stay here until you get better. I will head on to the DoD and hopefully we can figure out a way to reverse the effects of this mental implantation. I will call your mom so she can stay with you until then, I doubt whoever did this is bold enough to attack you when your mom is here,”

“You are still not making any sense. Why would you call my mom here? And who exactly are you? What is this place?”

“Ada, have you truly forgotten everything? Can you tell me what is the last thing you remember?”

“I- I was… I was attacked by that thing and I started- I was spewing out Life force Energy. Prince Emre from D-1 was carrying me away and then I woke up here,” she stated.

The man shook his head. “We had game night with some of our other friends from the DoD and then we fooled around and fell asleep. That is what truly happened,”

“Now I know this place isn’t real because I would never do that… especially not with a stranger,”

“I am no stranger, Ada, but your loving husband, Charlton Rivers,”

“Ew… As if I would ever marry a Rivers witch. Even just thinking about it makes me want to throw up,”

“Ouch, that was mean, Ada, and very unlike you. I know you’re… the way you are, but we fell in love and got married and we are even talking about children. Please tell me you remember that? Please tell me you remember about everything we have gone through and how your heart decided that I was the right one for you,”

“Listen, Charlie or whatever your name is, I want out of whatever coo-coo world this is. I will not take part in whatever dodgy scheme my brother is up to now. I will find a way out and then you will all be sorry,”

Charlton immediately called for Avery who promptly appeared right by her daughter’s side and gave her a thorough examination as a mother would a sick child. Satisfied that he had left Ada in good hands, he then rushed towards the Department of Defense.

“Are you feeling alright, darling?” Avery asked Ada worriedly.

“You can cut the crap, Avery. Whatever scheme Blaize is playing at, it seems you are involved in it too,”

“Okay that was rude and totally unwarranted. What happened to you? It is almost as if your personality did a complete 180,”

“What is this supposed to be, some kind of intervention? Give me a break. Just get me out of these cuffs and leave me be. I am never gonna stop trying to vanquish him. I hope you both realize that. If neither of you are going to finish me off, I won’t stop going after him,”

“What are you suddenly on about, Ada? Why would you want to vanquish your brother? And why would either of us want to finish you off, as you put it? What happened to you?”

Ada practically growled as she physically pulled herself away from her mother’s reach.


“Shut up! I have had it with your tricks, woman! Let me go this instant,”

“I think its better for you to stay here before your husband returns from the DoD,”

“I have no desire of staying here a single instant. Where is Prince Emre from D-1? What did you do to him? I swear if you hurt him-“

“Emre from D-1? I suspect he is safely in his own Timeline given the fact that your own father is safe and sound right here. Would you rather your father looked after you? You do have a tendency to be a daddy’s girl sometimes. Blessed be! You look so much like him… Well, except for the hair and eyes, and even the whole edgy witch vibe. That’s me,” Avery stated and chuckled.

Ada rolled her eyes. “Take me to Prince Emre from D-1 now,” she demanded.

“You aren’t going anywhere until you get better young lady, even if that means binding you to this room,”

“Ugh… You are such an enabler, Avery. Don’t you see everything that what he became is directly your fault? You could slay him, you know, the god-killer chose you for some reason. Don’t you think you owe the world that at least?”

“You’re rambling about a god-killer now? What are you on about? The only one I know about is the one that was once with your Aunt Alyona and she has no need for it anymore,”

“Ugh, whatever. I am done talking with you. Take me to Emre D-1 now!”

“Watch your tone, Ada, I am still your mother,”

“You are no mother of mine! Take me to him now!” Ada demanded.

“Why are you suddenly disowning me? Are the false memories really that powerful that they would make you believe that you despise me?”

“You certainly had no trouble accepting the fact that I hated you before, why do you suddenly care now?”


“Please, would you just take me to D-1? Please?” Ada stated fighting back tears.

“Why are you so eager to go there? I don’t seem to recall a time you wanted to go there so badly,”

“I just need to know that he is safe. Please. I have never asked you for anything. I am begging you to do this one favor for me,”

Avery hesitated but sighed and nodded stating, “If it provides some kind of comfort for you, I will take you to see Prince Emre from D-1,”

Ada smiled and then her mother took off her restraints and hovered over her as Ada changed into simple every day clothes. She then held onto her Avery’s hands as their Traveling powers merged and the watch Ada had inherited from her maternal grandmother, Aurora, began to tick as its clock hands spun blindingly fast and suddenly, she was seated in an arm chair in her parents’ old living room, with a variety of child care items scattered across the room.

“Ada, I will give you exactly 1 hour before I come back here to get you because being in the same room with this particular doppelganger of mine shall undoubtedly cause a time paradox…”

“I will not come to you before the one hour is up unless you are in immediate danger in which case, just press the duress button on your watch and I’ll come running, okay honey? ” Avery stated.

Avery then hastily withdrew from Timeline Delta 1 even before Ada gave her answer only for her doppelganger to come into the room carrying baby Ada in her arms, with a baby blanket rested on her shoulders.

Ada stood up hastily and stared at her mother’s doppelganger in shock just as Prince Emre from D-1 followed behind Avery with a baby bottle nipple in tow. For several moments afterwards they simply all just stared at each other before Ada shyly broke the silence stating, “Hi mom and dad.”


Is this new world truly Ada’s Reality or simply the manifestation of death? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous entries are listed below;

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