The Lake Guardian


The bone-chilling squeal of the unseen beast that would soon wreck havoc on the world shook each of Reality’s Timelines’ inhabitants to the core causing widespread panic and confusion. Several moments passed by with the true identity of the Creature remaining a mystery.

Experts of the monsters the world had encountered before each tried to give their educated guesses as to the true identity of the mysterious creature but each of their statements widely conflicted and contradicted each other and as a result, it resulted in more panic and confusion.

The Creature’s squeal alone had elicited a fear response in all living beings so intense, it had led to the hair color of several people turning into a ghostly white. Furthermore, several reports indicated that there was a steadily raising number of deaths of people from heart attacks and other related complications that could be directly attributed to the fear the Creature induced.

What was worse was that the rain that had signaled the beginning of this sudden attack on Reality had only gotten worse leading to terrific related catastrophes occurring such as mud slides, further injuring and even killing people spread out across the Timelines.

No magic, not even of the most powerful of all Fairies, the Elemental Fairy who had reincarnated into several Timelines, was enough to keep the rain at bay. It continued to pour relentlessly, raising water levels the world over and wrecking more havoc at a scale that had never before been experienced in the entire Reality.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of first responders were unable to get to victims in time due to the prevailing conditions beset by the rain which seemed to escalate further and further as time went by. Soon, the seemingly invisible monster began to cause catastrophes of its own, inducing tsunamis and typhoons of great magnitudes.

Anything caught in the wave of the Creature’s generated catastrophes was obliterated. The Creature could not be seen and therefore could not be attacked adequately but in desperation, the Timelines’ united security forces began to throw everything they had at it, shooting blindly into the skies hoping it would connect with whatever it was.

However, their combined efforts proved futile and soon, the Creature began to generate some kind of wormholes that sucked the United forces in, similar to black holes, and they were assumed lost and/or killed in action.

Real time recordings of the final moments of the United forces would haunt the survivors’ dreams forever. They screamed and begged and pleaded with a merciless creature that was intent on destroying them. Deaths continued to rise from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. There was seemingly no end in sight for the destruction wrought by the unseen Creature.

And yet, even as the worlds began to fall, one after the other, and even as the peoples in the collective Timelines continuously lost hope while others turned to their respective Religions to offer them the answers to an as of yet, insolvable query, Skip, the Lake Guardian and the First of the Chosen Heroic Melusines, Amabel, the infamous Lady of the Placid Lake and the Second Chosen Heroic Melusine and Queen Denise of the Kingdom of Atlantica were all following the script handed to them by the Second Sage of Light, Sage Zariya. As predicted, this battle would be one to test their faith, not only in the Creator but in the collective peoples of the Timelines and in each other.

Queen Denise instructed her army to stand down and instead join the other peoples across all Timelines in communal prayer. The Army had submitted to the Sage’s unusual request simply because she had commanded it but it baffled them that the Creature wrecking havoc on their Timeline could only be defeated not by their combined might or their magic but by their faith.

Faith had never been a weapon used by the army and so they found it particularly challenging to sit back and do nothing but clasp their hands in quiet meditation while their Sages led them in prayer. The devastating destruction around them served as a distraction and a grim reminder of the beast wrecking havoc on the world.

Meanwhile, Amabel and Skip as instructed, remained in the Underwater Library biding their time, waiting until the time the Sage would say was appropriate to strike. Amabel was especially impatient, bracing for a fight that never seemed to come. She looked up expectantly at the Sage of Light whenever her meditation was seemingly broken by an occasional sigh or grunt only to be disappointed shortly afterwards.

The passage of time was barely noticed by the two heroes and their Protectors who did not feel tired or hungry. They observed the Sage who had entered a meditative trance since revealing the Plan of Salvation and the part they each would play in it. It had sounded like a great plan albeit wrought with challenges but they had not anticipated it would take this turn.

Suddenly, the Sage stood up and Skip and Amabel observed her both excited and anxious that at last, their part to play had come. Their Protectors were vigilant and as expectant the heroes. However, the Sage appeared to look past them and her eyes were blank save for an ethereal white light emerging from them.

The gathered dutifully followed behind the Sage upon receiving instructions from her Protector. She led them past the room to one of the other Vast Rooms of the Library and right in the middle of it, she suddenly stopped and muttered a spell and soon afterwards, two magnificent weapons appeared.

The Sage picked them up and gave them to the respective Heroes and stated, “Your time has finally come. Go forth and smite the unholy beast ravaging all worlds. It is treacherous and shall escape all efforts to be completely slain but you must not lose hope. You shall be cloaked with armor the creature cannot penetrate- an energy the fallen god cannot overcome…”

Skip gulped and nodded and Amabel stared at the sword in her hands wearily.

“Are you sure I am meant to yield this sword?”

The Sage simply nodded. She waved her hands and a passageway appeared right before them that functioned as a lift of sorts transporting the four towards where the beast’s energy seemed to be originating from, right in the Heart of Bermuda’s Triangle.

Meanwhile, Queen Denise moved to the Pillars of Infinite Ocean and began to mutter a spell and mystic energies began to emerge from the Pillars, rushing towards Skip and Amabel cloaking them and acting as their armor. Skip and Amabel pressed on, their Protectors dutifully besides them.

The Beast squealed as they approached it but the heroes were not afraid, an unseen force making it so that their faith in their ability to defeat it was unwavering. They aimed right for the foul beast’s heart, working together to defeat it.

Skip’s doppelgangers all seemed to be contained within his body and they egged him on as the mysterious beast kept changing form to a variety of known monsters to try and confuse him in an effort to avoid being slain. Both he and Amabel fought whatever forms it chose, defeating each form faster than it could generate another.

The beast’s size continually decreased with each successive slaying and its cloak of invisibility began to fade. It appeared to be a primordial beast of reptilian origin although neither Skip nor Amabel could adequately describe which reptile best described what the creature truly was. Their weapons, a trident and sword, emitted light energy that proved the creature’s undoing.

Eventually, the beast was only as small as a piranha and Skip and Amabel prepared to collectively slay it but it disappeared and was replaced by the presence of a female with an aura so dark, it was physically repulsive and it took everything in the heroes not to throw up in disgust.

The entity smirked humorlessly at them.

“It appears you have come close to defeating my noble beast, the Leviathan but please do not delude yourselves into thinking that smiting me shall be so easy. Not even that incessant slain brother of mine was enough to fully purge me from existence and I doubt mere Created beings such as yourselves would fare any better,” she sneered.

“But please humor me with your futile attempts at fighting me. Perhaps your deaths shall draw your Deity from hiding so that She Herself can try and defeat me… But… oh wait, what is this… It appears I have elicited the attention of my ill-advised sister Ilya as well. She too has chosen a Champion to defeat me, how very interesting. If she is this eager for utter annihilation, I can only answer to her call and hopefully make it entertaining before she is unable to feel anything at all,”

“Let us see how your god-killers fare against my weapon,” Maelstrom uttered summoning an unholy weapon on her own, cloaked in a mysterious black energy that made it impossible to make out exactly what it was, bracing herself for a fight.


And so the fallen goddess Maelstrom’s assault on the Heroes begins. Shall they defeat her or will evil win this fight? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are linked below:

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