Blaize emerged from the Temple dressed immaculately in white with the Priestesses that had been preparing him in tow. He climbed the Mountain of the gods and found Ull seated on his Divine Throne, flanked by the children he held near and dear to him. As Blaize walked into their Divine abode, Ull became increasingly restless until he had to stand up and walk up to Blaize himself with his children simply observing him.

Ull assessed him for a while before turning to the Priestesses and stating, “Something seems amiss about my Divine Vessel. Are you certain that the Work is complete?”

“Yes, my lord,” stated one falling down on her knees in reverence.

“The signs have been observed as prescribed in the Divine Magnum Opus, oh great and Divine Father… My most revered lord, my most adored god, the Divine Vessel is ready! May thou Divine name be praised!” stated another falling prostrate on the ground as her precursor had done.

Ull assessed Blaize more keenly doubting their words. The Priestess began to sing hymns and pray reverently to Ull and the other gods present.

“You have come a long way, Son of Avery. To serve such a higher purpose is something not even the greatest of men in your Reality can ever dream to achieve,”

Blaize bowed but said nothing.

“I am certain that the process of conversion into your purified state was nothing short of arduous despite the perks provided by the ambrosia you were fed. I feel no sense of resentment in you- not a trace. In fact, all that exudes from you is a great sense of peace and fulfillment. Why is this so?”

“My lord, as stated, a great work has become completed within me. I am greater than what I once was and shall never again be the same. It is a fete mere mortals could never dream of achieving and can only have been so due to the work of one greater than I could ever possible hope to comprehend,”

“I see you have become as profound wise in equal measure to your stature. Indeed it seems that the great work has been completed in you and yet I am terrified at the prospect of finally claiming what is rightfully mine. Why is that, boy?”

“Far be it for me to assume to know more than the Father of gods of this world. I merely anticipate becoming a Divine Tool to further thy Divine greatness, my lord,” Blaize stated, falling down on one knee and bowing as Knight before his King.

“Very well, boy. Your wish shall be completed now and the world shall perpetuate as inspired by myself, in my likeness,”

Ull firmly placed both hands on either side of Blaize’s Temples and shed away the corporeal form he had adopted in order for the Created Beings before him to adequately perceive him.

While within Blaize, he wandered for what seemed like ages before stumbling upon Ivena.

“Priestess Ivena, my daughter, what is the meaning of this?”

“I am no daughter of yours, Ull. Did you really think I would never discover it- the truth of what you truly are, a greedy deity who mercilessly destroyed my world and enslaved the few hostages you have trapped here, oblivious to the truth of thy foul deeds?”

“What are you ranting about? Have you gone mad?”

“My eyes were opened by my goddess, Uma and I am no longer the hapless fool you assume me to be,”

“Uma?” Ull asked in utter confusion.

“Ull, my other self, you defiled me and destroyed everything that I once was but somehow, some way, I clung to existence, longing for so long to have everything you took away from me restored but it was your own greed that proved your undoing; your desperation has paved way to your despair and ultimate doom,” stated Uma’s voice in a calm, confident manner.

“What is the meaning of this? What kind of trickery is this?”

“It is not a trick, it is Divine Justice finally come to claim its dues, Ull,” Blaize’s voice clearly stated meshed up with Uma’s.

“Uma is long gone from this world. If this is your futile attempt to thwart my attempts for full possession, it is for naught,”

“You have befouled this Reality for long enough, Ull. It is time to meet your Divine punishment,” Uma stated.

Ivena began to chant in Celestial speech and Ull’s form began to disintegrate and lose its essence.

“What- no- this cannot be!” he stated trying to escape the doom he knew was coming soon but he became trapped within Blaize’s inner spirit world and the destabilization of his form persisted. He tried to attack Ivena but she was protected within Blaize and his efforts were ultimately rendered useless.

Suddenly, he had assumed a mortal form and a Claymore appeared in Ivena’s hand which she used to slay the god before converting the very properties of the Divine Matter that remained into Energy that Blaize quickly absorbed and turned into his own before the confused gods and Created Beings gathered on the Mountain of gods.

Once Ull was gone from the world, a profound sense of grief and despair filled all gathered especially the gods and goddesses still present on the Mountain. In sheer terror, they attempted to flee from the Wrath of Blaize but since he possessed their Progenitor’s powers, he easily subdued them, recalling all their attributes and taking away their given identities and effectively erasing them from all of existence.

The goddess Ilya soon appeared before Blaize himself, horrified that the new god had saved her certain demise for last but other than vanquish her as she anticipated, he smiled reassuringly to her and stated, “You have long regretted betraying me, daughter, but your atonement came in the way of helping my loved ones try and defeat Ull despite the great personal threat to yourself. For that, I shall not only spare your existence but return what was lost to you…”

As soon as he had spoken, Ilya’s abilities which Ull had prevented from working properly, were restored to her.

“My… my lord… Words cannot adequately describe my gratitude for having spared me. I am eternally in your debt and shall do whatever you command. I… I pledge allegiance to you,” she stated.

“You may take your leave but know that this is your world too… You are welcome here whenever you please,”

“My lord,” she stated and then she disappeared.

The Priestesses witnessing all the events were trembling and cowering in fear.

“Worry not of my Wrath, daughters. The gods of this world were happy to enslave you and strip you of true consciousness but I am not the wicked being they once were. I henceforth banish the illusion you have been led to believe all along,”

By Blaize’s decree, their eyes were opened. Their own Realities had been ravaged by the cruel gods that had enslaved them, effectively turning them into nothing more than physical philosophical zombies devoid of true consciousness as Ull had been warping reality to hide the insidious true nature of the dying world.

The end result of Ull’s Divine tinkering with Reality had been a consistent food source for the gods in terms of Soul Energy by erasing the qualia and its effects of the casters trapped in that world thus making them pzombies. To perpetuate the illusion, false projection of Utopia had been generated that replaced subjective experience and therefore erased Free Will.

With no hope other than joining their sister Ivena in worshiping the new god of the Reality, the Priestesses happily submitted to him even as Blaize set about awakening the Masses by speaking into the soul of every Being present in that world.

“I am Blaize, the Son of Avery and Emre and the new god of this world. I do not desire your true soul worship if it is not a by-product of a free and uninhibited consciousness. If you so wish to venture to Alternate Realities, I shall not stand in your way but for those who wish to remain in this Reality, I hereby give my solemn promise to not only restore this world but to revive a long lost glory driven by the Original Vision of the goddess reborn in me!”

“For this work to be accomplished, I have built a Pocket Dimension in between this Reality and Non-Existence for you to be kept safe and I revive this world. For this Reality to be righted, the dying Yggdrasil must be restored…”

“As at now, this is made impossible by the fact that the Rivers of Arche, the Creative Energy that sustains and flows in this Reality are nearly depleted. I must restore Arche and Yggdrasil so that I may honor the promise I have now made to you all…”

“My most faithful servant, Ivena, shall oversee your entire duration in this Pocket Dimension while I restore this Reality. Those who wish to leave this world are welcome to do so at a time of their choosing but those who remain shall have their every need catered within it. Thank you all,”

Once he was done, he simply willed the Pocket World into existence and it was so. However, he felt the power within him begin to dwindle and said to Ivena, “I must depart from this world soon in search of Arche in order to revive the divine streams. I entrust this pocket world to you, Ivena. I trust you will faithfully look after it for me.”

“My lord, I will do whatever you require of me but in truth, I do not look forward to being apart from you. Shall I not be more useful to you by your side as you endeavor on your quest?”

“You need not worry about that. I shall not be alone on my quest. With the small amount of creative energy I have left, I shall fashion the most perfect of companions for myself to help me on my quest,”

“Blessed be, my lord! That is splendid news,”

“Indeed. Well then, off I go on my quest. I shall try my best to be back as soon as I can,”

“My lord,” Ivena stated bowing reverently. Blaize instantaneously disappeared from there but though his physical presence was not there, Ivena had a sense that he was still with her deep down where it mattered- in her soul.


With the realization of his new power as a god and his bold declaration, what shall become of Blaize, Son of Avery? Stay tuned to find out! Previous links are listed below:

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