The Covenant


Avery was stunned into silence upon hearing the devastating news that her father had just revealed to her. The goddess Ilya was in the process of making a deal with two of the Entity’s most prolific servants and she feared that it meant certain Armageddon.

She immediately recalled the Ancient Tome of Lemuria and sought knowledge of how to protect herself and her loved ones against a goddess albeit knowing that such efforts could only delay the inevitable for so long.

Avery paced about the room while she read the Tome’s instructions on various protective measures she could institute and was soon joined by a very concerned-looking Emre, still in his pajamas in their living room. Avery briefed him on what her father had informed her over the phone and Emre stated, “Maybe it is all an illusion or perhaps a misunderstanding of sorts? Shouldn’t we try summoning Ilya first? Maybe there is still time-“

“My dad saw that vision as clear as day. The Entity got to her first and we’re… we’re all doomed,”

“I say we summon Ilya first before making any rash decisions. I mean, what do we have to lose anyway? It’s not like we can stop her, even if we tried. Wasn’t that the whole point of discussing the terms of the Covenant with her in the first place?” Emre reasoned.

“If they have already gotten to her, calling her here… Em, what would the point of that be? I think we should be cautious with our dealings with her from now on,”

“Caution should always be exercised when dealing with entities we cannot possibly hope to comprehend fully but I would suggest that we take it up with Ilya first before making any rush decisions,” Emre explained calmly.

Avery adamantly refused to summon Ilya until Emre took the initiative himself using previously held knowledge as a reference (Avery did not want to hand over the Tome for the summoning). Ilya appeared before them instantaneously and declared, “Peace, daughter of Aurora, I am not an enemy nor do I mean you or your loved ones any harm.”

“And yet you go behind our backs and form a covenant with our enemy,” Avery countered.

“I assure you that Aurora and Leal Alison are no longer affiliated with the Entity and are thus not your enemies. As at a few moments ago, they are my spirit children, my newest followers,”

“What do you mean? Those two knock-offs are the Entity’s most prolific henchmen. If they are your spirit children now, then that means you have chosen to side with their mistress,”

“As stated, Daughter of Aurora, they are no longer working for the Entity. They came to me in great distress and I heeded their pleas. They have resolved to forget about the Entity and everything they did for it and start over anew. As my new spirit children, I shall accord them a safe haven just as I offer all my spirit children,” stated Ilya calmly.

Avery shook her head. “Why would they quit working for the Entity all of a sudden? I don’t buy it. Besides, those two are wanted criminals and your helping them is obstructing justice. They have committed atrocities and crimes too horrific to even mention and yet you so lovingly dote on them as if they are Messengers of the Creator Incarnate?”

“The past of my followers does not concern me; daughter of Aurora, as you are well aware of. So long as their souls remain true to me, I offer them comfort, a safe haven and anything else they crave so long as it is within my means to offer…”

“They are by no means perfect, but neither are you or any other known Created being. You need not worry about Aurora and Leal for now and should their souls turn treacherous, I assure you that I shall enact a swift retribution upon them myself,”

“Why did you have to make a covenant with them? Wasn’t it enough that you offered us a covenant?”

“The covenant I made with Aurora and Leal has absolutely nothing to do with the terms of the covenant I offered you. Theirs shall only impact upon their future lives but shall not reflect on what our covenant shall entail. I assure you that they no longer pose any threat or danger to your world and neither are they affiliated with the Entity in any way, shape or form. It goes without saying that the interests of the Entity go against mine and there is no possibility of me offering up a covenant to it,”

“In the highly unlikely possibility that those two are turning over a new leaf for whatever strange reason, why did they not turn themselves in to answer for their crimes? Do they expect us to just trust that they are being sincere? Should they not make repentance for their misdeeds in the past by turning themselves in and letting justice run its course?”

“Turning themselves in is not an option for them now. You are very well aware of what would happen to them should they ever choose to do that. If the Defense Department doesn’t get them, the Entity’s agents or their other enemies surely shall. Any way you look at it, they would be doomed. The only option they have for peace is to serve and worship me faithfully,”

No amount of reasoning was enough to convince Ilya to hand in Aurora and Leal even as a sign of peace and cooperation. Eventually, Ilya disappeared and Avery and Emre were left staring at her wake. They wondered what could have possibly led to such a strange turn of events and discussed the possibilities until Avery went to work and reported everything that had transpired.

“Nonetheless, I shall dispatch a special task force to track them down and immediately bring them in, dead or alive. There is only so far they can go,” Director Shaw stated. Avery nodded.

Avery left work earlier than usual that day still perplexed by the sudden change of events and went home to find Oracle Emica, Protector Nobu, Imani, Savior of the Dark World and her Protector, Aerlin. Emre was entertaining them having arrived earlier from work and he beamed once he laid eyes on Avery.

“Welcome home darling,” he proudly professed.

“Thank you. My ladies, my lords, what a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Had I known you were coming, I’d have made the appropriate arrangements,” Avery stated embarrassed she had been caught off guard.

“Oh that is quite alright, Protector Alison. We do not mean to intrude upon your hospitality for too long. We simply wished to give you a response as to your query regarding making a covenant with Ilya in person,” Oracle Emica stated.

“Oh?” Avery asked interested, sitting down next to Aerlin.

“We categorically wish to reject any proposals or covenants offered by Ilya or any such entity as they do not belong in our world. Protector Alison, we have amassed millions of signatures across several timelines from clergy, lay persons and persons of good will adamantly denying any such spiritual binding being made with her…”

“This is the will of our Creator and making such a deal with that unwanted entity shall be committing the greatest of all sacrileges. We must continue to have faith that the Creator Herself shall provide all the protection we require to face off against such entities but never must we encourage interaction with Ilya or else risk incurring the wrath of the Creator,” Oracle Emica boldly proclaimed.

Imani nodded in agreement and clapped once Emica had concluded and shared the document containing the signatures and a letter from the Mother Scribe of the Universal Church of the Creator Goddess from Timeline B-3 who summarized the collective thoughts of the religious across the timelines.

“Alright, I suppose I have to be the bearer of bad news to her then. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go on a rampage again and destroy the world,”

“Our Creator will protect us. We must have faith in her,” Imani stated firmly.

Avery smiled and nodded and then spent a few more minutes entertaining the guests before they left.

“I look forward to seeing you at the Debutante Ball, Protector Alison,” Oracle Emica stated with a smile.

“Oh you mean the one honoring Princesses Erabelle and Cindy, right? Queen Anna certainly is eager to host it,”

“Queen Anna misses your company, Protector Alison as do all residents of the Dyson Sphere whom she so graciously invited. It shall be good spending time together at the Ball,”

Avery nodded. “I look forward to it, my lady. Thank you for coming to visit me,”

“It was my pleasure, Protector Alison. Well, see you both at the Ball,”

Avery smiled and waved goodbye to them as they got on the secure transport that took them back to the Dyson sphere.

“Someone is nervous about meeting with their mother-in-law,” Emre teased her.

Avery rolled her eyes at him. “Your mom’s literally the sweetest person in the world. There is no way I could ever be nervous about spending time with her,”

“So, when will you deliver the bad news?” Emre asked her.

“Hmm, probably tomorrow or after I’ve had one or two shots of tequila, you know, for courage,”

Emre chuckled at that. They turned to enter their home when they noticed Leal coming their way, practically running towards them.

“Dad, is everything okay?”

Leal shook his head as he panted, trying to catch his breath.

“I just remembered something, Avery and it probably explains why Aurora and Leal took up that deal with Ilya,” Leal explained.

“What?” Avery asked curiously.

“Aurora is pregnant,”


At last the strange turn-out of events has an explanation but what shall become of Aurora’s evil doppelganger’s pregnancy? Is it truly to be believed that those versions of Aurora and Leal have truly reformed? Stay tuned to find out! Links to previous parts are listed below

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