A New Dawn


Emre passed through the security scanner in the Department of Defense Building in Timeline Delta 3 in the year 2077. The scan took mere milliseconds but it was able to ascertain that he had, as agreed, been subjected to the necessary background checks and inoculations required to safely transverse to the Timeline. The scanner allowed him to enter the building without incident.

All Timelines were currently trying to recover from the disastrous effects of the invading but thankfully fallen goddess, Maelstrom on all of Reality and so Emre had a mountain of work waiting for him back home given the large volumes of temporally displaced persons (Rifters) coming from Timelines that had been more adversely affected by the attack of Maelstrom seeking safe harbor from their destroyed worlds.

Although the Dawn for Rifters Foundation was as swamped with work as it was then, Emre could not soon forget of what they were up against. Maelstrom had been incredibly formidable foe, exponetially more powerful than any other advesary that had ever been faced across the Timelines, Grigori and Sidhes included.

The fallen goddess had overpowered even the Timelines’ most powerful casters and it was unfathomable that her father Ull, was even more powerful than Maelstrom was. What was even more baffling was the fact that Ull had kidnapped Emre’s son which had led the latter to abandon his work in the hopes of obtaining clues as to how to safely retrieve his son from the deity.

Emre was prepared to undertake whatever measures it took to see to his son’s safety and he knew his mate, Avery, would be prepared to make the same sacrifices. He hoped that it would not come to it but he was at peace with the idea of sacrificing his soul if it meant his family was safe and happy.

He sat down in the lobby waiting room, communicating with the contact person he was assigned to that he had arrived and revealing where he was. He looked about the building and noted key differences between the Building in D-3 and the one back home in D-1.

Emre was impressed and a little startled at the technological marvels present in such a mundane room alone when his train of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by some excited bubbling happening a short distance away from the lobby.

He peered outside and spotted a man with distinctively wine-red locks of hair wearing a lab coat who was speaking excitedly to another well-dressed gentleman in a suit. Intrigued, Emre stared on and deduced that by the appearance of the man there was strong reason to believe that the man was most probably a warlock from the infamous Alison clan.

Suddenly, the excitable man stopped in his tracks and peered inside the lobby and immediately he spotted Emre, he stopped chatting up the man in the suit, said a hasty thank you and goodbye before rushing into the lobby without a second thought.

The red-haired man in the lab coat beamed upon seeing Emre and then stated, “Whoa, Emre, fancy seeing you here. How’s it going? The Anti-aging tech you are using is doing a tremendous job. You look about 20 years younger, no pun intended…”


“You’re surprised that I am out of the lab for once right? This whole Maelstrom mess has caused quite the stir and that is stating it mildly. The worst thing about it all is how we haven’t found a way to actually defeat them. I mean, god-killers are great and all but you can never tell which one would slay which god and all that hogwash… Grr…” the man stated, sitting right next to Emre.

Emre stared at the man seemingly bewildered that he was so comfortable speaking to an absolute stranger like that.

“What Anti-aging tech are you using by the way? You really do look 20 years younger… Literally… Like… It’s crazy… Oh and how is my sister doing? I mean your Avery, not…um… ours. Is she doing alright? And did my niece come back home this time and stop her misguided crusades for once?”

Emre shook his head just as his assigned contact person came into the room and greeted him formally.

“Oh no, could I have been conversing with the wrong Emre all this time?” the strange red-haired man asked Emre embarrassed.

“It is quite alright, Mr… I enjoyed your company. For the record, my Avery is doing quite alright,”

The man blushed and hid his face in his palms. “I am an idiot; an utter moron; a complete nincompoop,”

“Dr. Alison, please don’t be rude before our guest,”

“Wait, Dr. Alison? You’re an Alison warlock after all?”

The man nodded but continued to berate himself under his breath.

“Do you know a woman from your time who is familiar with what happened to my son? I do not have much to go on but my Avery sent me here to search for her- she said it was positive that this expert was a woman and she knew everything there was to know about locating my son and that she had tried to change the future somehow…”

Dr. Alison suddenly stopped berating himself and looked up at Emre very seriously.

“The only woman I know who would be crazy enough to attempt to change the future concerning your son is my niece, Adalyn. She has been obsessed with your son for as long as I can remember despite the fact that her parents, your doppelgangers, have tried everything they could think of to stop her…”

“Please listen to me, Prince Emre, do not attempt to contact Ada or consult with her over anything concerning your son. She is almost fanatical in her search for your son but believe me when I say that her intentions towards your son are anything but pure.

“It is a well known fact that Ada loathes her brother and will stop at nothing to see to his utter annihilation. The current events must have undoubtedly inspired renewed zeal in her mission because she believes deep inside that destroying your son is truly the right thing to do and like her mother, she will do everything in her power to see to the accomplishment of her goals,”

Emre was stunned to hear the words of Dr. Alison and it took him a few moments before he gasped and asked, “Does that mean that you’re… Are you Dewey Alison? Lady Aurora and Lord Leal Grayson’s son?”

Dr. Alison smiled and nodded. “So please, for the sake of your family, do not listen to a word Ada has to say. It is quite unfortunate that she made choices that deliberately run her down a dark path. Rather than follow in her mother’s footsteps, she did everything she could to make her mother suffer…”

“Ada would have made a brilliant Protector but instead choose to align herself with a group of vigilantes who think the world of themselves but are actually no better than the criminals they take down.”

“My daughter is a vigilante?” Emre asked. Dewey nodded.

“Prince Emre, pardon my rude interruption but I think that this conversation has gone on for long enough and given how busy the Director is and yet has given your visit priority, I think it would be very inconsiderate to keep him waiting any longer,”

There was a pregnant pause whereby Emre simply stared at Dewey in awe of his revelations.

“You should go with Protector Jones, Prince Emre. Please just think about everything I have told you critically. It gives me no joy to speak ill of my own niece but I must be honest with you,”

Prince Emre nodded and thanked Dewey Alison before going to the Director’s office with his assigned Protector. He mowed over everything his future brother-in-law’s doppelganger had revealed and was stunned that his daughter could truly have chosen such a dark path. He hoped for her sake that she was not beyond redemption.


Is it truly to be believed that Ada is a vigilante going along a dark path? What shall Emre’s search for the answers to his son’s whereabouts truly reveal? Stay tuned to find out. Links associated with this tale are listed below:

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  2. Avery’s Baby
  3. The Lake Guardian: Part 8


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