The Wrath of Ilya


November 12th, 2020. It was a typical early morning in Fiernon and the tribute sacrifices to the Goddess of Enlightenment were prepared for the Ritual to appease the goddess for good fortune. Among the frightened tributes were 3 people bearing pendants engraved with the image of an unidentified woman. While all other tributes trembled in fear awaiting certain death, these 3 people simply prayed to the woman whose image was engraved in their pendants, seemingly unafraid to perish.

The Ritual began at exactly 3 O’clock that morning and all steps written down in the Book of Shadows were followed to the T. Before the last 3 perished, they gave ominous warnings to the priestesses of the goddess of Enlightenment.

“Our goddess shall avenge our deaths hundredfold. Your false goddess shall not save you from her wrath,”

“What goddess is that which you speak of other than the goddess of Enlightenment? Even the false Creator goddess trembles at the mere thought of our goddess’ greatness; how pitifully ironic that our goddess emerged from the Other and thus broke the chains the Creator goddess designed to imprison her. However, fret not for your deaths at least count for something. Your blood shall appease our goddess and bring good fortune for all people of Fiernon that worship and revere her!”

The priestess ritually sacrificed the three and noticed that unlike the other tribute sacrifices, their bodies glowed an ethereal strangely colored hue that was unlike any color they had ever seen. The closest color resembling the light they witnessed emerging from the bodies was orange and even then, the color confused all participants in the ritual.

However, many days passed and the supposed repercussions of the Ritual did not affect the priestesses or followers of the goddess of Enlightenment as had been the warning of the three slain tributes during the last ritual. The priestesses then continued gathering up more tributes for the goddess, proceeding with their ritual as prescribed in the Book of Shadows of their religion.

The priestesses encountered several other tributes who wore the pendants bearing the image of the mysterious woman and learned of her name, Ilya, daughter of Ull. They immediately sent word that Ilya was an enemy of the goddess of enlightenment and all who worshiped her needed to be killed and cleansed in the prescribed manner, in honor of their goddess.

The Elite Task Force dedicated to rooting out any and all who dared worship any other goddess than the Goddess of Enlightenment were put to task to find out the worshipers of Ilya to dispose of them ritually. The task force got to work, following any leads they had eventually even capturing the High Priest of the cult of Ilya.

For several days, they tortured the followers of Ilya trying to break them and convert them to the religion of Enlightenment to no avail. Ilya’s followers faithfully continued praying to her, begging for her intervention. No amount of torture broke their true devotion to Ilya and they all continued to give ominous warnings about the fate of those who dared harm her followers.

Eventually, all of Ilya’s true followers in Fiernon were slain all except for her High Priest. He had warned them several times that his death would signal their doom for they had already ignited the flame of her wrath. He begged them to spare his life and the lives of all followers of Ilya that remained and even said he would make penance on their stead to appeal to the forgiving nature of his goddess, to no avail.

It was not enough that they had defiled his body enough with torture; they continued their hideous, despicable and inhumane acts of torture so that the man was no longer recognizable. So hideous were their depraved acts that the High Priest was left begging for death which did not arrive soon enough.

The moment he took his last breath, as predicted, Ilya came for them, unable to contain her wrath towards the followers of the goddess of Enlightenment. Her eyes glowed a menacing red and the elite task force cowered as they realized that they had gone too far.

The Earth shook with Ilya’s anger causing great devastation across the country and beyond. The skies turned a ghastly dark red, the clouds becoming heavy with rain. It soon began to rain all across the Magical Realm, an ominous crimson red, echoing Ilya’s rage.

Ilya screamed in anger and frustration at the senseless executions of her followers. The Magical Realm began to experience plagues of epic proportions. Soon, there were breakouts of earthquakes that even the most powerful of Dryads could not control; the crimson rain poisoned the land and destroyed plant-life and animals alike as it caused severe pain to all unlucky enough to have been touched by it, corroding buildings faster than any acid known to man.

Hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes broke out that even the strongest of nymphs and fairies could not control. All living creatures within a few feet of Ilya were torn apart violently as the world continued plunging into Armageddon.

The Army of Fiernon tried intervening but like the elite task force, they were obliterated the second they got too close to Ilya whose wrath increased with each passing moment, to the detriment of the world. All Magical Realm countries sent in troops and Protectors HQ released its largest armada to assist the troops sent to take Ilya down. However, they could not so much as get within 5 feet of Ilya and all their attacks on her proved futile.

Long range attacks were as futile against Ilya as short-ranged attacks and the joint security forces were left stumped at the sheer power she possessed. Soon afterwards, three portals pierced the sky about 7 feet away from Ilya and from them emerged three Oracles; Emica, Tabitha and Zuri.

“Ah, looks like we all had the same idea,” Zuri stated casually chuckling.

“What are you both doing here?” Emica asked them surprised.

“Well, considering we are currently in the midst of Armageddon, I couldn’t afford to sit idly by,” Tabitha replied with a lot of snark.

“This spells certain death. There is no way of stopping her. Our best option is to somehow distract her for long enough for her to forget about the world,” Emica stated.

“So be it,” Tabitha stated getting poised to attack Ilya.

“Isn’t there a safer way to- to do this? This just seems… unnecessarily risky. Your lives are in grave peril and odds of survival are… slim to none,” Protector Nobu asked Emica despairingly.

Emica smiled feebly. “It appears we have no other choice, my love, unless- well, unless someone manages to get through to her which- I cannot foresee-“

Just as Emica was speaking, yet another portal appeared and out of it came Prince Emre.

“Emre, what are you doing here?” Emica asked surprised.

“Hopefully, saving the world,” he responded so casually, all Three Oracles and their Protectors gawked at him in awe.

Emre walked ahead of them then called Ilya’s name out.

Ilya looked at him and shook her head. “You shall not convince me this day, son of Anna,”

“Please Ilya… This is not who you are. You are not a murderer… You are hurting, yes and rightfully so, but that does not justify the slaughter of innocents. Please, Ilya, spare this world,”

She growled in fury. “This world has incurred my wrath. They mercilessly murdered my believers. I shall not spare them, not a single soul!”

“Think about what you are saying, Ilya. Your followers’ deaths were senseless and repaying their deaths this way- does it not dishonor their memory? Revenging on innocents shall not bring them back and doing this shall only further push people away from you. Is it not your wish to win more followers to your cause? This only frightens the masses and pushes your ideals further from you,”

Ilya shook her head. “Their blood calls out to me from the grave… I must avenge them,”

“You have already done so, many times over, in fact, but destroying this whole world, Ilya, surely that is going too far. Think about the potential worshipers you are wiping out with your rage. If only for their sake, spare the world for them- for the sake of your future,”

Ilya’s wrath persisted but it was less intense than it had been as she mulled over Emre’s words. Suddenly, from a puddle of collected crimson rainwater emerged the illusive Lady of the Placid Lake much to the astonishment of all gathered.

“Amabel?” Emica asked in confusion. Emica had had more than enough surprises that day.

Amabel ignored her and everyone else and rushed towards Ilya, falling prostrate before her and kissing her feet. All observed her in awe as she prayed to Ilya for the sake of the world. Suddenly, the plagues died down and the crimson rain ceased.

“Amabel, my daughter, for your sake, I shall spare this world but may they all heed my warning. Should even a single hair from a true follower of mine be touched, I shall destroy all traces of this world,”

“You are most merciful and kind, my lady,” stated Amabel reverently bowing her head.

Ilya then disappeared leaving the confused masses in her wake.

Amabel soon disappeared back into the puddle she had emerged from not to be seen or heard from again as had been the case for the past two years.


And thus an unlikely heroine saves the world but what shall become of the world since its Armageddon? What shall become of the Magical Realm in the wake of Ilya’s fury? Stay tuned to find out!


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