Leal’s Secret


The voices of his loved ones suddenly began to fade and sound further away and tried though he did, Protector Leal Grayson was unable to keep his mind focused on the present. Instead, his consciousness once more found itself intertwined with his evil doppelganger’s in an alternate timeline and he was inclined to once more listen in on the Entity’s latest plan to take over the world.

As usual, the first thing he noticed was his evil doppelganger’s charge, Aurora. She was nervously clinging onto his hand beneath the table; squeezing it as if her life depended on it. He put his right hand above hers reassuringly as if to say that everything was going to be alright although he was unsure of that himself.

“Then it’s settled. We need to acquire Avery Alison at all costs and retrieve her memories by any means necessary,” Rayan, one of the Entity’s most powerful super soliders stated as a matter of fact.

Hearing his daughter’s name startled Leal enough to almost return his consciousness to his own mind but Aurora’s grip tightened all the more and kept him lingering in his doppelganger’s consciousness.

“How are we going to achieve that? Aside from the fact that she is a very powerful witch in her own right, she is one of the Department of Defense’s top Protectors and is almost always surrounded by her family, friends and colleagues. Acquiring her is going to be very difficult if not at all impossible,” mused one of the Psi Twins, Sierra. Her twin sister nodded in agreement.

They turned to face Aurora and Leal who stared back at them blankly.

“I mean if all else fails, at least we have a contingency plan to ensure success, right, Aurora?” asked Syria of the Psi Twins.

Aurora simply stared back blankly at Syria but her grip tightened the more on Leal who began to think that perhaps there was something he was missing that was crucial in light of the current conversation at hand.

“There is no assurance that it shall work and our best bet remains acquiring Avery Alison. Any idea how we can achieve that monumental task, Aurora and Leal?” Rayan asked suddenly turning to face Leal.

Aurora shook her head indicating she had no idea how to. Leal similarly shook his head.

“Are you sure you have no ideas as to how we can acquire Avery guys?” Rayan pressed them.

“She is far too intelligent to fall for our likenesses right now, if that’s what you are proposing,” Aurora nervously stated after exchanging worried looks with Leal.

Rayan continued staring down at them so much that it made Leal want to withdraw back to his own mind but even as he made the decision to do so, he found himself unable to and he began to panic internally, his attempts rendered futile.

As Leal continued struggling, Rayan’s stare grew all the more intense and menacing and then suddenly, he began to smirk at him. Leal knew he was had. Rayan was onto him…

“Well, isn’t this truly interesting? It appears Leal has found us the golden opportunity we have been searching for all along,” Rayan mused.

“What are you talking about?” Aurora asked Rayan terrified.

Rayan chuckled as he approached them and Leal’s attempts to flee from his doppelganger’s mind grew all the more desperate to no avail. Rayan eventually held Leal’s chin and forced him to look up at him.

“Get your filthy hands off my husband!” Aurora furiously demanded.

“Oh Aurora, I assure you that the man staring right back at me is not your husband at all, or should I say, he isn’t entirely your husband,”

“What the hell are you going on about? Of course he is my husband! Let go of him this instant or you can forget about having our help-“

“No need to be so dramatic, Aurora dear. At least hear me out. You see, your husband has become somewhat of a passenger of his own mind. His doppelganger has been piggybacking on his consciousness, so to speak, with your husband being none the wiser about it…”

“It is truly genius, if you think about it. No wonder the Department of Defense has been several steps ahead of us for a while now. Protector Grayson has been spying on us without us realizing it,” Rayan explained smugly.

Aurora simply stared in awe at Rayan.

“You can stop trying to return to your own mind, Protector Grayson, I am in control now. Your genius idea has backfired on you and you are the one who is going to help us capture Avery. Perhaps with your help, we can even have her cooperation.”

Aurora turned to face Leal and sudden comprehension appeared to dawn on her. She hastily retrieved her hands from him and ruthlessly used the full brunt of her power against him. Leal felt a familiar piercing pain come over him and it brought back memories of when he first developed his PTSD.

“Now, now, Aurora, there is no need for that. Like I’ve said, I have full control of Leal’s mind now. As much as you wish to punish his doppelganger, you are effectively punishing your own Protector as well,”

“I want my husband back! I don’t care what plans you have for that- that impostor but I want my Leal back,”

“And you shall have him back, I promise. I shall return your Leal back to you safely but for that to work, I need to use him a little while longer. This impostor shall lead us right back to Avery,” Rayan reassured Aurora.

Aurora seemed unmoved by Rayan’s words but accepted his terms knowing there was truly no other way around it. For several moments, Leal was unsure of where he was or what he was doing until he suddenly awoke in his own body and mind.

“Dad, are you okay?” Avery asked him worriedly.

Leal turned around and saw that everyone was looking at him worriedly.

“No- Avery, I- I was attacked by- by my doppelganger. He wants to- to hurt you and your mom and I- I’m sorry I wasn’t- I wasn’t strong enough to- to fight him off,”

“That must mean that those knock off versions of you are in this timeline conveniently lining up with this Covenant event. I don’t think that it is just a coincidence. They probably attempted a mind hack to get more information on Ilya,”

“Does that mean that the Entity is planning to make a deal with Ilya before we do?” Aurora asked worriedly.

“It must be and I am pretty sure the Entity’s deal could very well mean the end of the world as we know it. We need to act fast, everyone, otherwise it will beat us to it and we are done for,” Avery stated.

“What should we do?” Aurora asked her daughter worriedly.

“We need to inform the Director first and then we need to get in touch with the world’s spiritual leaders as soon as possible. It looks like we’re going to have to make this Covenant already,” Avery stated.

Aurora nodded.

“I’ll go to the Department. Maybe they can analyze my memories and see how much my doppelganger was able to telepathically attack me,”

Avery nodded. “Great idea, dad. I’m coming with you to protect you in case of anything,”

“I’m coming along too,” Aurora stated.

“No! Darling, you stay here… It’s too much of a risk to head there with us,” Leal stated worriedly.

“Then I’ll tag along with you guys, just to be safer,” Emre offered.

“No, you stay put too. We’ve got this, right, dad?”

“Yeah. Avery and I should go alone. It won’t take too long and won’t draw as much attention to ourselves. Besides, this is just like a debrief and then we will come straight back home,”

Avery nodded. “Easy peasy,”

Emre and Aurora were both very worried but allowed them to go anyway. Somewhere along the way, Leal fell to the ground and started writhing in pain. Avery looked around them for signs of enemies and that’s when Leal himself got up from the ground, knocked her out while she was distracted and restrained her then disappeared from plain sight, using Department issued equipment to open a one-way portal to Timeline Alpha 20.

“Very well done, Protector Leal, we couldn’t have done it without you,” Rayan mockingly congratulated Leal immediately after he had handed Avery over.”

“You handed your own daughter into your enemy’s hands. Aren’t you just dad of the year, bravo, encore and all that jazz,” Rayan sarcastically remarked.

“No- please- let her go- please- she- she doesn’t deserve- I could stay here and work for the Entity in her place- please-” Leal mumbled the second he came to and realized what he had done.

“Why would the Entity want such a useless moron like you? You failed to protect your own child against your enemy,”

“No- please-“

“You’re pathetic. Stop your futile whining. What’s done is done but don’t worry, Protector Grayson, you can still be put to good use. Now, sleep!” stated Rayan and with a simple snap of his fingers, Leal fell unconcious.


What plans does the Entity have for Avery and Leal? How shall they escape their present predicament? Stay tuned to find out. The link to the previous part in this story is listed below. Enjoy;

  1. Leal’s Secret: Part 1


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