The Traveler Chronicles 8


Ada’s Augmented Reality (AR) chip implant that was located to the side of the head glowed blue signaling receiving a new voice message from what the tech informed her was Melody. She sighed deeply before opening the message telepathically. “Ada, your dad is currently with the Director of Defense Department. Get back to me ASAP,”

Intrigued by the unexpected message received from Melody, Ada immediately called her and shortly afterwards, Melody’s holographic image appeared as clear as day in Ada’s mind. Melody was frantic as she asked Ada why the latter’s father was having a meeting with the Director of the Defense Department.

“I don’t know, Melody, maybe they are discussing the present crisis of relocating Rifters across the Timeline?” Ada hypothesized.

“It’s a bit odd for your dad to make a personal visit to the Director though, right? I can literally count the amount of times your dad has been here in person ever since Director Port took over from Director Shaw,”

Ada thought about it and Melody was right. Her father rarely presented himself to the Defense Department’s premises those days so it was rather curious that he had chosen that day to visit the Director in person. She was curious to know what the meeting was about and why her father had to go out of his way to meet the director in person.

“Let me know as soon as he is done with the Director so I can ask him what it was about,”

“Do you think he will be honest with you about what its all about though?”

“He is my father, Melody. I know how to make him spill,”

Melody nodded and disconnected the call only to call back in a few minutes’ time, stating that Emre had left the Director’s office despairingly. Ada immediately called her father and he responded with, “This is a pleasant surprise, honey. Are you okay?”

“I should be asking you the same thing, dad. Are you okay? What exactly was so important that you had to see Director Port in person? What did he tell you that bummed you out like that?”

“Director… Port? Honey, what are you talking about? I am at home with your mom. We miss you, darling, please come back,”

“Dad, you can drop the pretense. I know you are currently at the Defense Department premises and that you had a meeting with Director Port. If your meeting was really that top secret that you can’t tell me what it was really about, you don’t have to play me for a fool and pretend like it never even happened,”

“Ada, I have no idea what you are talking about. I have been home with your mother ever since all of Reality was attacked. I have not gone to see Director Port of late. Where are you getting this information from, honey? Are you alright? Are you in some kind of trouble? Please share your location and your mother and I will come get you,”

Ada was stunned by the sincerity of her father’s tone. Clearly he had no idea what she was talking about which could only mean that someone else had gone to see Director Port dawning her father’s appearance.

“Ada, where are you? Please share your location and your mother and I will-“

“Um… Sorry dad, it was just… it was a silly little prank. I didn’t mean to worry you but I see I have gone too far with it, I’m sorry. I will make it a point to visit you as soon as I can. I… I love you,” she stated and then immediately disconnected and called Melody soon afterwards.

“Where is my dad now?”

“Well, I hear he is just about to leave the Timeline or something? I swear, this sitch gets weirder each passing moment,”

“Melody, do you think you can stall him? That man is not my dad. He must be a shape-shifter of sorts imitating my dad. I need to interrogate him and find out who he really is and what he truly wants,”

“Ada, if what you say is true then I need to alert Director Port too. We have an advanced shape-shifter that was somehow able to fool our tech which is very dangerous to say the least,”

“Do whatever you need to do but do not let that man escape,”

“You got it,”

Ada hung up and then began to plan for how she would apprehend the impostor from the Defense Department. Just as she was about to head out the door, Melody called her once more.

“Ada, my bad, it turns out that the man isn’t a threat, really. He is actually your father’s doppelganger from an Alternate Timeline. The details of his meeting with the Director are of course, private, but he isn’t a threat to anyone after all. I’m sorry for bringing it up like that without any solid-“

“Which Timeline is he from?” Ada interrupted her.

“I’m sorry, what?” Melody asked her.

“My father’s doppelganger, what timeline is he from?”

“Um… Let me see… Uh… I think it’s D-1,”

“Don’t make any assumptions, Melody. I need you to be absolutely sure,”

“Hold on a sec… Yep, it’s D-1. That’s weird isn’t that the Timeline where-“

“Melody, I need you to approach him and tell him I need to see him asap. Please,”

“What? But Ada, he isn’t like your real dad or anything- he is just his doppelganger right?”

“I need to talk to him, Melody. Please, do this for me,”

“I will try but no promises. He does seem like he wants to go home as soon as possible,”

“Don’t let him slip away before we meet, Melody. Stop at nothing until he agrees to see me,”

Melody was stunned but did as Ada bid her to. Just before Prince Emre from D-1 left for his home timeline, she burst into the room and stated that Ada, his daughter’s doppelganger, wanted to see him before he left. She didn’t have to say much more because Emre was more than happy to see his daughter’s doppelganger before heading home.

“Ada, I did it. Your father’s doppelganger has agreed to meet with you before he goes back home,”

“Is that right? Good. Please tell him to meet me at Portia’s Restaurant in Mid-town. Take him there, please, I will handle the rest,”

“Ada, are you sure that this is a good idea? You know the repercussions of messing with this particular doppelganger, right? It will affect your own dad,”

“I know the risks, Melody, don’t go about your usual preaching. Just… just do this for me. As a friend,”

“As a friend? I thought you were a lone wolf who didn’t need any friends,” Melody teased her.

“Shut up! Just do as I have instructed you,”

“Aye, aye Captain!” Melody stated.

Ada rolled her eyes and Melody, who knew her so well, simply laughed and stated she knew that Ada was rolling her eyes at her. She got Prince Emre from D-1 settled at the Restaurant that was renowned not only for its fine cuisine but it’s Anti -Spyware tech making it ideal for private meetings.

Although the Restaurant was booked solid, with a little kneading and social engineering skills, Melody secured a table and was able to keep Prince Emre well entertained until his daughter’s doppelganger came along. Melody politely thanked him for his patience and consideration then went her merry way reminding Ada that the latter owed her one, big time.

With Melody gone, it was just Ada and her father’s doppelganger.


What insight does Ada have to offer her father’s doppelganger and shall it be enough to save her brother’s doppelganger? Stay tuned to find out.

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